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The Unbelievable Power of a Positive Thought

Updated on August 31, 2016


Up until recently i was pretty skeptical to the belief that our thoughts can affect our lives in a good or bad way, it was after a conversation with my partner who firmly believes in positive thinking and the laws of attraction that i decided to do a little bit of research into the subject for myself, what i found after doing some research and putting the things i had read into practice came as quite a surprise, it really was having a positive effect on my life !

Think for a moment of some or all of the good things that you have in your life and meditate on them for a while, this may be your life partner, your children or grandchildren, it may be a good friend or a favorite pet, now think about how lucky you are to have them in your life, i would bet that already you are starting to feel a little happier, what you are experiencing straight away is the power of positive thought. Now think about one of those days when everything seems to go wrong, something usually goes wrong early in the day and then we immediately start to believe " Oh no i am having one of those days " and then what happens, you do have one of them days, by thinking negative thoughts you have invited more negative things to happen to you and yes you have invited them i know it sounds crazy but you have.

We all know someone in our lives who never seems to see the good in people or believes that good things never happen to them, you know the type they expect the negative outcome to any event and then are not surprised when it happens, do these type of people ever achieve much in their lives?,

Now what would the world be like if every human that had ever lived had taken the attitude of the type of person above?

It is doubtful we would have ever of moved away from living in trees, nothing would have been invented, no fire, no wheel, no electricity nothing that has made our lives easier could have come about due to the fear of failure, well more than the fear of failure it is the absolute concrete belief that failure is inevitable.

Now take a look at some of the great achievers in human history, would Edison have been able to invent the light bulb unless he had complete faith in it's success?

Would Martin Luther King have been able to make enormous strides in the field of human rights without his unwavering belief ?

Could Bill Gates have become a billionaire if he was too busy thinking negative thoughts, bemoaning his lifestyle and every little obstacle that was thrown his way?

The answer of course is no, all of the great achievers in human history all had or have one thing in common and that is complete belief that their cause or aim will come to fruition there is no doubt in their minds whatsoever, they think it then it happens.

There is a phrase that you will come across many times if you read self help books, whether the book is about freeing yourself of an addiction, coping with anxiety, how to become wealthy etc the phrase you will often find in these books is this " A thought is a very powerful thing "

Okay so what does that phrase mean?

Well, think about how powerful a thought can be, every invention, every achievement in history has started with a single thought, when Sir Edmund Hilary reached the summit of Mount Everest it obviously took a lot of work, organization and climbing to get there but the whole process started one day when the single thought, i want to be the first man to climb to the summit of Everest ,entered his head. All achievements begin this way, just with a single thought.

Of course what i am proposing here is nothing new, many books have been written on the power of positive thought but what is surprising when you do some research is how thought is related to well being by so many different religions, great thinkers, ancient and modern, motivational speakers, famous scientists in many different fields all have similar things to say about the power of thoughts and how they have an effect on our lives, indeed it was during my research into the subject and noticing the similarities in description of positive thinking between these different fields and disciplines that i came to the conclusion that they cannot all be wrong and perhaps it is little old skeptical me that needs to take another look.

If you were to approach a practitioner of white magic to put a curse on enemy for you, you would find the answer would be a definite no, by sending out bad thoughts into the ether the white magician would believe that you will get those negative thoughts sent back at you ten fold,but if you were to ask that same practitioner to make a healing spell so you can make peace with your enemy they would be happy to do that, in the christian religion it is taught it is better to forgive ones enemies and pray for them, do you see the similarity between the two?

When we think bad thoughts about someone does it do them any harm?

No, but by thinking those thoughts we do ourselves harm by putting ourselves into a negative frame of mind and attracting bad vibes or bad Karma or whatever you choose to call it.Think of yourself as a magnet, think bad things and bad things will come to you, think good things and they will happen, and they WILL HAPPEN. This is the law of attraction.

So how do we improve our lives by using the power of thought?

I don't proclaim to be an expert myself as i have only been practicing for around a year, however this is the way i go about it, others may do it in other ways you may find your own way, do what suits you. If i find myself having negative thoughts i force myself to block them by thinking of someone i love, in my case usually my girlfriend or children and concentrate thinking on them for a while, at first this can be quite difficult and you can find yourself wondering back to negative thoughts, however with practice this gets easier and you slowly find yourself moving from a bad frame of mind to a good one, some people start the day with affirmations thanking the universe or their god for the day, some prefer meditation to get them in a good mood it is totally up to you. " But how do i attract good things " i here you say, that's the easy part.

Picture what you want to achieve or obtain in your life, for example you might want a promotion to a higher position at work, begin to start thinking of yourself doing that job, how you would go about it, how you would do it better than the person currently doing it, know in your mind that you will get that job, if it is money that you want think of yourself holding it in your hands, think about all the things you are going to spend it on, don't hope these things are going to happen, KNOW THEY ARE GOING TO HAPPEN,now some people in life are more inclined to negative thinking than others, to some people the glass is half full to others it is half empty, its probably true that the half empty crowd will have to work harder to put all i have said into practice, but believe me it does work, by thinking good thoughts good things will happen to you, for all who are reading this and believing it to be nonsense, a load of new age baloney, i say give it a go, truly give it a fair go, you might be surprised, thank you for reading and good luck.


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