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Parent Starguide: Dealing with Your Parent's Zodiac

Updated on February 10, 2008

As a child, it can be frustrating dealing with parents. I mean, I have two parents, and dealing with my mother is a real trip. It's a weekend camping with little supplies and know-how. It's a road trip without the correct directions. It's a pain. But, parents are still adults like none other, so understanding their zodiac sign can give you some insight towards understanding and getting along with your parents.

The Aries Parent

Aries parents are usually bursting with fiery ideas just for fun.

Thrilling? - Of course!

Tiring? - Sometimes.

So, when you want something special, try to apeal to your Aries parent's weak spot. Tell your parent that you'll be the first to try it out.

What Out For The Bull

Flickr Image: Sandblue- "Wall Street Bull - Financial District, Manhattan, New York City"
Flickr Image: Sandblue- "Wall Street Bull - Financial District, Manhattan, New York City"

The Taurus Parent

The Taurus parent understands you without you even speaking. They will take life at a calm, easy pace.

But, don't push the placid Bull, or you'll get a taste of a nice side order of bullheadedness.

If you want a far-fetched favor, show some serious determination, as that's the Taurus' favorite trait.

The Gemini Parent

The Gemini parent tends to be curious in everything you're doing, whether it be homework or going to the mall. You Gemini parent may be just as interested in you school project as you.

If you're going on a major mission, you will want to carefully explain your strategy and through in a witty joke because Gemini cannot resist a nice punch line.

The Cancer Parent

A Cancer parent is a worrier to say the least., but remember that as your parent, your mom or dad, loves you none-the-less.

As a Cancer, this parent will provide security when you really need it. So, when you want to do something a bit dangerous or on the edge, go over the safety tips before your parent has a chance to ask.

Appeal to the Lion's Pride

Flickr Image: HD- "King [o the] Wingy Lands"
Flickr Image: HD- "King [o the] Wingy Lands"

The Leo Parent

The Leo will celebrate your unique smarts and provide you with a wonderful home base. But, make sure not to cross this queen or king, or you'll be expecting somethign dramatic to happen.

If you want this royal seal of approval, appeal to this parent's pride in you. Flattery works like catnip.

The Virgo Parent

The Virgo in your life will tend to criticize, but (s)he just wants you to live to your fullest potential.

If you want something, make sure that your parent knows that you've thought things through all the way- give them the pros and cons- because details are everything to Virgo.

The Libra Parent

As a Libra, you've entered Lovey-Dovey Land. You're Libra parent has great taste and a love of peace.

But, remember that the Libra parent will have a world of "What-If's" in your perfect plan, so be prepared to have backups and solution to every option.

Be Safe- Wear a Helmet

Flickr Image: Manganite- "Panned in Ginza"
Flickr Image: Manganite- "Panned in Ginza"

The Scorpio Parent

This super safe parent runs a tight ship, to say the least.

Your Scorpio mom or dad is caring, sensitive, and keen-eyed.

If you have to have something or have to do something, don't hold anything back, because your parent will definitely sniff it out.

The Sagittarius Parent

You Sagittariu parent is definitely in freedom-loving, s(he) will have a ton of faith in you.

When you get lost in life, this parent will show you the big picture.

Appeal to the optimistic side of your parent, saying things like, "It'll work. I believe it will."

Learn a Little Patience

Flickr Image: Rottie Lover- "Patience"
Flickr Image: Rottie Lover- "Patience"

The Capricorn Parent

Your Capricorn parent loves order and organization. And, as the master of determination, hard work, and patience, it's going to hard to argue with.

But, need a little help? Use the "I've thought long and hard about it" approach to calm the nerves of the cautious Capricorn.

The Aquarius Parent

Your wise Aquarius parent may inspire you with his, or her, quirky notions, high-flying ideas, and brilliant flashes. But, an Aquarius parent wants to fix the future, where you may be more concerned with the here and now.

But, you can explain how you werwe trying to change the world for the better, and maybe your Aquarius parent will let it slide.

The Pisces Parent

As a very giving parent, the Pisces feels that nothing is too good for you, their child.

You will be provided a nice, safe home under the wing of a Pisces.

But, if you need some special permission, add a little sweetner to the dish. Butter this parent up.

Zodiac Signs

Flickr Image: mrsriman- "My Zodiac sign-Taurus"
Flickr Image: mrsriman- "My Zodiac sign-Taurus"
Flickr Image: mrsriman- "My Husbands Zodiac sign-Scorpio"
Flickr Image: mrsriman- "My Husbands Zodiac sign-Scorpio"


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