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The Disinformation of Biology

Updated on July 12, 2015
somethgblue profile image

Having researched disinformation tactics for the last five years, I am now publishing a series of articles on the subject.

Keeping humanity ignorant of their own biological vessels in order to make money and enslave them to the Wealth Care System goes way beyond disinformation but is criminal, unethical and immoral.
Keeping humanity ignorant of their own biological vessels in order to make money and enslave them to the Wealth Care System goes way beyond disinformation but is criminal, unethical and immoral. | Source

Nephelim Are Our Ancestors?

Many ancient legends, myths and stories surround the claim that our ancient ancestors were giants. In the book The Pleadian Mission by Randolph Winters, he claims that the first colonists of Earth (22 million years ago) were an ancient race of humans that stood twenty-five feet tall, having evolved on a planet that was significantly larger than Earth. Over the duration of living on our planet their size shrank considerable due to the environment, gravity and food to half that size (12 feet).

During the building of America in the early 1800s over 4,000 skeletal remains of large humanoids (8 to 12 feet in length) were unearthed by early colonists and pioneers, while building roads and bridges, clearing fields for farming and building houses. These skeletal remains were confiscated by the Smithsonian Institute for the purpose of being displayed at a later date but a recent law suit has exposed that many of these remains were destroyed.

This is known as the Great Smithsonian Cover-Up but shows how The Powers That Be have known the truth of our origins for centuries perhaps even thousands of years and have censored this information from our education system. An article by World New Daily Report entitled SMITHSONIAN ADMITS TO DESTRUCTION OF THOUSANDS OF GIANT HUMAN SKELETONS IN EARLY 1900′S details this cover-up, the lawsuit that exposed it and information by the American Institution of Alternative Archeology (AIAA).

However an incredibly well researched book that has literally hundreds of old newspaper clippings from early American Newspapers, describes this massive cover-up by the Smithsonian and exposes the censorship in great detail. In this book The Ancient Giants That Ruled America (2014) by Richard J. Dewhurst, he shows just how deep this cover-up goes and how the censorship of this knowledge has altered world and American history. The theory of the Asian migration pattern, from Siberia over the Bering Straight through Alaska and into North America, of populating the America's (North and South) is hogwash created to keep the American and World public ignorant of our true origins.


The Disinformation of Biology will shed some light on topics that many of us may not have ever considered before and hopefully get the reader to think about why so much information that pertains to our health has been kept a secret for so long.

The recent article in the Daily Mail, Humans do NOT come from Earth – and sunburn, bad backs and pain during labour prove it, written by Sarah Griffiths (14 November 2013) based on the book Humans are not from Earth by Dr. Ellis Silver, an U.S. Ecologists, outlines the many physiological features for why he thinks humans did not evolve originally on this planet.

While this theory is by no means a original idea, as many science fiction books, revisionist historians, authors and researchers such as Lloyd Pie in his ground breaking book Everything You Know Is Wrong and Robert Temple's The Sirius Mystery explain in great detail, this approach by Dr. Ellis Silver uses common ailments and physiology to make his point.

‘My thesis proposes that mankind did not evolve from that particular strain of life, but evolved elsewhere and was transported to Earth (as fully evolved Homo sapiens) between 60,000 and 200,000 years ago,’ he says.

Having not read his book, I can't go into too much detail why I disagree with this particular theory and I'm not opposed to the general concept but just how and when we arrived from another planet. I mention this article to make the reader aware that this theory has been gaining momentum among scientific researchers, writers and astrologists for many years.

What I propose and will show in this article is that we are the descendants of colonists that originally arrived on Earth 22 million years ago and have left and come back numerous times. That Earth wasn't colonized by just one race of Aliens but by as many as six and possibly quite a bit more. I will outline in this article The Disinformation of Biology a great experiment carried out by sentient beings much like us whom job it is to populate inhabitable planets, directed by a Council of Worlds or a Company of Heaven if you prefer, that act as the Administrators of this Experiment.

Three books of very different origins have this same basic premise, that a group of Aliens fleeing their home world from a devastating war, found that Earth had a similar atmosphere and environment and was habitable. This group, known as the Lyrians and other names, first arrived on our planet seeking a place to hide, after retreating across the Galaxy.

