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Stem Cell Products ARE Available and Effective

Updated on October 14, 2012
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Ed has been an entrepreneur and business owner/start-up generator for 15 years. He has also been a shotgun coach!

New Science Expands Applications

Most people in the world know someone who suffers from either a venous stasis sore, or diabetic foot ulcer, or decubitous ulcer (bed sore or pressure sore). In the case of diabetic foot ulcers, often this lead to amputation of parts or all of the foot. Many people have lived with open, seeping sores of the leg for years and decubitous ulcers plague the bed-ridden of all ages and the average cost to treat one has been as much as $40,000.

Our bodies are in the constant state of regeneration. Your skeleton - the entire structure - regenerates itself about every 7 or so years. As we age, the speed slows and the level of regeneration slows. Our skin goes through a similar process sloughing off the old cells and growing new, fresh cells.

Our spine is fairly complex, and yet can be broken down into understandable component parts. Depending on what part of the spine we are concerned with - cervical is the smaller bones in the upper spine to the point of holding up your head, thoracic spine is the next group, a bit larger and stronger and thicker bones then the lumbar and sacral section or lower back with the largest bones some fused naturally. Running from the brain down we start with a nice, thick spinal cord that is inside the spinal column down through the cervical bones and the thoracic bones until it blows out into multiple nerves that look like a horses tail - the reason for its nic name "horse's tail" is the cauda equina. All along the way nerves run out from the spinal cord to all parts of your body to provide reactions and actions all monitored and controlled by your brain.

When there is some odd growth of your spine, either naturally due to wear and tear, or through injury, a bony structure can begin to pinch part of one of the nerves or the spinal cord and cause pain or numbness in a limb or just the back (stenosis). As the spine degenerates, it loses its own ability to regenerate as fast or smoothly. The bones are less healthy, not as vascularized and less regenerative. Diet becomes less of a factor.

Shoulders, knees, hips all go through the same processes. We abuse our bodies and our bodies let us know about it. We also get ourselves into car wrecks and falls causing trauma to our bodies. And we get sick - we get infections that cause damage to skin, bones and organs. So what are we to do?

Stem Cell Treatments

There has been to varying degrees considerable funding of stem cell research and how these cells may be utilized in some way to repair problems for those who need it. There was a lot of controversy over fetal stem cell research which was limited under President Bush to some lines already in the "system." The reasoning there was so women may not look at themselves as cell farms producing fetus' for the sole purpose of aborting them to provide the "tissue" for use in some lab.

Bone marrow, cadaver blood and bones, even male infant foreskins, have been used to gather adult stem cells to see if they can be utilized to regenerate new cells in deficit situations. Some have been effective, others have not. It isn't just in the fact of recovering live stem cells. They must be non-differentiated, must be viable, must not come from someone with a virus or HIV, otherwise the person receiving the cells may be worse off. There are other factors, chemical reactors, collagen, proteins, enzymes, and so many other products that are required for cells to do what they do. The companies that have the science and have done the research to prove what their products have and can be made available to the patient are the ones that will have success. Those companies are very limited.

Until only a few years ago, the umbilical cord and placenta were considered medical waste upon a live birth. Once the baby was out of the bag, who cared to keep that around? Well it turns out cord blood can be life saving for that child later in life and has become an industry all to itself in keeping that blood frozen for possible later needs.

But the biggest new item is the use of the placenta, its lining and the cells that manifest themselves there. Mesenchymal stem cells are in great numbers in the placenta. In the first level below the interior of the lining of the placenta there is a stromal level that contains significant and effective levels of stem cells, and all the other factors needed to affect healing, down-regulating of inflammation while generating bone, fat, connective tissue, and preventing scars. After processing, there is no issue with rejection of these products. The results are evident.

In the case of DFUs, diabetic foot ulcers, where many have been open for years the application of the placenta based products can bring the lacking levels of positive factors along with the mesenchymal stem cells calling out the host cells as well to then create the proper healing. In a lot of cases healing occurs within weeks, often saving a foot or ankle from amputation. Similar effects are available for venous stasis sores and pressure sores of the back and hips.

Regarding labrum tears, rotator cuff tears, hip non-unions, tendon tears or injuries, knee injuries, these too react positively to the application of specific products containing the right MSCs and all the plethora of other factors needing to be present. Healing is rapid in comparison and more complete than without.

Regarding spine, bone, hip applications, a new replacement periosteum can be generated allowing for the re-vascularization of bone - thereby improving the quality of the bone itself - allowing it to get back to what normal function is - regeneration and incorporation of new bone. Strong, new bone "grows" where it is supposed to. Supporting, connective tissue does too.

Let's get some healing going!

The Inventurist

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    • VirginiaLynne profile image

      Virginia Kearney 

      6 years ago from United States

      My dad was a Type 1 diabetic and often had foot ulcers like the one in your picture. He was very careful to treat his wounds exactly the way the doctors told him to do and as a result he managed to avoid amputation. I spent many hours helping him with soaking baths, medicines and bandages. He passed away at 68 from an accidental fall and not directly due to his diabetes. I'm so glad to learn there are new treatments becoming available. Thanks for your hub!


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