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Science and Arts in Space-Time

Updated on September 14, 2014
All rights are reserved
All rights are reserved | Source

The following hub has been attributed by the author Katerina Kostaki on the "Science and Art within SpaceTime-Event" that was held by the Municipality of Chaidari (Athens-Greece) on March 2012.

The event was organised by the Municipality of Chaidari and the Greek Physicists Union.

Author Katerina Kostaki was honored to be the auditor of this event.

The following text was presented in the Greek language.

Translation into the English language was made by the author Katerina Kostaki.

All rights of this article are reserved.

chaidari greece:
karaiskaki street

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Science and Arts:two parallel paths

For many years Science and Art looked like parallel paths within a Cosmic Being.

Our era spurred forward to the birth of a new ideal emerged from the mating of Science and Art from which sparks of new perception,consciousness and creativity are popping up.

Time is purely a psychological -mental means and Space a physical one.

So Time compared to Space is not measurable.

In a few words Space-Time is the transition through matter while acquiring the perception of this transition.

Global Awakening

Basically moving from the third to the fourth dimension humans become awakened .

That means they awake from the dream or illusion of Reality ,in order to realize they are not alone.

The passage or transition from the fourth to the fifth dimension that human have been experiencing this time is realized through the harmonious reunion of Science and Art.

From the Converence of the Worlds to the Connection with the Source of Life,the path simply crosses the fourth dimension,where space becomes time and time space.

Copyright Katerina Kostaki Science and Arts in Space-Time
Copyright Katerina Kostaki Science and Arts in Space-Time
Copyright Katerina Kostaki Source: Science and Arts in Space-Time
Copyright Katerina Kostaki Source: Science and Arts in Space-Time

SpaceTime and the Power of Love

Space-Time enriched with the new intelligibility and technology helps Humanity to make a decisive leap into the unknown through a great belief in the greater Power of Universe ,the creative power of Love.

The Space-Time becomes a means of alchemical evolution of mankind, a secular school where people recognize the true essence of their home, remember the interface with Primary Creator,and being transformed into the guests of this Cosmic Miracle.

Love and Light

The biblical tradition presented Man as the fallen of a ...sin is crystallized in order to present a Man that lost touch with Cosmic Matrix,the ability to mold parallel Worlds and to re-birth Universes,simply because he forgot that Love and Light resides within him.

Light is information and Love is creation,the Pleiadians inform us in Marciniak's books entitled :"The Bringers of Dawn" and "Family of Light".

Enlightened Forces and Guides keep reminding us that Love and Light as vibrations reside with in us hidden and unseen by human eyes.

Remember that Love is energy,like everything that surrounds us.

However Love is a higher level energy and vibration,while matter is a more concentrated energy.

Humans and Ego

People worshipped the five senses, but forgot the sixth one.

They also forgot that they are multidimensional entities of infinite potential and talents and caged into the three dimensions :length,width and height.

This is how a fasle Self was created, a false Self nourished and fed on illusions and fears.

SpaceTime and Timelines

The fact that Humans could not comprehend the existence of Space-Time does not negate the Space-Time itself.

However the display of dimensions,the existence of Space-Time and Time flexibility have been the subject of many unique works throughout the centuries,because Artists through their diversity and hidden properties journey beyond Timeline and transfer ideas as a new coming baby in a creative cocoon.


Rembering who we are

Visualization,visionary meditation,mental concentration,dreams,inspiration and fantasy have always been expressions and reflections of SpaceTime.

From the Wheel of Life in Paradise, the Path ahead of us is quite simple.

Man is born,evolves,dies, but can't remember.

He can not recognise that the mysteries of the Cosmos are perceived through a spiral path,which is nothing more that a single perception of events from various angles.

Artists:Humans of the Future

In the introduction of my spiritual poetry book entitled "Cosmic Light" I refer to the artists as trans-humans, humans of the future as gifted spiritual beings,who collect and evaluate information from multidimensional fields,create unique workshops and evolve the Collective Unconsciousness of Humanity.


Science Fiction and Art

Moreover,the modern cinema has reflected eloquently the false reality within which we all live,and the reality that resides behind the veil and separates the worlds in the movie 2046 of Wong Kar -Wai .

In this movie an author writes a science fiction script.

In this movie,where Love,Eros,Time and its dimensions and parallel universes revive, a mysterious train travels with higher speed to 2046,and finally the hypnotised passengers return back to their past instead of reaching their future.

What if Earth and Earthlings in this strange and critical time of evolution of Humanity return to past while marching to future?

What if what we consider as the end of the world ,a false and misleading rumor spread by many ways becomes the Dawn of a Luminary Era?

SpaceTime:An Inner Journey

Each human should seek for the truth within making a solitary inner journey.

A trip within SpaceTime is eventually an inner journey,a spiral journey to our Inner Self and Inner Light.

Diving within our inner labyrinth is alike diving within our Inner Light.

As far as perception of people about Cosmos,Universe,the origin and Source of all things migrates, Art will always be the Aplha and the Omega of Cosmic Consciousness, Higher Beings and Mystical Symbols, for Knowledge being trasmitted and adorned within the Time Loop of Vibrations ,Energy and Cosmic Being.

The Language of Universe

The language of Universe non-comprehensible however to the average human dicovers the means and ways for expression and co-existence with mankind as a divine gift for -His own image- son.

SpaceTime will be our guide,mentor and healer .

Until man is reconnected with the Source of Everything we will be discovering through scientific ways the new data and imprinting mental-emotional-psycological resolutions through Art like our tiny traces left behind for our descendants.

If we allow self manifestation and expression and learn the deeper truths scattered all over our Planet and within.

An Endless- promising- Journey

According to Jasmine ,the heroine of the Greek published novel "Life journey that carries hopes"-author Katerina Kostaki

"Time, a righteous judge will indicate whether the options were correct or not ...
Time will justify and compensate those who had the heart and showed no hesitation to be sacrificed for the Higher Good.
Everyone has the right to make his own choices ... "

Copyright Katerina Kostaki

Spiritual author ~ poetess

*Note : Read my hub : "Life journey that carries Hopes-My fantasy and adventure novel"


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