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Texas Instruments Calculators

Updated on September 28, 2010

Texas Instruments calculators have been the leader in any type of calculartos for the last decade. And rightly so. They have pushed the limits of automated math into realms of the unknown; some of the math you can do on a Texas Instruments calculator is something only a math major can understand. Add the fact that Texas Instruments calculators can be a great aid to a beginner in mathematics and you have the most diverse and most powerful calculators on the planet.

Sold yet?

Texas Instruments have a wide range of calculators to choose from, ranging from a meager Texas Instruments scientific calculator, to the powerful and widely used ti84 plus graphing calculator. The price for some of these calculators may be high but they are well worth their price; durable and long-lived, a Texas instruments graphing calculator will be a great help in your math...adventures.


Here is a list of the best Texas Instruments Calculators:


No more time wasted with math with a conventional calculator.
No more time wasted with math with a conventional calculator. | Source

ti83 Calculator

The ti83 calculator is one of the most popular Texas Instruments calculators. It is not as sleek and powerful as some of the newer models, but it is just as reliable; in fact it does exactly what it needs to do and makes no compromise. Through all of high-school, and even a few years of university, the ti83 calculator will be all you need. It is a wonderful graphing calculator, allowing you graph thousands of functions, as well as peform analysis between multiple functions. It has ROM memory; this will allow you to add your own apps (Don't get any ideas) and even, if you can be sneaky enough, your own games.


  • Upgradeable software.
  • One-year warranty.
  • New app called Zoom math; with this app you can download problems right from the textbook and put them on your ti graphing calculator.
  • 160k ram.
  • Includes USB Cable.

Since the creation of Texas Instruments calculators, other calculators are becoming obsolete.
Since the creation of Texas Instruments calculators, other calculators are becoming obsolete.

ti84 Calculators

This is the next step in the ti80 series of graphing calculators; it is like the ti83 calculator, but with a few more special features. It has three times the memory of the ti83 model and is more than twice the speed; this kind of upgrade isn't necessary for someone who only has one math class, but for someone who does math three to four times a day a ti84 calculator may be for you. It comes in three distinct models: the original version, the ti84 plus version, as well as the silver edition. The ti84 is also one of the best looking Texas Instruments calculators - if that's your thing.


  • Twice as fast as the ti83 model.
  • 480k of ram.
  • Downloadable SAT prep questions.
  • Removable faceplate.
  • Organizer preloaded.
  • Includes USB cable.


Be more like Einstein with a Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator.
Be more like Einstein with a Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator.

ti89 Calculators

The ti89 calculator is the next big step up in Texas Instruments calculators. It has twice the memory as the ti84 and six times as much as the ti83 and this makes it one of the fastest handheld calculators on the planet. It's biggest attribute is that it is made of Titanium; this gives it an edge over other calculators with more durability and a sleeker design. The ti89 can handle more advanced math - AP calculus, first year university - and has many unique options. The price is a bit steeper but for some it is worth it; I guarantee you'll never need another calculator.


  • Twice as fast as the ti84.
  • 2.5 MB Ram.
  • Has a save feature.
  • Can plot for advanced functions; as well as compare these functions.
  • Compatible with MathPrint.
  • Includes a USB cable.

Demonstration of one of the worlds first calculators.
Demonstration of one of the worlds first calculators. | Source

ti-Nspire with Touchpad

The next generation of Texas Instruments Calculators. More powerful. Sleeker. More advanced. The list of upgrades could go on about the Nspire; it's just that much better then other graphing calculators. It features a touch screen with operates as well as a computer mouse; and if that isn't good enough for you then you can actually use a computer mouse. The best thing about the ti-Nspire is that it comes with software that connects it with your computer; you can easily switch between the handheld device and the computer screen with a click of button. Homework has never been so portable.

  • Touch screen.
  • Software which makes your home computer a graphing calculator; switch between the two with ease.
  • Easily can add a ti84 keyboard if the touch screen isn't working for you.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Save and edit files.
  • 20 MB ram.
  • Download SAT questions.
  • Split screen four ways.

Texas Instruments Voyage 200

This is a Texas Instruments calculator which goes for more style than it does powerful computing. That's not say it can't graph like the best of them just that instead of extra features it looks cooler and is easier to use. If you ever used the ti92 plus you'll instantly recognize the voyage 200; it has a much larger display and features a QWERTY keyboard to easily input functions and other data.


  • Built in clock.
  • QWERTY keyboard.
  • 128 x 240 pixel display.
  • 188K Ram.
  • Has great organizational tools as well as an easy to use save function.


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      BenjaminB 7 years ago

      Awesome Hub about the leader in math technology Vanchen. I really enjoyed the way you set this Hub up from start to finish a great example of the right way to do a product hub! Rated up and definitely useful.