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Top Ten New Age Books For Truth Seekers, 6 Thru 10

Updated on April 22, 2015
Learning that everything you have ever been taught from childhood to an adult is wrong can be a disturbing experience, learning it was done on purpose can provide clarity.
Learning that everything you have ever been taught from childhood to an adult is wrong can be a disturbing experience, learning it was done on purpose can provide clarity. | Source

Criteria and Considerations

This article Top Ten New Age Books For Truth Seekers, 6 thru 10, I will endeavor to present the reader with a selection that at least equals the first five in terms of unconventional thinking, abstract ideas and intellectual integrity. I can think of at least a dozen books I would like to include, so the true challenge of this article will be which ones to leave out.

Quite possibly the hardest thing about writing for yourself is editing your own content. When compiling a Top Ten list this exercise becomes even more challenging after you have already published the first five. In keeping with my already established criteria and considerations for those first five and to maintain some cohesiveness with the first article, I feel that I must include a diverse selection in an already diverse field.

Many of my favorite New Age books, such as The Infinite Harmony that proposes God sang the Universe into existence, Etidorhpa (Aphrodite spelled backwards, a tale of Hollow Earth) and the Terra Papers by Robert Morning Sky will not make the cut, due to their specialization and the conditions I set for myself in the first article, Top Ten New Age Books For Truth Seekers, 1 thru 5.

My motivation for compiling this list for my readers is to inspire them into reading, contemplating and exploring a field of enlightenment that transcends our conventional education and prepares them for the New Golden Age of Mankind. The courage and dedication New Age authors find to place their ego's aside and reputations in the hands of the public is awe-inspiring to this writer, I applaud their fortitude.

Lloyd Pye

Mr. Pye's background included military intelligence and after the service he became a writer. What needs to be pointed out is that the subtitled to his book Everything You Know Is Wrong was Book One: Human Origins. What this means is that he intended to write more books on this particular subject and if the revelations in Book One were any indication of what was coming in his following books, then their may be something to the rumors and conspiracy theories that his cancer was not at all natural.

His conclusions in this book alone reveal a clear and precise censorship of our true origins and makes a strong case that the Evolution Theory was created to cover up a dark secret about our past. The revelation that we are not the true natives of this planet is startling to say the very least.

He pokes holes in both The Origins Of Species by Darwin and the Genesis sections of the Bible while remaining neutral to both arguments. His unique insights lead the reader through a series of clues, extrapolations and innuendo that make clear he favors neither.

# 6 Everything You Know Is Wrong

Everything You Know Is Wrong by Lloyd Pye, (1997), Is one of those books that right away, just with the title alone, challenges the reader to find the flaws, errors and mistakes inherent in writing books that require exhausting research. Lloyd Pye reveals some startling information, facts and science conveniently left out of Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species.

Entering into a debate between Creationists and Darwinists always provides plenty of fuel to the intellectual fire however in this book Everything You Know Is Wrong, Lloyd Pye casts both theories aside for his own unique take on the origins of mankind. This book is not for the weak of heart and timid of mind and proposes a whole new theory that is quite literally a game changer. Using Zecharia Zitchins already established theory of human origins in relationship to the Annunaki in his Earth Chronicles series, Pye adds his own insightful twist to the story.

Without coming right out and saying it he uses sciences' own fact finding format to build a case that the Cambrian Explosion was no accident of evolution and may very well have been a genetic experiment designed at the very least by a higher intelligence and quite possible a race of Cosmic Gardeners. Pointing out that the real missing link wasn't of a humanoid nature but in reality was the lack of fossil evidence showing a transition from simple cell bacteria that existed for 4 billion years here on Earth to advanced complex animals with 26 distinct phyla (body designs) around 530 million years ago.

He then painstakingly shows examples through fossil records of how these animals progressed from 530,000,000 years ago up to the present day with no major changes in phyla, throwing a large monkey wrench into the Darwinism group that espouses gradualism as their theoretical foundation for evolution. However by the end of Part II (The Fossil Record), he has shown that the only humanoid species on the planet is Neanderthal Man.

Of course this raises the question of how and when did Cro-Magnon Man or to be more precise modern humans arrive on the scene?

He infers that Neanderthal Man (the only native humanoids on the planet) may have been the true main emphasis for the genetic experiment by the Cosmic Gardeners and that another alien species may have interfered with this program when they landed on our planet 400,000 years ago in search of precious minerals. Since Cosmic Law prohibits outside alien beings from interfering with indigenous species and their intentions were only for mining purposes this group (the Annunaki) were allowed to stay.