The Terra Papers, by Robert Morning Sky, unpublished but can be found on Scrbd.

Alien Interview, Based on Personal Notes and Interview Transcripts Provided by: Maltilda O'Donnell Mac Elroy, edited and supplemental footnotes by: Lawrence R. Spencer.

The Pleidian Mission, by Randolph Winters

These three books all share the same basic thread, weaving a story of continuous warfare, genetic experiments with the then very primitive indigenous human life (which lead to the creation of apes, more on that later) and a struggle to simply survive on a new hostile world.

These blue-eyed, blond, white-skinned (Aryan) Aliens endured the hardship of adjusting and evolving on a foreign Alien world, in which the Sun alone could kill them from prolonged exposure, not to mention many foods and diseases developed from new bacteria their systems were not immune too.

Giant Femur

This famous photograph is showing a large human femur is similar to an almost identical femur used as evidence in the Smithsonian Cover-Up lawsuit heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.
This famous photograph is showing a large human femur is similar to an almost identical femur used as evidence in the Smithsonian Cover-Up lawsuit heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. | Source


According to my research apes are a genetic mutation derived from experiments involving the DNA splicing of Neanderthal Man and monkey's and are not a natural evolved species of Earth. This would account for their lack of tails, similar human DNA and the natural hypothesis that we evolve from them in the ancient past.

The Disinformation Of Biology prevalent in our education system attempts to create the impression that we are their descendants, without ever having provided a 'missing link' to substantiate this theory.

The many different Alien colonists of Earth, using their advanced medical and scientific technology manipulated and mutated Neanderthal Man to suit their purpose of creating a slave race. This mutation process forever altered humanities evolutionary process and is one of the main reasons, there is so much disharmony, unbalanced emotions and various stages of evolution between the races.

Apes were an experiment gone wrong, that instead of being terminated, were simply discarded and left to fend for themselves. There have been many such biological experiments over the millions of years of Earth and many of these are found in ancient myths and legends of Griffins, Centaurs, Hydras, Chimera and Harpy.

Consider Our Physiology

When one considers the basic premise of the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, that modern humanity developed and evolved on this planet after branching off from a much more primitive man, we find ourselves asking some very important questions.

These questions stem around the premise that we as a species are ill-suited for our own environment. Let's consider for a moment some of these more profound questions before moving on.

  • How is it that an evolved species originating on this planet cannot survive our own Sun without clothing or shelter? Every animal on this planet can spend the entire day in the Sun without being sunburn and yet the human race would be scorched to death and suffer severe sunburn from prolonged exposure.

  • How is it that, almost every species on this planet, either has fur, scales or tough hide to protect them from the environment or the Sun and yet humans do not?

  • How is it that the weather alone, not too mention the extreme temperatures between night and day, can kill us? If we do not have clothing or shelter we cannot survive many of the environments of the planet we evolved on?

  • Every animal, except for the ape, one our closest relatives, has a tail, why do we not? Although we begin with a tail in the womb, before we are even born this feature is eliminated. This is a profound difference that defies explanation.

  • If we as a species truly evolved from the primitive primordial ooze of basic bacteria that dominated this planet for billions of years, why is it that our immune systems are not protected from this same bacteria?

  • Before we developed the brain capacity to outwit our animal enemies, how did we defend ourselves from them? We are not particularly faster, stronger or more agile than any of the many predators on this planet, so how is it that we survived long enough to grow a brain capable of out-thinking our adversaries?

  • If we are primarily meat-eaters as we have been taught to accept as the truth, how did we catch and kill our prey, before we invented weapons to allow us to hunt game 30,000 years ago?

  • How come our basic physiology is so ill-suited for the gravity of our planet of origin? Why do most of us endure chronic back pain, joint fatigue and allergies when we are exposed to prolonged periods in the wilderness.

  • Why is it that we do not even instinctively know which plants to eat, how to find them and which ones to avoid?

  • Why is it that child birth is so potentially life threatening and painful to human mothers, when other species can endure this natural act without undue pain or hardship?

  • Why do new born human infants require years to develop, when almost every other animal on this planet newborn's are ready to survive within hours?

