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Study tips

Updated on December 31, 2012
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Studying can be boring and tedious. These tips and tools can make studying more fun and effective. Knowing how to prepare, what tools you will need and creating the right environment can take the stress right out of studying. All of these components make learning much more enjoyable and that is the way it should be right?

The right study environment
The right study environment


Where you study can be just as important as how you study. It is easiest in a quiet environment without many distractions. A clear space is important and will allow you to keep organized. If you are going to be mostly studying at home try creating a space just for this purpose. You could try your computer desk. This way you have access to the computer and many other tools you may need. Bigger projects might be easier to accomplish on the floor or maybe the kitchen table. These spaces allow you much more room to work. If you live in a busy house try working in your room or somewhere in the house where you are less likely to be disrupted. Sometimes trying to study at home is perfect but not for everyone and even then not all the time. It can be difficult trying to study at home if their is a full house with lots of noises distractions and other people. Some other great places to study are listed bellow.


Try your back yard! If the weather is decent why not? Fresh air and sunlight can make studying seem a little less like work. If you study outside on a nice day you won't miss out on the sun. This is a great place to work if you start to feel to cooped up or if there are to many distractions inside your home.

The park is another great place you can go to study outside. If you don't have a yard or you would just rather go out this is a great alternative.


This is a guaranteed quiet space. This is also a wonderful place to study because you have so many books and computers at your disposal. Libraries usually have special study booths you can use. This is a great place to study if you easily get distracted.

Try a Friends House

This can be a good choice if you have a friend who needs to study for the same classes. If your house is a little hectic and your buddies is more quiet why not work together at their house. If you get bored easily it can sometimes be easier to work with a partner. A study session with a friend can be lively, fun and productive as long as long as you actually study.


Schools of all kinds usually have all lots of spaces for studying after classes. This could be the school library, computer lab, reserved study rooms or halls and sometimes there are even tutors available. This is a great option if you want to study right after you get out of class. You don't have to go far and most schools have exactly the books you need since they come up with the curriculum you are learning.

study tools
study tools


Using the right tools can make a world of difference in your learning experience. The right tools depend on what you are learning and how you best learn. Some tools and what they are best used for are listed bellow.


These are a great learning and reference tool. They can be useful in every subject from history, art, math to welding. This is why many classes have curriculum based from a book on their particular subject.


The internet is a wonderful tool you can use to learn and study. There is an enormous amount of information on the web you can utilize through different web sites and videos online. Also online tutors can help with any questions you have.

Flash cards

You can use flash cards for memorization. This technique has been used for a long time. This is a tool used even to teach babies. Memorization is great for spelling or terminology. You can use flash cards by yourself and in group studies as well.


Tutors are a great tool. Asking a tutor, your instructor or just someone who has knowledge of the area in which you are trying to study can be a great deal of help when studying.

Miscellaneous tools

There are little tools and techniques you can use too. Diagrams, pictures and charts anything with a picture to reference to is a great tool. Other little tools you may need to study are as simple as a pencil or a piece of paper.


When a phrase is repeated ten times out loud the brain stores the information in your memory more readily. So the more something is repeated out loud the larger the impact when studying. This is a great tool you can use if you need to memorize something.


Be sure that you have access to all the proper tools you will be needing before you begin to study. This is a great way to save time and just be prepared in general.

Take a break and relax
Take a break and relax


Breaks are more important than you think. Studies have shown that your brain can focus and retain information better in the first ten to fifteen minutes of study. After this brief period of time the brain tends lose focus this makes it more difficult to retain information. Studies have also proven that short five to ten minute breaks make it easier for your brain to refocus. To get the best results when studying it is more effective to study for ten to fifteen minutes at a time frequently throughout the day than to study for one large block of time everyday.

If you do choose to study for a large chunk of time there are ways to make this method more effective. Try studying for fifteen minutes then take short breaks between these studying spurts. Then after your third period of study try taking a half an hour break along with a snack. Then go back to short breaks. This will keep your brain focus and ready to learn.

Healthy snacks
Healthy snacks


Snacks are good refreshers for when you are studying especially if you are studying for a large block of time. Healthy snacks will help you to feel refreshed and keep you energized for a longer period of time. Junk food and caffeine will give you short bursts of energy with large crashes so ultimately they will make it harder to study.Fruits and veggies are the very best since they are packed with nutrients. Some great snack foods you may want to try are listed bellow.

  • strawberries
  • oranges
  • blue berries
  • bananas
  • kiwi
  • cheese and crackers
  • carrots
  • celery
  • sugar peas
  • bell peppers
  • water
  • fruit juice
  • milk
  • sandwiches
  • popcorn
  • small amounts of chocolate
  • tortilla chips and salsa
  • watermelon
  • grapes

Study groups
Study groups

Groups study

Group study can be lots of fun and very effective. Learning with others in study groups can be a real help. If you are really struggling in a subject joining a group study with some students who have a better understanding of the subject may the best option. This method ensures you are studying and memorizing the correct criteria. You also have some one there to bounce ides off of. For some people being social while learning makes it easier. This method is a great way to connect with peers and learn at the same time.


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