However the main thesis for his book is the human origin story which he borrows from Zitchin's The 12th Planet and the Sumerian origin story called the Epic Of Creation and elaborates on both.

How his theory differs from Zitchin's is that the Annunaki used Neanderthal Man to make higher intelligent clones that could be used to work in the mines but when demand for their services grew to great for their production capabilities, they broke Cosmic Law, introduced their own genetic material into the clones allowing them to become fertile, more intelligent and reproduce, of course the rest is is our his story.

He concludes that Neanderthal Man was and is the true native to this planet, that they didn't go extinct but merely moved into regions of the Earth that their weaker cousins (Cro-Magnon Man) could not follow, such as higher, colder mountainous terrain.


Lloyd Pye Video

# 7 The Ancient Secret Of The Flower Of Life, Vol.1

The Ancient Secret Of The Flower Of Life vol.1 & vol.2 by Drunvalo Melchizedek, (1990), Provides the reader with a wide variety of evidence that our ancient ancestors were far more knowledgeable in the fields of astronomy, mathematics, spiritualism and the natural laws of the Universe than we give them credit for. By opening windows to the past, Drunvalo lets the fresh air of discovery into the gateway of our present day lives and opens the door for mankind to create a new way to think about our future.

Using photographs, graphs and illustrations he simplifies the complex nature of such subjects as sacred geometry, astronomy and mathematics. He uses scientific evidence, a concept many of us subscribe to justify our existence, to show how the human race arrived here in the physical world. His purpose for writing this book is to allow the readers to gain the knowledge necessary to open new pathways of consciousness and balance the left brain (analytical) with the right brain (creative) into accepting the concept of Oneness, what David Wilcock refers to as the Source Field.

His main emphasis is to provide enough spiritual and scientific evidence for the majority of his readers to embrace the concept of balance as a means of opening our long dormant Pineal Gland and allow our Prana (life-force energy) to enter our physical body to activate our Mer-Ka-Ba.

He had been channeling information for most of his adult life from entities he calls Angels and in 1985 they convinced him that when one is given 'spiritual knowledge' it is their duty to share this information with the world. They said that this edict was one of the primary laws of creation and that it was his purpose for incarnating at this time to become a teacher of the Merkaba meditation.

Throughout the book he provides the reader with enough spiritual and scientific evidence to build a strong foundation of knowledge he thinks is necessary to begin practicing the Merkaba meditation. Volume one is designed and written to create this foundation to develop a new way of thinking about our physical world.

Volume two is written as a practical guide to putting the information learned in Volume one to use in the form of meditative instructions designed to allow the reader to enter the state of consciousness known as the Merkaba or what is called the light-body in New Age terms.

The information in Volume one is designed to awaken memories written into every cell in your body, the meditation instructions and guide are written to awaken these memories and activate them in your mind and heart, so that you can use them in your everyday life and raise your consciousness to a higher level.


Flower of Life

The Flower of Life contains within its shape all the Platonic Solids (building blocks of the Universe) of Sacred Geometry.
The Flower of Life contains within its shape all the Platonic Solids (building blocks of the Universe) of Sacred Geometry. | Source

# 8 The Pleiadian Mission

The Pleiadian Mission by Randolph Winters (1994), I decided to include this book in my Top 10 list, because I wanted to show a different perspective about alien contact that excluded the conventional channeling methods. Randolph Winters uses the notes, experiences and eyewitness accounts of Billy Meier to share with the reader the wisdom of the Universe from the Pleiadian perspective.

This no nonsense account of Earth's history from first contact and colonization of our planet 22 million years ago up to the present provides the reader with a chronology of important human, solar system and Universal events both spiritual and physical. It describes the science of the spiritual creation of the Universe, how mankind fits into the spiritual hierarchy of the Universe and how we evolve both spiritually and consciously. I chose this book over so many others dealing with aliens for its unique approach and perspectivel.

This book covers so much ground, is so easy to read (less than 250 pages, in large type format) and offers so much practical knowledge and common sense, that it provides the reader with a great reference manual. It includes a good instructional guide for learning meditation, the do's and don'ts of expanding our consciousness. A unique version of the story of Jmmanuel (Jesus Christ) and his legacy.

What I found most intriguing is the history of the Pleiadian society, its influence on Earth history, the mistakes and consequences of their actions and their vision for our future. How this book differs from the many other books on alien civilizations and contact is that it doesn't try to sell you on a particular agenda, it doesn't introduce the thoughts of the author into the minds of this alien culture and it doesn't inject a human purpose or intent for their motives.

