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Chasing Fallen Gods From Last Deluge --The man Behind Bearded Viracocha

Updated on May 19, 2013
Viracocha from Tiahuanaco Peru. Does he look like an Apache?
Viracocha from Tiahuanaco Peru. Does he look like an Apache? | Source
Tumi From Incas
Tumi From Incas | Source

What happened, way after Those Nazca lines..?

After doing deeper research, we faced ourselves with an impressive coincidence: A fallen God came to American soil and began to civilized helpless souls scattered from Mexico, and probably Our Midwest or Anchorage; all the way down to Tierra del Fuego, Chile. We found a bearded man, a fair skinned silhouette, who actually was as human as any of us, but with a superior intelligence. Were we actually unearthing traces of the so called fallen Gods?

Suppose you have been a top adviser to your President. You have skills and have been trained to survive all kind of situations like a Navy Seal. You have left on a carrier and took some supplies and you still have your skills as a meteorologist. Suddenly, your Country disappears due to an unpredictable cataclysm: Earth shifting, meteorite, a nuclear bomb or a deluge...?

You are F***! Your technology will be gone with you in your lifetime unless... You and your guys, decide to make of the world that survived, a new home. Some will spread all over, and will carry with you your math and your geography. But not for so long. Your comrades will have to mix with primitive civilizations. There is no other way. Time is running out and eventually you and your guys pass away but leave a legacy that survive in legends. Let's immerse ourselves in history and try to find them...

Is This our Man? Nazca Astronaut...
Is This our Man? Nazca Astronaut... | Source
Sioux Indians
Sioux Indians | Source

Our Visit To Macchu Picchu

Who is in the middle of the Mayan Calendar?


The Gods And Creation According to Different Cultures

Apache Creation Story

"In the beginning nothing existed--no earth, no sky, no sun, no moon, only darkness was everywhere.

Suddenly from the darkness emerged a thin disc, one side yellow and the other side white, appearing suspended in midair. Within the disc sat a small bearded man, Creator, the One Who Lives Above."

We got freaked out after finding out that we were in the right direction, following some footprints of a bearded God. Who was already on a Thin Disc, like Odin or Zeus.

Quetzalcoatl -- MEXICO

The creator of all for the Aztecs had a bearded resemblance to a European man. After certain changes in style, this Godly face changed to a feathered serpent. Actually his name also roughly translated as "feathered serpent." If you see Montezuma in some paintings, you will see him adorned of white feathers as a sign of his status. How About an Apache or an Inca Monarch?


is the name of a Maya snake deity that also serves to designate historical persons. Kukulkan always travels ahead of the Yucatec Maya rain god Chaac, helping to predict the rains as his tail moves the winds and sweeps the earth clean. So this Fallen God knew of forecasting around A.D. 700. Interesting to know that in Nazca they worshiped this kind of God, in order to keep their land rich for cultivation.


Colombian legend speaks of Bochica, who is described as being bearded. The beard, once mistaken as a mark of distinctive intelligence got lost in time. Was he related to the others?

Bochica, A bearded God?
Bochica, A bearded God? | Source
Naylamp | Source

Naylamp --Northern Peru

Following the traces of this elusive 'God' or superior beings, we bump into the legend of Naylamp. Legends passed from generations theorized that Naylamp arrived in Peru by way of the El NiƱo current in search of refuge from some disaster that would have occurred in the Mayan Empire in those times. Naylamp brought pieces of ceramic pottery and dedicated himself to teaching the Moches the techniques for which they have become famous.

In addition, the names of some cities and people resemble the Maya languages.We find some loose ends, that want us to be there for their silenced plight. For some reason Moche civilization grew from 100 A.D. to 800 A.D. Nazca Culture reached its height from 200 A.D. to exactly 800 A.D.

'Geb' written in hieroglyph

Geb, Father of Osiris, can be seen as a bearded man...
Geb, Father of Osiris, can be seen as a bearded man... | Source
Viracocha, or Wiracocha
Viracocha, or Wiracocha | Source

Geb, Osiris Father -- Egypt

Curiously, The oldest representation in a fragmentary relief of the god, was as an anthropomorphic bearded being accompanied by his name, and dating from king Djoser's reign, 3rd Dynasty, and was found in Heliopolis. Was his name and pronunciation borrowed by the Bible, 2,000 years later?

Viracocha -- Inca PERU

is the great creator god in the pre-Inca and Inca mythology in the Andes region of South America. Full name and some spelling alternatives are Wiracocha. He was represented as wearing the sun for a crown, with thunderbolts in his hands. Spanish chroniclers from the 16th century claimed that when the conquistadors led by Francisco Pizarro first encountered the Incas they were greeted as Gods, "Viracochas", because their lighter skin resembled their God Viracocha. If they were not as white as their God. Then, this God was a foreign intelligence that followed the steps of Those other bearded superior beings that get got hold of.

Stonehenge | Source

StoneHenge -- England

By 3,100 B.C. bearded Europeans dared to build this megalithic wonder. Is there any connection between the circular Aztec Calendar and the Inca God represented by the Sun? How come Stonehenge believed in Cosmology as Aztecs, Mayans, and even Incas did? Is there any similarity between Chitchen Itza, Tykal, Egyptian pyramids and those megalithic Inca Constructions? Why did they marvell us with tons of bedrocks as in Sacsayhuaman and Stonehenge? Why did the Incas had a sundial on top of their Intihuatana trying to catch the sun? The more we try to discover evidence and conections, the more we need to do deeper research.

