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Save the European Wolves- The pack is in danger, help the predators now!

Updated on January 24, 2013

Long time ago, the wolf was one of the most wide-spread mammals of Europe. Today, the wolf became one of the most endangered animals.Because the European Wolf is a potential dangerous predator, it’s difficult to save it. However the surveys show that the wolf is a popular animal, most of the people make prejudice towards of that fantastic creature.


In general, the wolf lives and hunts in pack (what means an alpha-male, his females, and some young wolves). Each pack has it’s own hunting area, but sometimes they go farther int he hope of big prey.

The European Wolf is hunt with pleasure for animals which are 10x bigger than it. It’s favorite preys are the deers and the roes, but it also hunts for rats and frogs. Because of the decrease of the wild animals, sometimes the wolf have to attack cows, lambs or horses.

The rutting season starts in January and finishes in March. The young wolves come to life after 2 weeks in the wolf-den. The food is brought by the male, while the mother is taking care of the cubs. While the little wolves grow up the whole pack is helping the male to feed them, until they become self-supporting.

The people and the wolf

The most of the people have ancient fear towards the wolf. The history tells that they were enemies of humans. Because of this ’war’ in many countries the European Wolf totally disappeared. In Britain the last wolf has been killed in 1740. In Ireland there are no wolves since 1770. On the Continent the number of these animals has been decreased well, so the ’survivors’ had to hide in mountain forests. In spite the wolf is a protected animal in many countries, a lot of sport-hunters are killing those beautiful animals.

Saving the wolf

Nowadays the European Wolf can be found only in a few countries (Russia, Romania, Greece, Serbia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina) in their natural habitat. In other countries there are no wolves or their number isn't significant. In Italy there are only 250 wolves, these are saved by the project of World Wildlife Fund For Nature (WWF). In Sweden this number is about one dozen…

But how can we save the European Wolf? As a first step the countries has started to compensate the animal keepers for their lambs or cows, which were caught by wolves. Alas this is giving chances to abusing: many people kills his own animals to get the money.

It seems the rights aren't enough to save the wolf. The problem is with us. The people have to understand, that the European wolf is a very cautious and intelligent animal, it has nothing to do with the cruel, man-eater monster of the legends.

Save the European Wolf, save our planet!

Others that need help!

There are several other animals we should pay attention to!


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