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Shark Steals a Fish on Line at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Updated on August 5, 2013

Sarah Brame video - shark stole fish off hook

20 year old Sarah Brame was fishing at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and had caught a good-sized red drum fish.

She was wrestling with it - reeling it in, letting it out, - when her boyfriend decided to record the whole episode with his video camera, presumably to prove it was the big one, or other, as they wouldn't have actually known until they saw it.

William Moore started recording after his fiancee had caught the fish, and only circled in on the action when the fish was nearly ready to land.

The net was down on the water, ready to lift it, when suddenly, a shark appeared and stole the catch!

I have watched this video that has now gone viral on the internet, and laughed and laughed, because poor Sarah not only lost her prized fish, she is heard on camera screeching almost hysterically " It's a shark, a shark, a big-ass shark!"

And she is not wrong.

bull sharks
bull sharks | Source

Experts have since identified the shark as a bull shark.

From looking at the video, Sarah seems to have been fishing in a river or river estuary.

Bull sharks can live in both salt and freshwater, in fact they are the only deadly shark that can do so.

If you pause the video as the shark appears, you will see that the fish net appears to reach between its snout and its dorsal fin, so, unless it was a very big net, this is not a big fish.

Big enough to cause damage if you got in its way, and no doubt the people on the pier were safe enough.

Buy hey, how many times do sharks appear and steal someone's catch, just when a video camera was on the spot to catch it?

I am going to enjoy re-watching this video for many years to come, as I am sure many people throughout the world will too.

Thanks, Sarah Brame, for bringing us a little entertainment.

What length do you think that shark was?

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    • sharkfacts profile image

      sharkfacts 5 years ago from UK

      The video is great, isn't it? Especially the reaction of Sarah and the folks with her! I can't imagine what she must have felt when that shark appeared and stole her fish!

    • sallieannluvslife profile image

      sallieannluvslife 5 years ago from Eastern Shore

      Oh My Goodness!!! :0 THAT is SOOOO crazy!!! I love the look on Sarah's face!!! I would have had a heart attack! Thanks for sharing...can't wait to show my husband!!! He will be so upset that she lost her red drum!!

    • sharkfacts profile image

      sharkfacts 5 years ago from UK

      You're welcome! There are a lot of copies out there on the internet, but this is the original. - 2m and counting at this stage. It is absolutely fantastic that they caught the moment. I am glad to share :)

    • bdegiulio profile image

      Bill De Giulio 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Amazing video. I keep watching it over and over and it's just amazing. Thanks for sharing.