  • Why do humans have such poor night vision when even the most basic life forms on this planet can see far better than we do or have developed other senses for dealing with limited light?

It would almost seem like humanity has devolved from our primitive ancestors, if we are to accept the premise outlined in the Origin Of Species or The Disinformation of Biology that is taught in our education system.

Neanderthal Man, which according to what we are taught in school is one of our ancestors, is far stronger than Cro-Magnon Man or modern humans, was better suited for walking vast distances and had a skeletal structure better suited for the gravity of this planet.

Neanderthal Man also developed a breathing capacity to allow it to inhabit cold high altitude terrain, has course thick hair all over its body that prevents it from freezing in cold climates while preventing sunburn in regions with less cover.

Neanderthal Man is a vegetarian which allows it to graze on the many natural abundant fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries this planet has to offer. This original species has no need for fires, so is able to sleep in the open or in natural shelters. It has no natural enemies as its immense strength equals that of a Gorilla.

Considering all of this information about one of our primitive ancestors, why is that modern humans or Cro-Magnon Man discarded all of these attributes, that allows Neanderthal Man to flourish and survive in the very hostile environment of Earth, for the natural selection of evolution and become a far inferior version of itself?

Is The Sun Evolving?

This photo taken June 30, 2015, without a filter shows a neon pink sun setting in the Northwest. I have taken over 5,000 photos of the Sun in the last five years and have never capture an image of it before or since that looked like this.
This photo taken June 30, 2015, without a filter shows a neon pink sun setting in the Northwest. I have taken over 5,000 photos of the Sun in the last five years and have never capture an image of it before or since that looked like this. | Source

Allergic To The Sun

A recent story on shows that some people are severely allergic to sunlight. The story entitled 11-Year-Old Girl 'Allergic' to Sunlight, shows how this girl could not even be in sunlight for twenty minutes without suffering from severe burns.

She was eventually diagnosed with a rare condition called Erythropoietic Protoporphyria or EPP. While this maybe a rare case, it does show that our species (humans) is far more sensitive to the Sun than we should be if we evolved on this planet as our historians, theologists and education system would have us accept.

Colonization vs Evolution

There are two major ideas I would like you to consider here pertaining to the biology of humans on this planet. Any Alien colonists that originated on another planet and made Earth their home would be confronted with some natural obstacles of biology they would be required to overcome.

Perhaps the most important of these obstacles would be the Sun but also just as important would be adapting to the Earth's micro-organisms in the food they ate. The Sun gives life to our planet and every species of animal has adapted to either an abundance of it or lack of it. However the current sentient species (humans) cannot survive long from long term exposure to it or without it, unless they have adequate clothing or shelter.

For the most part humanity has adapted to the food on this planet but there are thousands of plants, insects, reptiles and animals that can kill us merely by eating them, let alone being bitten, scratched, stung or even coming into contact with them. Alien colonists would have these very same obstacles to overcome and all the micro-organisms their immune system would have to fight.

The most logical way of dealing with this if you really wanted to stay and make Earth your home would be to begin interbreeding with the natural inhabitants that already are immune to these 'obstacles'.

Now let's consider the possibility that you are an Alien race that is marooned here with no way of repairing your ship and returning home but with every intention of doing so. You would be reluctant colonist's with a purpose of not only surviving but eventually creating the necessary technology to return home.

How would you survive and also retain your history and purpose generation after generation?

Especially after it became necessary, to ensure survival, would require interbreeding with the indigenous inhabitants and adapting some of their culture and habits. As each generation adapted and made Earth home the drive and desire to create technology required for space flight might wane.

But let's just say for argument sake this Alien society maintains its original purpose and after a couple thousands years, perhaps 75 generations, the necessary technology is made and space flight is again possible but only a limited amount of beings can make the return journey home.

A small group leaves promising to return with help but never does. Or this same group leaves and comes back hundreds of years later, only to find no one remembers them and their original society has been completely absorbed into the human Earth population, what to do?

Let's call this group that left a breakaway part of our history, a group of humans or perhaps hybrids that left after obtaining the technology capable for them to do so. Consider if throughout the millions of years of human history on this planet, this concept has repeated itself many times. Also consider that other Aliens races colonizing our planet at different times would lead to the reason their are so many distinct races on this planet.

