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Self Improvement Tips, How To Get Out of the Box

Updated on December 11, 2011

The self improvement tips this hub will focus on are those that can help individuals "get out of the box". This is one exciting way of embracing life and living it to the fullest. I am sharing five of my favorites at this time for these are the life concepts that have helped me get out of my own box.

Many times we find ourselves missing out on life because we have unknowingly put ourselves in a box by creating boundaries of what we are, who we are and what we can do or are capable of doing. Often we blame the circumstances, the conditions, or the lack of opportunities, the lack of skills and may even blame God for the uneventful or useless or unfortunate life we live.

To help you break out of these self-imposed prison walls here are some life concepts you could try for your self.

Ordinary Miracle-Sarah McLachlan

Self Improvement Tip 1: Do Ordinary Things Extraordinarily Using the Power of Love

Let's face it. The power of love is beyond question. Love is that which moves us, pushes us, drives us, and inspires us to do ordinary things in a special way. Love allows us to go beyond boundaries, conquer all obstacles, cross all bridges, ride the biggest waves and brings us to greater heights. Love is the best motivator of all.

Notice how the simple task of brewing coffee suddenly becomes special when you know you're making it for one still asleep in your bed. Notice too how that freshly brewed coffee smells and tastes soooo good when it comes from one who lovingly woke you up with tender kisses.

And then there are those moments when an otherwise shy person suddenly gets out of his shell to dare sing his partner's favorite song in public to express his love for her even if it meant being ridiculed by strangers or friends. Notice then how the recipient’s eyes glow with delight and pride upon witnessing such display of love hearing not the notes sang out of tune rather hearing only the melody of love.

It is important to note that before you put in all that love for someone else make sure to first give all that love to yourself. Start your daily chores by pausing for awhile and say phrases like "I love myself and accept myself for who I am. I am a good wife and loving mother" etc. Then you may follow it up with statements like "I love making breakfast for my family. I love seeing them off assured they're ready for the day." etc..

Giving yourself the chance to remember why you do your daily activities, allow you to appreciate yourself more and in the process benefit those around you as well.

Using the power of love to do ordinary things is one of the self-improvement tips that could make you start peeking out of the box.

Self Improvement Tip 2: Eat That Frog!

Hubber Ripplemaker threw this line at me once, seeing how I detest doing certain tasks in my daily activities. She still does when I'm at my low points. "Eat That Frog" is a book written by acclaimed speaker and best-selling author Brian Tracy. The book speaks of the elements vital to effective personal time management. It took time for me to learn the art of "eating my frogs". It's an acquired "taste" so to speak. Once you do take a bite at it, the benefits are many. It can be one that keeps you disciplined and feeling good about yourself and life.

The short video clip best summarizes the whole concept. I strongly recommend trying this "menu" for a change and discover how much time you actually have in your hands to experience life to the fullest.

Eat That Frog "diet" is definitely one of the self improvement tips which can help you stand up and get a better view of things out of the box.

Live Now Affirmation Video

Self Improvement Tip 3: Live in the Present Moment Now

Many of us may claim to be living our lives in the present moment but are we really doing so? Let's "step back" a little here. When you refuse to take on an action that may bring you to unfamiliar territory, is it because of an unpleasant experience in the past? Or is it because of what you "think" may happen in the future? If you answer yes to both questions then you may be missing out on living in the present.

Living in the present simply means being aware of how you are responding to different situations in the very moment it is happening. For instance as you are reading this very word, are you savoring its every meaning or is a part of you "thinking ahead" and anxious to know where it is leading, anticipating its next move or entertaining thoughts of how you're going to apply it in your own life or thinking of what you're suppose to be doing instead or even hearing a part of your mind say things like "is this the same concept I heard in Oprah before?" or "Yes this is what I read about before". etc.

If you're suddenly aware of all the thoughts that are coming into your mind while you're reading this sentence then you are more aware of your present condition. Being aware of your thoughts and how your whole being is reacting is living in the present moment. When you become aware of your dominant thoughts it will then be easier to redirect them when necessary.

If you become aware of how you hate your hair for instance, then pause a moment and redirect that thought or energy into a more positive one. You may start doing a gratitude exercise and start appreciating you hair for what it is, how it is and accepting it as part of the beautiful you.

Being present allows you to create a better you and get one leg out of the box NOW which is one power tip on self improvement.

The Giving Tree with author Shel Silverstein Narrating

Self Improvement Tip 4: Give Without Being Attached To Results

The scarcity mind-set often "dictates" our decision on how much we ought to give away and how much we should keep for our selves. And when we do give, we often find ourselves expecting something in return. Often these thoughts become the block to achieving more things in life.

If we look at some of the definitions available on the net it may even be a surprise to find that "Giving" is defined as the "act of disposing of property by voluntary transfer without receiving value in return." If this be so then what have we actually been "giving" all these years?

It's time we truly start giving and let go of something for the benefit of the recipient. After all there is the presence of the Law of Causality which simply means "we reap what we sow". If we give love, then more love will flow into our lives. If we give help, then more help will come into our lives. You get the idea.

Let's simply be reminded that giving is an effortless way of allowing the abundance of life and love to freely flow into our lives. Now follow this self improvement tip and give yourself a present by getting that other leg out of the box.

The Journey

Self Improvement Tip 5: BE The Grandest Version and the Greatest Expression of YOU

Now, it's time to stop wanting to be this and that and start BEING that which you long to be.

You want to be more loving? Be Love. Try it. As love, how will you respond to any given situation? Visualize it. Live it.

You want to have peace of mind? Be Peace. Try it. As peace, how will you decide on certain matters? Visualize it. Live it.

You want to have more freedom? Be Freedom. Try it. As freedom, how will you act in all conditions? Visualize it. Live it.

Onward to acting on this self improvement tip and create the grandest version and the greatest expression of who you are by simply BEING and uncover the beauty and wonder of living out of the box.

Enjoy the loving abundance that exist in all of life:)

Daisy Ba-ad


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