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Some Manners and Etiquettes- I always tries to follow

Updated on October 21, 2016
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Hello, I am Ravi Singh. I am a blogger at and write on a variety of topics including Blogging tips and how to earn money


Some Manners and Etiquettes- I always tries to follow

We always firm on following some basis rules, manners or principles in our life.We never compromised on that.More than your personality, face or dress, It is the manners which makes you a better human.In this hub I would like to mention few of the manners I never forget to follow.It may be different for you but the basis rule stills apply, follow it so that people will like you and other should follow you.

  • Don't rush for food on dining - When you are sitting on a dining table, wait for other to be served before you start.Don't be too rushy.There are however some exception like when you are seated with eight or more people and all are seated and server you may start.The best thing I follow is never be the first guy to start and give the chance to someone elder.

  • Do not keep your table too busy - This happens with me all the time.I keep almost all the stuff on the table.The best habit is to keep only food and decoration item on the table.Avoid things like keychains,bags, sunglasses, mobile phones etc.The cleaner the table the more organised you are.

  • Do not use mobile phone during dining - This is common problem often seen with women, who used to text more with mobile phones.This may leave bad impression on others and they think you don't like the food.Avoid text or call while eating.If it is very urgent you can excuse for bathroom and can take the call.

  • Follow speakerphone etiquette - Use speaker phone only if you have to join a conference call and more than 2 person are involved.Let the other person know that they are on speakerphone and do it in a closed door.If you are talking one to one use speakerphone only if it is going to take longer and do it at quite place.

  • When you open the door, hold it for next one - Whenever you open door for yourself, check on your back and see if some else following you hold the door for them.The point which is important is it must be followed irrespective of gender.Not holding it show disrespect for other one and it may hurt someone when he/she think you hold it.

  • At the Airport wait for your turn - While boarding keep your handbag at top shelf and immediately take your seat.If you find any older man or woman next to you help them to keep their luggage.Same way while claiming your luggage at carousel wait for your turn and only when you see your luggage step forward.During security check also be in queue and collect your belonging also in a queue.

  • Elevator etiquette - While entering and getting out follow elevator etiquette.Remember last in and first out rule.And the same way while you enter first and somebody rushing to enter hold the lift.And while entering lets the other person to leave and then enter.

  • Be gentle in email - No matter what mood you are never write in caps ( means shout),use too many colors or emoticons, attach a huge file, forwarding a chain mail which considered as a spam.

IF you like this hub, I would love if you will add your comment and some manners which will add value to this hub.


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