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Quit smoking tips make quiting easier

Updated on August 1, 2012
Quit smoking
Quit smoking

Kick the habbit

Smoking is an incredibly difficult habit to break, but the benefits of being smoke free are totally worth the struggle. This is a habit that can have a negative affect on almost every area of your life. Quitting is so hard because the habit is not only chemically addictive but becomes a habit that affects you mentally and physically as well. Often smoking becomes a coping mechanism for stress or used as a tool to relax making it even harder to kick the habit. These tips can make the battle to quit a little easier.

Stop smoking
Stop smoking

Tips to get started

These tips will help you get the ball rolling. Before you get started you might want to go through these like a check list.

  • Make a start date

Having a quit date can be really helpful. This gives you time to get mentally prepared so it is a little less of a shock to your system. This also allows you the time you will need to get the tools you will need.

  • Get rid of your lighters and ashtrays

Anything you use to smoke get rid of. This makes it harder to go back to the habit. Having these things readily available can also be a trigger and make you want to smoke.

  • A physical replacement

Having something to chew on or put in your mouth is more helpful than you would think. Try things like gum, tooth picks, sunflower seeds or even hard candy.

  • Something to with your hands

Anything you can hold in you hand that is not a cigarette. Pencils are great because they are similar in size and shape.

  • Make a list of what to do when you are having a strong craving

Try taking a cold shower, going for a walk, sit ups or taking quick nap. Being prepared and knowing what you are going to do will make it easier. It is difficult to try and brainstorm ways to feel better when you are already stressing out.

  • Warn the people you are around the most

Letting everyone around you know what you are going through. This step is not for sympathy, it is to prevent things like your friends asking you if you want to go outside and have a smoke. This also helps others understand why you might be getting more moody than usual.

  • Exercise

This gets your endorphins pumping to make you feel better. Try replacing your morning cigarette with a five minute workout.

  • Water

Keep lots of water around. Water helps flush out your system making the process go a little faster. Keeping hydrated will help you feel good and have less cravings.

  • A list of things to avoid

Making a list of things that make you want to smoke is another good thing to do. If you know what makes you want to smoke then you will know what to avoid. Try to stay away from things that make you want to smoke. This is not always possible but if you can it makes things a whole lot easier.

What happens to your body
What happens to your body

What happens to your body when you quit

It is quite miraculous how fast your body reacts and starts to heal itself. A lot of the side effects you get when you quit smoking are quite unpleasant, but they are only short term and are totally worth it in the long run. Listed bellow is a list of some side effects that can occur when you quit smoking.

  • Coughing

This is due to the tissue in your throat and lungs starting to come alive and healing itself. It makes your throat itchy causing coughing and sometimes a lot of phlegm.

  • Dizziness

When you quit smoking the level of oxygen your body increases to a healthier level. This can cause dizziness while your body is adjusting.

  • Hunger

Often you are not as hungry as you think during this period. Drinking water is a good way to fight this off. You should not be eating anymore or less than usual during this time.

  • Mood swings

Your body is adjusting to the lack of nicotine and this can make you cranky and irritable. This will subside overtime. Eating a healthy diet, staying hydrated and exercise can help your body adjust faster resulting in less mood swings.

  • Feeling sick

This could mean stomach aches, head aches, getting the sweats and many other types of unpleasant feelings. This is just your body trying to get used to the lack of nicotine. This usually only lasts the first week. The best things to do to prevent this is to eat healthy and stay hydrated.

Reasons to quit
Reasons to quit

The benifits

Even though this is a difficult process the benefits out way all the cons by a landslide. Being tobacco free improves your health, energy, mood and can even better improve your relationships. Some of the benefits are listed bellow. these are just a few there are tons more this list just scratches the surface.

  • Healthier lungs
  • Become less at risk for major health conditions
  • More energy
  • Better breath
  • Become less at risk for dental problems
  • No mood swings from not smoking
  • More money to spend or save
  • No second hand smoke for your friends and family
  • You and your clothes smell cleaner
  • Longer life span

Changing your habits
Changing your habits

Change up

Another really awesome way to make this transition easier is to change things up. Change anything and everything you can. Mix up your routines make completely new ones. Following old routines will make things harder because of the time gaps that you will have to fill with something other than smoking. Most smokers have certain times throughout the day that they choose to smoke. Smoking becomes a part of your routine and when you quit your normal routine can trigger a craving. So when you change up your routines you are dodging a lot of those situations that can make you wan to smoke. Another really useful thing you can do is to start adding in new things to replace smoking. Exercising

Sticking to it
Sticking to it

Sticking to it

Sticking to it is the hardest part and the most important part as well. Studies have shown that in most cases it takes many attempts before smokers are able to kick the habit completely. So the trick is to keep at it. Try not to forget that if you quit and then you have a cigarette that it doesn't mean that you should keep smoking or that you failed. As soon as you realize that you don't actually want to smoke put it out or just start over. Messing up and having one is not the same as going back totally back to the habit. If you do find yourself in a situation where you have to start all over figure out what you can do differently to make your next attempt easier. Persistence goes a long way and if you keep trying eventually you will succeed.

Help with quiting
Help with quiting

Some different tools that are available

If you are struggling and you feel you may need some extra help there are all kinds of products out there to help you. You can ask your doctor to help you find the right product or you can just figure out what you think will work on your own. Some of the products are only available through prescription so you will need to talk to your doctor. Other types of tools can be found at a drug or grocery store. A list of some common products used are listed bellow.

  • patches
  • nicotine gum
  • electronic cigarettes
  • Nasal sprays
  • Some prescription drugs have been made for this purpose ( talk to your doctor most of the time this is not necessary)
  • herbal cigarettes( have no nicotine or tobacco just natural herbs)

Also there are many programs and support groups available. You can find these on the internet, phone book or ask your doctor.

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    • Brittanie2216 profile image

      Brittanie Pervier 5 years ago from Seattle WA

      Thank you for the comment :) orange peels is a great idea thank you :)

    • CrisSp profile image

      CrisSp 5 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      Good useful hub! I used to smoke and quit cold turkey many many years ago. I've been good and have never smoke since then. Determination is the key and a good discipline to oneself. Quick help: Chewing orange peels reduced your appetite to smoke. Apparently, the after taste of the orange peels doesn't go well with the taste of the nicotine or tobacco. I mentioned this in one of my hubs "orange peels" and it works. Good luck and by the way, welcome to HP. Enjoy it!