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The Advantages of Attending a Private Christian School

Updated on February 19, 2009

The Advantages of Attending a Private Christian School.

Some people may not see it, but there are numerous advantages to attending a private Christian school.

The Environment.

The environment is great. The campuses are generally smaller than a public school campus. This means less ground to cover between activities such as lunch, class, and baseball, football, or volleyball practice.

The Teachers.

The teachers actually get to share their faith in Jesus Christ with the students. In public schools, teachers are not allowed to mention Jesus in their lectures because it is against the law. Teachers are allowed to pray over their students whenever they want, giving the students encouragement.

The Students.

No, the students at Christian schools are not any different from the students at public school just because they go to a Christian school. However, the good values that the students learn by studying the Bible in classroom discussions have a very positive influence on their everyday lives.

The Traditions.

Yes, every school has traditions, large and small, but some traditions just mean a little bit more to the students. Small things like praying at the beginning and the end of a pep rally, or much bigger things like having chapel once a week with live worship music and a guest speaker, have great impacts on the students.

Hopefully if you are on the fence deciding if you should pay the tuition or not to go yourself or send your child to a private Christian school, you should do it. It is more than worth it.




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    • profile image

      Melody W. Joseph 7 years ago

      I was looking for a really good Christian school, not relying on them to teach my children christian values in which I am already doing, I want to get my children out of public schools for good. Basically I am having trouble with my sons being in the public schools I am trying to bring them up one way and establish christian values while the public school is doing the opposite. I never thought my children would have to be afraid to attend school because someone is using them as punching bags. I have 3 boys 5, 8, and 14 never been in trouble and now to attending public school and get bullied daily is not acceptable. I have talk to the principal, assistant principal, and teachers nothing has been done. I spoke to the board and he turn it back into the hands of the principal, who did not want to talk in the first place. I have not receive a call about these gang of boys that bullies my 14 year old and have two other sons that one day have to go through high school. What should I do, no good Christain schools in Mississippi. I just want to get my boys and run.

    • parkerk393 profile image

      parkerk393 8 years ago from Arlington, Texas

      I love going to my Christian school! And I've been at the same school since Pre-K. It's great.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      For 5 years I was taught by nuns and attended daily mass. LOVED it! My niece attended private Christian schools for some of her schooling and it was the best of influences and education.

    • parkerk393 profile image

      parkerk393 8 years ago from Arlington, Texas


    • Trisha's Artworks profile image

      Trisha's Artworks 8 years ago

      Ive been to a private christian school...really mom's a teacher there...after a long day teachers would gather in our social hall and worship God...really shocked about not mentioning the name of Jesus during hub...

    • einron profile image

      einron 8 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

      When I was young, I attended the Convent and later transferred to the Methodist Girls School. The Convent is more oriented towards religion than the Methodist School. There were no public schools at that time. God bless.

    • profile image

      Dallas Stars Fan 9 years ago

      Jesus is the man!!! love him!

    • johnb0127 profile image

      johnb0127 9 years ago from TX

      Good hub. I also attend a private christian school and you hit it dead on!