It explains from a completely alien perspective the many mysteries of our planet such as the Bermuda Triangle, Hollow Earth, Mt. Shasta, The Pyramids, Easter Island, Atlantis and a whole host of other mysteries that have puzzled mankind for centuries.

However I would like the reader to know that Winters does use a form of remote viewing and meditation that has allowed him to gain some valuable insight into Pleiadian society. His writing style and unique approach to the dissemination of information in this book lends itself to forming a bond of trust between the reader and author that intuitively feels genuine.


Beam Ship

The photos Billy Meier supplied to the world seem to be authentic and his vast knowledge of the Pleiadians is well documented.
The photos Billy Meier supplied to the world seem to be authentic and his vast knowledge of the Pleiadians is well documented. | Source

# 9 The Three Waves Of Volunteers And The New Earth

The Three Waves Of Volunteers And The New Earth by Dolores Cannon, (2011) While not strictly speaking a channeled book, Dolores Cannon does use her own original hypnotic regression therapy technique to retrieve information from past life experiences from her patients. What this technique and her therapeutic studies have shown has lead her to write many very intriguing books on the subject of past lives, reincarnation, walk-ins and the spiritual world beyond death.

What this book reveals is the reason I have included it on my list, despite her other perhaps more profound work, such as the Keepers Of The Garden and Custodians, is that it provides the reader with information prevalent to our current situation here on Earth. Native souls here on Earth, meaning souls that have reincarnated over and over again for thousands perhaps millions of years on this planet, have gotten too caught up in their own personal wheel of Karma to ever hope to Ascend on their own spiritual merits.

The Council of Worlds and Ascended Masters, that regulate this part of space, enforcing Cosmic Law and maintaining the quarantine of this planet established 12,000 years ago, have recognized that for the population Earth and even Gaia herself to Ascend to higher evolutionary state, a new influx of pure un-indebted souls would be needed to be infused into the current population.

So a call was place throughout the Cosmos seeking pure, unadulterated souls willing to volunteer to come to Earth and incarnate into this chaotic and hostile environment to help save the planet, knowing full well they would lose the memories, education and spiritual advancement they had established and maintained over dozens and even hundreds of lifetimes. She found through her research that there were indeed many souls willing to risk it all to save Earth. These souls came from three distinct backgrounds, hence The term Three Waves of Volunteers in the title.

Their hope was to raise the vibrational frequency of the entire planet by bringing into the equation souls from other dimensions, souls that come direct from the "Source" and have never incarnated on any planet in a physical form and others that have lived as non-corporeal space beings. These souls have the difficult assignment of trying to remember and reestablish their true nature upon entering this dimension but to also then adjust to a hostile, competitive and confusing environment and educate the masses to the foreign concepts of unconditional love, peace and spiritual commitment.

This book takes the reader on a journey unparalleled by any book I have found as these new Volunteers face the hardships of not only adjusting to being first-timers but living in a physical body. Having their memories of past alien lives erased adds to the daunting task they face as they struggle to make sense of resurfacing memories, living in a fundamentally materialistic, war-torn world and becoming soldiers of light.

I can't say enough about this book and know that it will resonate deeply with all that read it!

Round Winged Aircraft

The germans built them during World War II but America built them also, they just never revealed them to the public . . . until now!
The germans built them during World War II but America built them also, they just never revealed them to the public . . . until now! | Source

# 10 Genesis For The New Space Age

Genesis For The New Space Age by John B. Leith (1980) While technically speaking this book, that has never been published in hard copy, might not have been written for nor considered a New Age book by the few that have found it and read it on (41,685), the material covered through The Freedom of Information Act (FIA), inside whistle blowers and anonymous government employees is simply and literally stunning, mind-blowing and stupendous.

This book covers the secret development of round winged aircraft (UFOs), extra terrestrials living inside our Hollow Earth and the involvement of alien races with the United States Government and many other governments throughout the world. Using ONLY our own government documents through the FIA, documents smuggled out of military bases and other government institutions and testimony from government employees, Leith documents a vast conspiracy of silence on subjects that our own Government considers old news.

Old News, because the story begins in the 1930s as it describes how our own U.S Military commandeered research, technology and patients from its own citizens and secretly began building a fleet of round winged aircraft that have been seen over the United States now for decades and mistakenly identified as UFOs and Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft. It details how they have been using stolen (from alien space-craft that have either crashed or been shot down) and sometimes freely given technology from Aliens that work right along with our own government scientists in secret underground bases.

