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The Beauty of Trash

Updated on July 11, 2011

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

Honoring Trash
Honoring Trash | Source

Mode of Cosmic Therapy Email O Gram Invitation: Connect the Debris (Sacred Stuff) MODE Of Cosmic Therapy

It’s easy to discard things; to cast them out without want or wander. It’s just as easy, if not more so, to accumulate clutter with little or no regard for the significance or shadow it bears. Have you ever once stopped to consider why you possess so much stuff?

 And, even more important, why after you've grown tired, weary, or simply disinterested in the object, you cast it aside without having contemplated or measured its proper relevance in your life. Think back, when did you acquire the thing? Under what circumstances? Why, on that particular day were you so captured by its radiance, peculiarity, or necessity?

Then, in a moment of decrease, decline, dismissal, you decided just as easily that it had no further value to you so you threw it away. When, why, how, and for what intent did it fall into the category of dishonor? How can anything come into your life so easily and then slip out so unstudied? Stuff just doesn’t appear in your life without a definite motivation on your part. Whether it be by your own hands or someone else, you are in some way connected to the stuff that shows up.

Consider for a moment, just what it is you are holding, possessing, accumulating (calling into your life). What Divine Reason brought it into your life? Yes…I did use the word Divine for ALL things are Divine in origin and make-up.

 We, as human beings, thoughtlessly and carelessly, tend to accumulate stuff without regard for its inner composition. In our incessant rush to grab and seize possession, we greedily ubiquitously randomly take charge of the trinkets of our present delirious desire. Numbed by the neurotic high of the custody of grasping too much stuff, we vacantly subdue our next victim. We say, “I want or need THAT!” But all too soon, the newness wears off and we shove it into the sidelines of our lives until one day we cast it out altogether.

We callously, disinterestedly, blindly remove it from our presence so that we may fill the space with some other ‘object of momentary adoration’ that won’t ever be properly honored, either. Am I advocating not ever getting rid of stuff? Absolutely not. That is totally impossible and unrealistic. IF we didn’t and don’t keep stuff moving in and out of our lives, we would and will be swallowed up its massive force of detritus acquisition.

What I am saying, however, is that we need to become more conscious of the stuff we accumulate instead of merely dazedly, trance-like purchasing stuff without pausing to reflect in what state of mind, mood or sexual need we are in. We must pause and determine the real motivation at work.

Do we really want, have a genuine need for the THING or are we so overclouded by a state of greed, inadequacy or boredom that we make compensation for other masked subconscious requests? Or, even more pertinent, are we so driven to satisfy some underlying nameless urge, {because we shut down its gentle promptings} that we overlook what’s really going on inside of us vying for our attention?

This subliminal impulse extends to the area of receiving gifts from others, as well. Think about this the next time you are in a position of ‘buying power’; before you retrieve an item of so-called pleasure, make certain that the function of its destination in your ‘sphere of occupancy’, will, in fact satisfy. We, as humans, are creatures who are consumed with the idea and need for pleasure. [Nothing wrong with that.] However, when you do reach your hands, heart, mind, and spirit to receive, by all means USE it, INTERACT with it, PAY HOMAGE to it; otherwise, leave it alone.

IF you are not willing to, at least, acknowledge it everyday, what do you have it for? All I’m asking you to do is to briefly ponder the specific intent behind its partnership with you. IF you have it in your possession, are you willing to invest yourself in it? Will you care for it, honor, respect, appreciate the intrinsic value it offers? If not, don’t purchase it. Do not accept the gift. Refuse to complicate or burden your life with unwanted, unnecessary debris that obviously has nothing to do with you or your existence.

 Do not throw yourself away by receiving into your midst an article of ‘casual indifference’.

Do not be infiltrated by objects that will simply remind you of how superficial, petty, vain, and disconnected you are. Be not surprised nor resistant to the all-too-consuming truth that the depth of caring you instill for the stuff in your life is a direct reflection of how slovenly, slothfully and disrespectfully you treat the people in your life, most especially your most revered relationships. There exists no distinction between the two, whether inorganic or organic, animate or inanimate.

No matter how much you want to protest or delude yourself into believing otherwise, the fact remains: gluttonous materialism compensates for failure to address raw intimacy, deep commitment and vested involvement issues. Avariciousness makes for a most unfavored guest and unwanted bed fellow. One who intrudes without regard for the destruction he brings. I can not stress this point enough, unless you are willing to devote time, effort, money, energy in the caring and up keep of your possessions, by a conscious devotedness to interact with them, then by all means bar entrance.

