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The Colony - Could You Survive?

Updated on December 16, 2016

The mid-season break between the first and second halves of season two of The Walking Dead is sheer torture. I cannot wait for the next episode! While looking for similar shows to watch during the zombie-free weeks, I stumbled upon The Colony. This social experiment is Discovery Channel's answer to other network reality television shows like Survivor and Big Brother. I became hooked before the end of the first episode.

Filmed in Los Angelas, California, the first series followed ten strangers as they fought to survive after in a post-apocalyptic situation. With resources like food, drinking water, medical supplies, and other basic necessities quickly depleting, the group must work together to create a self-sustainable living environment. They found a way to generate electricity, rig up a working shower, and purify river water for drinking. Unfortunately, the survivors must endure setbacks from local marauders. For instance, even though everyone rejoiced at the thought of a blissfully private shower for the first time in weeks, the group quickly began pointing fingers at one another for failing to beef up security when intruders broke through an unsecured gate leading into their living area. They create an escape vehicle from an old truck and during the last episode get out just as a gang of marauders make a final attack on their living quarters.

The second series saw a group of ten different people with skillsets similar to the first group, including people with careers in things like construction, auto repair, and medicine. This band of survivors worked to survive in the area of Chalmette, Lousiana after a viral outbreak. Like the first season group, they also rig up a shower and electricity, but they increase their chance at surviving by using things like a root cellar and a food smoker to increase the shelf life of foods that would otherwise quickly perish. This group faces attack from a local militia group, and in the final episode they escape via boat into the bayou. Sadly, they sail to a fishing camp where a different militia group awaits. We never find out what fate befalls this ragtag band of survivors.

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead and like me, cannot wait for the next episode, then I highly suggest checking out The Colony. Netflix members can watch both seasons for free! I'd love to hear your comments about either The Colony or The Walking Dead. Thanks for reading!


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  • catalystsnstars profile image

    catalystsnstars 5 years ago from Land of Nod

    I did watch the entire first season of The Colony and I found it invigorating. Great eye-opener too. I haven't caught the second season but I'd like to. nice hub.