Hollow Earth

However this book isn't just about secret Alien technology and aircraft but covers what is known about a subject most people consider complete and utter fantasy, that our Earth is in fact hollow and this information has been known and covered up not for years, nor decades BUT FOR CENTURIES!

Germany Immigrates to Hollow Earth in 1572

Leith, in chapter VIII (page 67) entitled Fatherland Evacuated in New Aircraft and Giant U Boats, describes a story, that this author has only found in bits and pieces from other documents and books, a grand adventure out of a Jules Verne science fiction novel. Starting on page 82, with the subhead Vanishing Germans Discover The Mystery of the Ages, the author describes how a group of Lutheran immigrants and hired mercenaries agree to leave the Dukedom of Sax-Coburg in 1572 and sail to the headwaters of the Amazon River to garrison a newly erected fort.

They are promptly attacked by the natives soon after arriving and fight a running rear guard battle and retreat. Driven out of the fort with all of their belongings they can carry, they escape to caves in the highlands nearby, that the natives refuse to come near out of superstitious fear. Unable to leave the caves, they begin exploring them and find man made tunnels and a huge 75 square mile cavern with weird natural light.

This cavern is complete with natural springs, deep soil and plant life, they decide to stay and build a settlement that still exist today with over 30,000 people living their now. They decide to explore further and find an entire manmade tunnel system spanning thousands of miles with hundreds of manmade caverns built for human habitation.

To make a long 400 year story short, after continuing to find and settle new and even bigger caverns and exploring the 3,000 mile long tunnel system some complete with railroad tracks, for 75 years and three generations, creating towns and cities along the way, they emerge from their awesome trek into the Hollow Interior of our planet only to find it is inhabited with millions of highly advanced humans. All of this story is kept written down for generation after generation in a diary chronicling their unimaginable journey.

The New Immigrants were allowed to stay and settled with an ancient race of Aryans that were driven inside the Earth by invading space Aliens 30,000 years before. In the early 1700s they began to send representatives back to the surface to Germany which they have been doing ever since.

Hollow Earth

This map shows the various tunnel systems that lin the interior of our Earth with the surface.
This map shows the various tunnel systems that lin the interior of our Earth with the surface. | Source

Truth Seekers vs Censorship

Our Governments world wide have been keeping this information secret for hundreds of years to prevent the common man from learning this secret and to enslave us through our own ignorance. What is even more astounding is that this information remains hidden from the public under National Security oaths but is common knowledge for thousands of insiders prevented from revealing the information for fear of reprisals, that are not just terminations of employment but life itself.

Here is a book written from United States Government Sources in 1980 and yet no publisher is allowed to put this astounding and incredible information into hard copy in the form of a book. It sits on shelf for over fifteen years until the internet is launched in the early 90s, then and only then is it published. To date less than 50,000 people have read this information world wide. This is blatant censorship by our own government.

Consider for a moment a land with no prisons, no money, no crime, no diseases, no weather, free food, free housing, free transportation. The temperature is 75º all the time, no rain, no winter, no storms. You can live as long as you want too (virtual immortality), you can study or pick any profession you choose, you have no job, no wars, no pestilence, no starvation.

Now you know why our Governments has kept this a secret from us, because if the truth was known their would be no one left on the surface of this planet to cater to The Powers That Be and their evil games.

Now you know why this book has never been published but remember it was taken from FIA documents, smuggled government documentation and eye witness testimony not just from America, but Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, Spain, Brazil and even the Vatican.

I have just given you a mere glimpse, just few pages, just the tip of the iceberg, inside this amazing book that is over 230 pages long. The list of acknowledgments at the back of the book reads like a who's who from Senators and Congressmen to Naval Commanders and NASA Scientists to Air Force Col's. and State Department Heads. It even includes Ambassadors from planets inside our solar system (Venus) and from the major countries inside Hollow Earth.

This book deals with the facts gleaned from the FIA documents, few courageous whistle blowers and government workers tired of the lies, deception and fraud committed by our Governments. Is it really any wonder this book has never been published and has been banned and censored for the last 35 years, do yourself a favor and go to, read it now and share it with your friends.



I felt it was important to highlight the Government Insiders & Whistle Blowers willing to go on record to help the author reveal this vital knowledge to the world.
I felt it was important to highlight the Government Insiders & Whistle Blowers willing to go on record to help the author reveal this vital knowledge to the world. | Source

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