Cut them off at the pass! There is no doubt that stuff can and does add richness, depth, significance, and genuine beauty to our lives. But, ONLY if we value it. That goes for people, too! True value lies at its core and not on the surface. Its genuine worth is established, reflected and maintained by the inherent connection you initially made and presently keep with it. IF you have no connection, something is amiss.

Recognize the ‘hole’ in you which you refuse to admit exists. Stop blaming the stuff or other for not being able to fill you up: it/he/she is not supposed to. You must move beyond what attracted you in the beginning in order to welcome, appreciate, honor and receive the raw divinity encased in the other or object of your apparent affection.

Affable, amicable and enduring beauty and truth is orchestrated from within, never without. Cherished sacred splendor and magnanimous beauty can be realized even in TRASH but you must be willing and able to see yourself reflected in it. A natural innate pulsating rhythm resides in the most mundane of objects. Inexplicable passion spills out of the PLAIN AND ORDINARY.

Yes, there is a gyrating dance entwined in every piece of trash. The clutter which fills your house sings songs of untold bliss IF you are of a mind and heart to hear them. Honor the dirt in your lives (on your knees). Fold your hands and bow your heads in reverence. Do not reject the debris which holds for you such miraculous possibilities. It’s the little things that make all the difference. Take for example: your favorite pair of shoes or worn out hair brush.

 How beautiful are these particular things to you? Is not the exquisite beauty you enjoy based solely upon the connection you each share? Are not the insufferable aesthetics found therein built upon these ‘sacred entity of art’ principles? It’s not merely what’s pleasing to the eye or appetite, but what endures and remains to the end alone that saves. Music clings to and exudes this same mysterious quality. Life is all about raw intimacy!

A passionate closeness developed through the intercourse during and after you acquire stuff. This ‘Stuff’resonates as our most beloved teachers who have graciously taken up abode with us to teach, guide, direct, and show us something vital about ourselves. {Something we have overlooked or are not embracing.} Can we, in all humaneness shut out their pertinent messages? Oftentimes, people are far too busy to regard the so-called trash in their lives, whether it be attributed to people or things.

But, I dare say it is in what is perceived as ugly, hard, difficult, misunderstood, despised, hurtful, friction filled, and tumultuous relating that true growth is discovered and assimilated. {That is IF they (the relationships imbued) are not discarded improperly and hastily.}Most people don’t like to admit they simply WANT to get things without investing the work that goes along with keeping them. And, yes IT does require work. Work is summed up in the much too easily evaded term: INVOLVEMENT.

Bottom line: Are you willing to invest and involve yourself with the stuff in your life? Will you dedicate a portion of your energy to the acknowledging of the importance and relevance of someone or something that you have obviously neglected? Yes or NO. It’s that simple. We need to come to terms with our own escapist tendencies when it involves showing us our innermost abandoned affection.

We need to cherish the stuff we invite into our habitat. “They” need and demand our attention and love! When is the last time you stroked and shined your coffee cup who so supportably warms and nourishes or caressed the pen who allows you to sign your checks and express your ideas?

Remember: that stuff deserves your time, acknowledgement by a smile, nod, and gesture or at the very least a passing thought of ‘thank you’ in respect for its presence. When we deliberately choose to ignore stuff, they have a way of turning poisonous; deadly. What we don’t fully appreciate will deteriorate and detonate causing all sorts of far-reaching problems and anxieties.

Why ignite such combustible havoc unnecessarily? Learn to truly love and devote yourself to the stuff, accumulated debris, trash, and cantankerous people as your most loyal and devoted companions. FRIENDS TO THE END. And, should the day of removal ever arrive, let it unfold in a prayerful meditative state of mind.

Be thankful of its stay, no matter how brief or long. Release the stuff by sending it on its way to its next destination and journey of wonderment to continue to share its effervescent light of truth.

This release may involve a trip to your local Good Will Center or Salvation Army Thrift Store. {Remember a general law of physics: nothing is ever lost; it simply changes form.} I am not merely referring to large or small objects, plants, animals, or people but even to the seemingly insignificant wrapper of your candy or burger you so carelessly and thoughtlessly discard.

Next time, do so with complete abiding reverent gratitude.


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