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School Tips by Zodiac Sign

Updated on February 9, 2008

Tips in School

You know your zodiac sign, but what good is it? Really... I mean, ok so what I'm a Cancer. What good does it do me? Well, by understanding what qualities your sign can possess, you can turn this around in school. It's genius really. You can use the following tips and advice to help you along with your school work.

If you're a parent looking for tips for you child, you can implement these tips in your child.


Divide and conquer... Simple right? Do as the Roman army did.

Use your competitive side to triumph over the long stretches of books by created small goals. And, when you reach your goal, reward yourself with a video game or music break.

Be a leader in group projects, but remember to share the stage.

Be Creative


Be creative.

Along with the paper on George Washington, draw a cherry tree, back a cherry pie, or write a song about the Delaware River.

It may sound silly, but you'll get the most out of the lessen.

Plus, you're teacher will remember your artistic or chef's touch while she's grading your paper.

Use your weapons- concentration and organization- because they'll help you dig into new ideas.


You are the one and only of the sun signs that can do your homework while watching TV, talking on the phone, and cutting your toenails. You're a multi-tasker. It's what you do.

Make sure to take notes because writing keeps you alert and involved. It also, helps you organize your mind.

And, being a Gemini, you're a twin, and twins work better in pairs, so team up with a friend.

Keep Your Concentration


Don't let classes run together and flood your concentration. Do your homework, subject by subject, it'll make things a little easier.

Use your claws to latch onto the tougher subjects, and hang on until you have them completely under control.

Be happy... Stress and worry gives your mind an ache. You're grades will improve when you start to relax more.

Don't let your artistic genius go to waste.


Let your creativity shine.

Turn boring history projects into works of art, write a skit for the science fair, and invent tales to go along with math problems. It'll make things more fun, interesting, and easier to learn.

Look for the "brains" in your class and mimic their study styles and skills.

Make sure to use your competitive instinct when needed, but don't let your ego get the better of you. Ask for help if you need it.

Keep Organized


Because you have wonderful organizational skills, you'll be a big hit at school.

But, you need to relax. Schedule in playbreaks when you're reading and working at home. For fun, join a club or student government.

If you get lost in the details ask for help from teachers or friends.


Your biggest thing is going to have to remember not to push homework and projects until tomorrow. Face it, it's not that you don't want to do them, it's that there's just so many other things you can be doing. So, instead of being amazed by the other things, take action.

Find a study buddy to help you and to learn from.

Sign up for clubs that will boost your schoolwork.

Use your talking talents to bring in the A's.

Snoop out the right results

Magnify Your Research


If you're stuck on a particular subject or assignment, snoop around to solve the mystery. Research!

Use computers, libraries, and interviews, to get the information that you need.

Use your Sherlock Holmes mind and your creativity to turn any project or assignment fun and exciting.



You're a traveler that can conquer everything you put your mind to it.

When you share the things that you learn, yougain twice as much.

And, should your mind start to wonder, take control. Focus your way to your target.


Get more order in your life.

Use the same concepts of school with designated times for each subject, recess, and lunch, organize your study time.

Set breaks.

You're a leader, but don't be afraid to ask questions.


Add your special stamp to your projects and assignments.

Use your inborn logic and electric intuition... Problem Solve.

Use your savvy social skills when you work with your friends.

With your concentration, you'll be able to make your way to the top.


Get creative.

As an artistic kid, you can add paintings, performances, and a little glitter, to your projects.

Share your enthusiasm and ability to see how differetopics relate to each other.

Remember to be on time...

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    • swathin2 profile image

      swathin2 8 years ago

      Hi I'm a traveler that can conquer everything I put in my mind according to your post. nice funy one. i don't know the fact but it seems ok

    • profile image

      topstuff 10 years ago

      I am a little bit interested in horoscope findings though not believe blindly

      their predictions.However being of virgo sign when i studied the qualities of

      virgins it gave me a sense of confidence.Good