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Sustainability 63: Forest City Enterprises

Updated on June 8, 2010
Forest City Enterprises' headquarters in Cleveland's Terminal Tower
Forest City Enterprises' headquarters in Cleveland's Terminal Tower

Forest City Enterprises (FCE), a $9 billion publicly traded national real estate development company headquartered in Cleveland’s Terminal Tower, is a corporation committed to sustainability. The company has made sustainability not only one of its core values, and a key component of its strategic plan, but also a crucial element in the overall attractiveness and competitiveness of its development projects.

With a substantial profile in the development and management of multifamily residential properties across the nation, FCE has been able to integrate sustainable aspects into the lives of many. Projects ranging from San Francisco to Brooklyn, and from Kaneohe Bay in Hawaii to the Great Lakes have benefited from energy-efficiency and sustainability initiatives.

The company’s military housing, consisting of about 12,000 residences in 24 neighborhoods across 5 states, has been commended as among the very best available to our armed forces personnel.

FCE has embodied the same principles in its various office and work facility projects as well. From Energy Star certified to LEED Silver and Gold, its properties both near (at its home headquarters city) and far (Skokie, Baltimore, Denver, Albuquerque, San Jose) are moving ever more into the realm of long term sustainability.

In addition, some of the company’s most significant recent retail projects — The Promenade Bolingbrook (Bolingbrook, IL), The Shops at Northfield Stapleton (Denver, CO), and The Mall at Robinson (Pittsburgh, PA) — are all either LEED certified or in the certification process.

Perhaps FCE’s premier effort in sustainability is Stapleton, Denver. Selected by local officials as the preferred developer to recycle Denver’s abandoned Stapleton International Airport, FCE is creating a model sustainable community, replete with thousands of homes and jobs, ample retail and industrial space, and peppered with more than 1,100 acres of green space and parks of all types and sizes. Stapleton has recently become the region’s most desired planned residential community.

With 10 regional offices, plus 10 others devoted to either land development or the development of military housing, Forest City’s sustainable reach is national and diversified.  


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