Evolutionists would have us accept the premise that we all originated from one source of humanity and that our environmental conditions is what has lead to the distinctions between the Oriental race, Black race, White Race, Aboriginal race, the Indian race, the Arab race and perhaps even a race we don't know about . . . yet. According to my research the six different races on this planet all originated from various star systems, the Pleiades, Hyades, Orion, Vega and Sirius. The Oriental race are colonists from an unidentified star system.

However my theory of multiple colonizations of this planet and The Disinformation Of Biology would explain the melting pot of different races that inhabitant our planet currently and that all suffer from the same difficulties with the Sun, food, diseases and different stages of evolution both spiritual and physical.

Surely, if indeed we are all from the same stock of humanity, we wouldn't have the wide variety of differences inherent in each race. Let's think about this for a moment, how does living in one part of the world alter a humans physical features, spiritual orientation, intellect and culture to such a high degree that is prevalent on our planet?

The Biology of Belief

Biology of Belief

Consider for a moment the power of positive thinking, the power of prayer or the power of our will, then consider how this relates to health related matters and issues. In the popular book The Secret the author explores the Law of Attraction and how using mental exercises can actually create your desired design for life.

What is amazing and confounding to most people is that this system or program of positive thinking actually works. Once you have proven, to yourself, that this concept actually works how much of a stretch is it then to use it to affect and program your physical body?

Our Health Care System is predicated on convincing its patients that they trust their doctors to diagnose their symptoms and prescribe affective treatments and cures. Let's consider what is involved, you go to the doctor and tell them what is ailing you. Based on observation, your own description of the symptoms and various tests, the doctor diagnoses an existing disease or injury that may be causing your distress. Depending on the diagnosis you are prescribed a treatment, not a cure mind you, a treatment that may or may not lead to a cure.

Most often this treatment involves buying an expensive prescribed medication in the form of miracle pills that will mask the symptoms, block the pain and take over or enhance your own immune system. You are of course charged for your visit and told that keeping a positive mental attitude is paramount to recovery, in other words if you accept the veracity of the treatment it will work.

Now consider for a moment that almost every pharmaceutical medication is based on a plant, bacteria or virus, etc. that grows on our planet and one begins to wonder if these expensive medications couldn't just be taken in a more natural form . . . if one had the knowledge. Since no one really knows, besides the manufacturer of these pharmaceutical medications what is actually in these 'miracle pills' this might lead one to consider that perhaps the belief or trust that these pills will work are actually the catalyst for making them work.

Which leads us back in a full circle to the power of positive thinking, considering almost anything you don't know can be found at your fingertips on the internet. Would it not behoove you to make your own diagnosis, find a natural treatment and then convince yourself it is going to work . . . at the very least if all else fails, you can always then go to a doctor and let him charge you to tell you what you already know . . . your sick.

Did you know the third leading cause of death behind cancer and heart disease is misdiagnosis and wrongfully prescribed medications by your doctor. This is one fact that doesn't get talked about, advertised or published in medical journals but is an indisputable fact of our Health Care System.

The third leading cause of death in America is going to the hospital contracting an illness or getting misdiagnosed and prescribed a medication that is fatal.

The Disinformation of Biology is designed to prevent the average human from recognizing that the majority of the most common ailments are actually easily treatable at home using a wide variety of known cures, not treatments CURES!


The Disinformation Of Biology has prevented mankind from recognizing our true origins and history.
The Disinformation Of Biology has prevented mankind from recognizing our true origins and history. | Source

Current Vaccination News

The State of California vaccination program, which currently made the news, by passing a law making all vaccinations of public or private school children mandatory and enforceable was signed by its current Governor and has created quite the social controversy.

Many notable public figures such as the mega-rich Jim Carey and health care professionals have decried this law and compared it to Nazi Fascism. Considering California is known as one the most liberal States in America, this draconian measure seems on the surface to be contrary to its reputation.

However what if it was designed not so much to be enforced but to create disinformation and controversy with the ultimate goal of moving the State one step closer to Martial Law. Considering the recent mandatory water restrictions, that are being strictly enforced by the police and other State run agencies, could this new law be just a political maneuver to create a scenario to encourage instituting Martial Law?

