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The Ecological War

Updated on January 23, 2012
Mining Project
Mining Project | Source

The War

There is a continuous war going on between economists and ecologists.

The huge international energy companies are always looking to start new projects. These new projects will usually have possible damaging effects on the ecology of the planet, whether it is a dam, a pipeline, oil drilling enterprise or fraking.

This is a war that has new battles breaking out all the time.

It is time to change the parameters. We do not want to change the playing field, so we must change the rules of engagement.

There are many people who try to save the environment and their time and effort should be thanked but it is time that we forget about trying to win each skirmish and considered trying to win the war. It is always said that it is better to negotiate from a position of strength and that is what the ecologists should start to do now.

Whats Left
Whats Left | Source

Battle Plan

Laws should be implemented to secure the safety of the environment regardless of the work proposed.

When a company decides to make a new pipeline, ecologists should be able to say “go ahead, just keep within the rules”. I know, the company will say that that is not economically viable. Then good, however as the planets natural resources diminish, it will gradually become more economically viable.

The environment doesn’t change, economies do and so it is about time we let the economists do the work of dealing with the environmental problems instead of ecologists keep trying to deal with the economic problems.

Unfortunately it is inevitable that the drilling or damming will happen at some point. The more urgent the need, the less chance the ecologists have of winning. That is why the rules should be put in place now, before an urgent need arises.

An environmental code should be put into law.

Most buildings are different, yet within a city each new building must comply with that cities building codes. The same principle must be put in place with strict national codes to protect both safety and the environment. It must be done now, before a next big project arises.

As I have said the natural resources are being used up and eventually there will be a need to use them all, regardless of the cost to the environment.

We cannot stop this, so the best thing we can do is accept the inevitable and do our best now to constrain the energy giants on how they do things.

We must stop trying to win every battle and group together to try and win the war.

The natural resources may one day run out but the planet and its environment will remain. It is our responsibility to try and protect the environment. Just like the natural resources, humans may one day vanish from the planet. The Dinosaurs left us oil, what will we leave future inhabitants of our planet, nuclear waste and a desert?

If not today, then tomorrow, the energy giants will eventually get all they want. All that is at stake is the how and the when, so let us try to make a difference to those today.


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    • JKenny profile image

      James Kenny 6 years ago from Birmingham, England

      What we have to remember is that we are a part of nature. So when we talk about Man going up against Nature, in reality we're hurting ourselves. Ultimately, our insatiable lust for power over nature, will probably cost us our existance, our inability to control our population, as well as our addiction to energy will see to that.

    • profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago

      Battle on, my sweet friends! You may delay a lttle man's inevitable demise, drowning in his own efluent and excrement.

      Too many emerging powerhouses now: China, India and Brazil as well as many minor actors on the world stage of need, want and greed..

      "Make the most of what ye yet may spend, before ye too into dust descend."

      Omar said it all althugh he pictured the individual's end rather than that of the whole race.


    • Naima Manal profile image

      Naima Manal 6 years ago from NY

      Although the environment works 24 hours, seven days a week to support human beings, it is important for all of us to respect and honor the blessing of the earth, the limited time we have here, and the right to the same blessing for all of those who may come after us.

    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      So true. Fracking is the latest craze here in the UK and it's already causing damage. There is just no need for it, much more environment friendly ways of generating energy have been around for God knows how long.

    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 6 years ago from Philippines

      This is more on nature VS men...but we should accept the fact that one way or another, nature will always reign supreme...No man't technology can stop a 10ft we should protect nature other than fight it.