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State of Idaho - Pottery and History Curriculum Lesson for Homeschooling or Summer Enrichment

Updated on July 18, 2013
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Sculpt a baked potato!



It's fun to learn about the states! In this lesson, I've listed fun facts about Idaho. Simply read them to your child and make the pottery project or add to it. You can use these facts as a starting point for a whole week-long study of Idaho. Go to the library, search the internet and see what you can find.

Explore and learn together with your child. Pottery is a fun way to make the lesson stick.

Idaho State Facts

State Abbreviation: ID

Capital: Boise

State Nickname: The GemState

State Motto: "Esto perpetua" - May it Endure Forever”

State Song: “Here We Have Idaho”

State Bird: Mountain Bluebird

State Tree: Western White Pine

State Flower: Syringa

State Mammal: Monk Seal

State Gem: Idaho Star Garnet

Famous People Born in Idaho:

Joseph Albertson, founder of Albertson’s grocery stores

Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of Tarzan

Lillian Disney, wife of Walt Disney

Ernest Hemingway, author

Chief Joseph, Nez Perce Leader (Native American Tribe)

Sarah Palin, politican

Ezra Pound, poet

Picabo Street, skier

Fun Facts:

Hell’s Canyon is the deepest gorge in America, and it is located in Idaho.

ShoshuneFalls drops 52 feet further than Niagara Falls.

Idaho produces 72 types of precious and semi-precious stones.

63% of Idaho is public land.

Idaho is the 13th largest state.

Idaho is the number one producer of potatoes.

Let’s make a baked potato!

Make a potato shape.


Cut your potato with a plastic knife.


Open your potato.


Make little bits to be cheese, bacon bits, etc.


Stuff your potato.


Let's make a plate for the potato. Make a ball.


Pound the ball to make a flat shape.

Don't forget to put the clay on cloth before doing this step, or you will have  clay stuck to your table.
Don't forget to put the clay on cloth before doing this step, or you will have clay stuck to your table. | Source

Turn up the edges to make a plate shape.


Put your potato on the plate, and dinner is served!



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