Macchu Picchu's Temple windows
Macchu Picchu's Temple windows | Source


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  • Lord De Cross profile imageAUTHOR

    Joseph De Cross 

    9 years ago from New York

    Hi there MizBejabbers, Yeah, the mystery might be solved with a unique time machine... and that might take another 75 yrs. Thanks for your profound words. There is something strange that connect these cultures. Developments were already in vogue, even before those Vikings and people from Ur. Thanks again!

  • MizBejabbers profile image

    Doris James MizBejabbers 

    9 years ago from Beautiful South

    The mysteries of Central and South America are one of my favorite subjects. It is possible that these civilizations you mention may have been connected because they were the remnants of Atlantean colonies, but we may never know. What is heartbreaking is that the key to the whole mystery may may have been destroyed by the Spaniards when they took the gold plates and figurines from the temples and melted it down. I'm glad you got to visit these places. I hope to someday.

  • Lord De Cross profile imageAUTHOR

    Joseph De Cross 

    9 years ago from New York

    Thanks KJ fORCE,

    LOL! Are you talking politics in here? We just did our research and got caught up with some lose ends. We love our history, and research took a normal course. Glad you enjoed it!

  • kj force profile image


    9 years ago from Florida

    lord de cross..very well written and researched....I personally believe these so called

    " gods" were what we still have today..flim flam manipulators..who can get masses of people in society to do as they say...these people are looking for someone to lead them as they don't want to take responsibility for any decisions...and look what happened to these past civilizations...they vanished without a trace..hmmm something to think about...loved your hub !

  • Lord De Cross profile imageAUTHOR

    Joseph De Cross 

    9 years ago from New York

    Hi Tammy, Yeah we were bumping ourselves against megalithic constructions that were close to Stonehenge but abovr 8,880 feet. What really sturck me was the coincidence between legends and stories passed on to future generations. We thank you for commenting and taking your time as well.


    I guess it would've been a perfect hub for anthro2.

    You have a wonderful day/night. We have more material for a future hub indeed.

  • Natashalh profile image


    9 years ago from Hawaii

    There are cultures and gods mentioned in this hub that I've never even heard of before! Thanks for putting this together - I wish this was up during my anthro class last semester - this would have been interesting to share with my classmates.

  • tammyswallow profile image


    9 years ago from North Carolina

    How fortunate you are to have expirenced this in person! I find these artifacts so interesting. I hope one day we will get an explantation for all of these things that were left over the world. Excellent!

  • Lord De Cross profile imageAUTHOR

    Joseph De Cross 

    9 years ago from New York

    Thanks Lathing for doing your own research. actually it freaked us out, when we typed : "American Indian origin legends.."

  • Lord De Cross profile imageAUTHOR

    Joseph De Cross 

    9 years ago from New York

    Gracias Joan Veronica,

    We will turn fifty in just a few months, so we kind of relate to your joy. The world has so many hidden misteries indeed!

  • joanveronica profile image

    Joan Veronica Robertson 

    9 years ago from Concepcion, Chile

    Very interesting and original article! Thanks for sharing, you have reminded me of so many things I read about when I was really young.

    This is a fascinating world, I love the big stone monuments. Voted up, awesome, beautiful and interesting!

  • LaThing profile image


    9 years ago from From a World Within, USA

    Yes, I did look it up..... It's fascinating! For some reason I never came across it until you mentioned it...... Thanks for the info.

  • Lord De Cross profile imageAUTHOR

    Joseph De Cross 

    9 years ago from New York

    Hi Billy,

    Coincidentally was responded to RHW, Lathing and thyen you popped up Lol! Yeah, i t can be deep for some readers, but we did write what we found. Hopefully, things will get solved one day. Technology is catching up with everything. Thanks for that support Bill!

  • Lord De Cross profile imageAUTHOR

    Joseph De Cross 

    9 years ago from New York

    Thanks Kelly,

    You must've felt intrigue indeed. The research took some brainstorming, but we got hold of our guy. What is his or their real names? Nobody knows, unless we take a reide back in our time travel machine.

    Lathing The Apache legend of creation is available everywhere and can be easily confirm by any of our friends with an American indian ancestry. Thanks for reading us. Much appreciated.

  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 

    9 years ago from Olympia, WA

    Fascinating....interesting.....beautifully have done well with this one my friend.

  • LaThing profile image


    9 years ago from From a World Within, USA

    Fascinating topic...... You see the similarities among the past civilizations, they considered anyone god who was different, and more intelligent than them! Wondering if the 'Apache Creation Story' is written somewhere?

    Would we ever know exactly what happened in human history? All that are left are reminders for us of great nations that have come and gone! We are also in that human timeline....

    Enjoyed reading it, thanks for sharing!

  • RealHousewife profile image

    Kelly Umphenour 

    9 years ago from St. Louis, MO

    Dang! You did some homework leading to this one! Actually I was laughing and intrigued - quite a talent! Excellent job my Lord!


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