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The California Oil Spill, Climate Change & The California Drought

Updated on May 27, 2015

Santa Barbara Oil Spill

Jeb Bush-The Spoiled Climate Change Denier

The California Oil Disaster Exposes Climate Change

Jeb Bush, the wannabe aire to the throne of the United States of America, recently made comments about Climate Change Advocates being 'arrogant'. This 'arrogant' classification is coming from a man that has softer hands than Hollywood Actress Rose McGowan!

Jeb Bush has never really had to deal with the effects of climate change from his Ivory Tower Bush Estates, which now span from Maine, down into Florida & Texas and even further down into acres upon acres of protected land in South America. When you have enough of (CIA) daddy and grand daddy's money, to simply take a private jet to another estate, when the sea level rises, then of course Climate Change isn't a real concern.

But tell that to all of the people in Louisiana, lower South Eastern Texas and most recently the North Eastern U.S., which was devastated by flood waters from Hurricane Sandy.

Al Gore recently released a 'sustainable capitalism' report on Twitter by Genfound.Org that laid out a plan to have a more sustainable way of life on planet Earth. As I read this report, I once again noticed that it sounded very good on paper, to talk about diversity of energy use and corporate investment, but there really wasn't much about types of energy production aka the report lacked an address and taking on, of major polluting corporations like Big Oil & Big Coal.

(report on sustainable capitalism)

The C.I.A. recently ended its climate change research program, as it relates to how climate change instigates conflicts and terrorism around the globe. This program, from what I gathered, was ended because the Climate Change Community, United Nations and Western Governments simply have an inability to articulate the data nor does the United Nations have the will to implement a more robust and sustainable agenda.

Trying to get one of these stuffy shirt 'Climate Change Scientist' to understand data about global conflict and the effects that climate change has on National Security, is like trying to get Hillary Clinton or Condi Rice to give back the 300-600 million dollars in jewels, which they both got from the Mid-East Muslims. It just aint gonna happen.!

The United Nations has become a global organization of paid off, paper pushing, press released, twitter campaign having babies; that simply has grown very comfortable in deflecting from Climate Change devastation by busying people with either Israel/Palestine conflicts or girl's education. We can argue and debate all day about who is and who is not doing enough to educate girls and the so called "injustice" by Israel but if Climate Change isn't addressed, in a real manner, there will not be a world, where humans can get online and hold annoying armchair campaignes over twitter. There will not be a world that is habitable.

Santa Barbara, Ca is a victim of Plains All America Pipeline and its the second or third major oil spill around that area; with a few other spills tossed in for good toxic crude oil flavor. The oil slick has soiled beaches, caused evacuations and has drifted at least ten miles out to sea and started moving towards the south via the Pacific Ocean.

There is simply no way to clean this oil up. There is no way to get this oil feces off of the beach and toxic crude oil urine from out of the Pacific Ocean. Already, like during the B.P. Oil Disaster, there are mammals and other marine life' washing up dead on the beach & this executive of Plains All America Pipeline, Armstrong, is simply on t.v. putting on a show; knowing that his pipeline fell short of safety standards.

The Invisible cost of oil disasters, is the release of chemicals that get mixed in with these climate change causing fossil fuels, which will start causing droughts, CO2 releases & abnormal growth in human and marine life.

This Plains All America Oil Pipeline has had over 176 violations since 2006 and there were two violation that were documented a month prior to this major toxic oil rupture in Santa Barbara, Ca.

California has basically become Louisiana State. There are just as many oil spills, pipeline ruptures, refinery fires, toxic releases of CO2 gas and in the case of California, there is actually more fracking in this state than in Louisiana.

Notice that these usually 'preachy' California Politicians are mysteriously silent on this oil disaster issue in Santa Barbara, Ca. It took the Governor, Jerry Brown, nearly 2 days to declare a state of emergency. Talking drought and water conservation is one thing but taking on polluting, climate change causing oil companies, that are repeat offenders, like Plains All America Oil Pipeline, is usualy not included in this state's environmental discussions.

California State is already under a severe drought. The rain season, since I lived in California, is usually around January but I simply can not recall the last time that California actually had a rain season. The Climate Change created drought is 100% caused by human and corporate activities in the state of California.

While some people are being told to take shorter showers, there is simply no accountability being applied to corporations that pollute and fracking companies that use large amounts of water.

In fact, it isn't just a social justice discrepancy at the top level but even on the 'street level' we see home owners in the Compton area of South Central Los Angeles being told to redo their lawns through a subsidy program (which is a good thing) but places like Beverly Hills, Ca are simply not required to limit their lawn water consumption.

Large lawns in Beverly Hills use more water, on their grass, (which isn't natural to California) than three entire families living in a single family home in Compton. So, even at the local level of the environmental agenda, we see the rich being allowed to hog up resources, while the poor and working poor suffer the consequences.

The real climate change fighters are the average people, that have pushed local governments and municipalities to implement more green energy subsidized programs. This is really the only tangiable thing; that one can actually see working in California State, as it relates to Climate Change Action.

The public is doing its part but we can not make oil/gas companies follow safety standards. We can not do a Native American Dance and bring rain to conflict areas of Africa or Asia. We can not toss chicken bones and make Big Oil & Big Coal stop releasing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and we simply can not tackle climate change by standing on the streets. We need governments (global. federal and state) to extend subsidy programs, enforce the existing safety standards for Big Oil and Big Coal and most importantly; we need to expand subsidies for sustainable programs that deal with solar implementation, drought resistant lawns, making sure that corporations are paying their Carbon taxes and then we need a global agency that can install the sustainable agenda from a Top Level down to the people of planet Earth.


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