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Sacred Geometry and Consciousness

Updated on February 17, 2011
The Flower of Life is the most widely used symbol in sacred geometry.
The Flower of Life is the most widely used symbol in sacred geometry.

Sacred Geometry in Nature and Knowledge

Many universal patterns of geometry can be found throughout the natural world. Similar spiral patterns or shapes each very similar to the Fibonacci spiral in a similar proportion to the golden mean or phi, can be found in whirlpools, hurricanes and spiral galaxies; and in the animal kingdom as the nautilus sea shell. Of course snow flakes, crystals, and many different plants use all sorts of spiral and other designs or patterns involving most beautiful and complex forms of sacred geometry. Such geometry becomes "sacred" when recognized as universal and having a divine origin or deep from within the design of creation itself.

The universality of sacred geometry is evident in the many fields of human knowledge and experience it can be found in, which include art, architecture, mathematics, geometry, chemistry, cosmology, botany, anatomy, alchemy, mysticism, meditation, the paranormal, physics, cereology and ufology. The full study of sacred geometry involves both sides of the human brain: the linear thinking analytical side on left hemisphere of brain and the spacial and pattern comprehension involving the right hemisphere of the brain. While solving problems involving spacial, proportion and design, there are also the numerical ratios and mathematical formulas intimately involved in the workings of geometry to juggle around.

Sacred Geometry and Consciousness

Sacred geometry is a universal language of symbols. Crop circles without a single word, for example, communicate massive amounts of information both mathematic and illustrative simply by means of beautiful diagrams and symbols. Those species and/or extraterrestrial beings who might be trying to reach us from another dimension, realm or vibration, seem to prefer the universal language of geometric symbols. 

Even though most crop circles are obviously created by human hoaxers, there are always some crop circles being discovered as perfectly rendered, massive, complex designs appearing within minutes, neatly warping the stems instead of breaking them (as with human designs) while being charged with such a mysterious vortex of energy, they simply can't be explained any other way except as having some sort of otherworldly origin. The universe is such a vast place, and with all the forces and dimensions we have yet to understand, it is no wonder that strange things such as instantly appearing crop circles have and always will happen.

It is interesting to note that Bashar, channeled through Darryl Anka, and who claims to be an extraterrestrial entity from the higher vibrational world, Essassani, also likes to use multiple geometric designs to illustrate some of his concepts, and of course has mentioned crop circles, what their true meanings are and how they originate. One of the most important messages I get from Bashar and sacred geometry, especially from the designs in crop circles is if you follow your highest excitement, then all your best intentions will be fulfilled in mathematical proportion to your degree of inner joy and love. 

By staying in the vortex of bliss, inspiration, excitement and love (and nearly all crop circles portray some kind of vortex energy pattern) we create finer and finer realities for ourselves. There are far more aspects to reality than our high school textbooks would ever contain, yet sacred geometry and crop circles connect our world with many others, especially the higher realms of consciousness. The universal principles of geometry are embedded deep within one's consciousness. All things are created by and interact with consciousness; try to imagine a universe without consciousness, and you cannot. It would be impossible, because soon as you imagine it, you become aware of it!

The Vesica Pisces, from which all other sacred geometry symbols are said to originate, is a very direct illustration of our point of oneness, we know as consciousness separating from itself to create everything in the universe. The consciousness we all experience is from the original Oneness we love and call God. But God separates into many forms through various stages of creation. The first stage of this separation can be symbolized or maybe even illustrated by the two overlapping circles of the Vesica Pisces. 

God was in ancient times symbolized by one circle, but as God remembers (reflects) on Himself, a spontaneous expansion into a new dimension is created, which some would call the "Big Bang" but I would say is simply the start of a timeless and universal quantum energy or vibration of that original Oneness constantly separating from itself and moving back into itself billions of times a second producing the phenomenon of a ubiquitous zero point energy and the thermodynamic arrow of time which in turn resulted in the creation and expansion of an external universe. In other words, from the principle of creation by Self-awareness comes the irreversible flow of time and an endless source of energy throughout all of space: the quantum field.

Sacred Geometry and Physics

The secrets of creation itself may in fact lie hidden deep within the labyrinths of sacred geometry. There is an area of study originally called "string theory" which had at least seven variants now unified as M-theory. The overall concept involves vibrating membranes (one of the things that the "M" in M-Theory stands for) in an ocean of multidimensional space filled with up to eleven dimensions tightly curled deep within the space around us. Being deeply embedded within one of the higher dimensions of space, a trapped photon of light would not escape and therefore would be forced to vibrate back and forth, creating a building-block of matter such as those that make up the subatomic particle. Therefore the very substance of all matter is based on the (sacred) geometry of space itself. We really are simply a variant of space, and without its many hidden geometric dimensions, there could not possibly be anything to ponder about.

There is far, far more to sacred geometry than I can ever write about in a book, let alone in a single page. Sacred geometry can be found throughout a vast number of different and similar fields of human expression, knowledge and research. Sacred geometry may lie at the very foundation of consciousness and the universe. 

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