Considering the recent Jade Helm exercises involving such states as California it would seem to this author that mandatory vaccination laws may just be another part by the Cabal or Powers That Be plan to sow fear and disharmony in our society.

The True Purpose of Vaccines

It has come to my attention, in my ongoing research into topics pertaining to disinformation and in particular The Disinformation of Biology, that the World Health Organization's (WHO) world wide program to introduce vaccines after World War II, was in fact a way to implement a program designed to block humanities ability to grow intellectually and spiritually.

Consider for a moment an idea, that on the surface appears to benefit all of mankind by providing, all countries, not just the richer ones but the third world ones as well, a program to immunize their citizens against infectious diseases and potential plagues.

What country wouldn't jump on board?

The World Wide Vaccination program that began shortly after WW II, has been shrouded in controversy since its inception, as many rumors, disinformation and misinformation have questioned whether it is doing more harm than good.

I submit to my readers and can lead you to articles through links, that support this idea, that in fact the World Wide Vaccination program was a way for the Powers That Be to introduce a bio-chip implant directly into the body, of generation after generation of unsuspecting humans.

This microscopic, nano particle, bio-chip implant acts as a spiritual and intellectually inhibitor preventing humanity from making intuitive advancements in the form intellectual ideas, concepts and information, while also blocking our ability to making a conscious spiritual connection to Source/God/Creator of All.

It works by emitting a frequency that blocks certain receptors in our brain that allow us to perceive new information, limit cognitive functions and prevents us from intuitively recognizing the spiritual truth of our existence.

When considering how humanity as whole has been limited in its ability to grow spiritually, ethically, morally and intellectually in the last 75 years (at least 3 generations), while gaining a high degree of technical sophistication in the form of computers and electronic inventions, it goes a long way to explaining why.

I submit to my readers that this is Alien technology used as a means to control and support the Matrix of Illusion that humanity suffers from is one of just many ways in which the Illuminati implements its mind control and disinformation campaigns.

However because this implant works by blocking the connection between chakras, it can be hacked into and bypassed using a meditative application of mind over matter. There is information at the website Recreating Balance that can help you to learn meditative practices that can undo the damage done by this bio-chip implant. It is important to note that the Council of Worlds and light workers here on Earth have already used technology to remove this implant from humans but some residual affects may still be present.

War Of Souls

The ultimate prize of the War between the Council Of Worlds and the Illuminati is for the freedom of humanities souls.
The ultimate prize of the War between the Council Of Worlds and the Illuminati is for the freedom of humanities souls. | Source

Dr. Joel D. Wallach & Dr. Ma Lan


I propose to my readers that such mandatory vaccination laws, coupled with The Disinformation Of Biology are in fact the Cabal's last ditch efforts to prevent the human race from achieving spiritual Ascension.

That our Education and Health Care Systems has been purposely sabotaged for at least the last 100 years to prevent humanity from naturally Ascending to the next stage of human evolution. That there is currently a war over our souls on this planet that the majority of humanity isn't even aware of, that is being fought between the Council of Worlds or Company of Heaven and the Illuminati.

In the book Dead Doctors Don't Lie (which I highly recommend you buy), it is shown through a great deal of research how many of the diseases that afflict mankind aren't even real but the ones that are can be treated and cured naturally from just food.

Beyond The Disinformation Of Biology we need to recognize how censoring the history of our true origins has prevented humanity from realizing our true potential and lead us to accept a paradigm of ignorance. Not only are we not alone in the Universe but our ancestors are from many different star systems and are willing to help us if we learn how to awaken and explore knowledge that has been hidden.

When considering the experimental colonization theory of human existence, books such as The Keepers of the Garden by Dolores Cannon derived from her hypnotic regression therapy treatments and exploring past human incarnations become much more acceptable.

Consider the implications behind this censorship and you will recognize why it has been done and what purpose The Disinformation of Biology serves to prevent us from learning the truth. The stakes are incredibly high, when you consider our very souls are the prize in this War of Disinformation.

Colonization vs Evolution

How receptive are you to the idea that the human race was initially an experimental colony?

See results

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