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Solving The Nazca Lines Secrets

Updated on May 1, 2013

Check This 1 Minute Video Please... Credits to PhilipJDayFilms


A Mystery of the Past

The Nazca Lines are gigantic geoglyphs built In ancient Peru. Its located 200 miles South from Lima in an arid plateau area, where rain is almost nonexistent. Precipitation barely reaches the 1" per year. Checking the documentaries and getting nowhere, we embarked in study of our own.

We concluded that the first designs were built around 200 A.D. Those very well known shapes like the Monkey, the hummingbird and even that "astronaut" were a well deserved dedication to their Gods for giving them a fertile land. Unfortunately they deforested important areas to give space for maize and cotton crops.


Their sacred harvest began to die. El niño and his warm effect gave way to a deserting land, that stayed that way until today. Curiously stylized animals were not the 'it' thing anymore. They changed their mind and started reproducing geometric shapes, concentric circles and trapezoidal motifs. Were they having their own local global warming?

Nazca Civilization lasted around 600 years. You must wonder why they just disappeared and left? We found that 'El Niño' did affect their style of life and pushed them to the extremes. Scarce water and underground aqueducts, gave them the hope they needed.

The Trident Through Google Earth.

Maria Reiche, German Mathematician. Preserver of the Nazca Lines Pampa (1903-1998)
Maria Reiche, German Mathematician. Preserver of the Nazca Lines Pampa (1903-1998) | Source

What Are They?

They are shapes that represented their Gods. Just Like we Plead allegiance to our American flag and feel proud of our Statue of Liberty.

How Did they build them?

Imagine you are ordered to build thick lines 3.5" to 5.5" deep, you start sweeping and moving away oxide Iron pebbles from the surface of their arid soil. You trace lines with sticks from one side to the other. Just think of those field chalk markers but with excavating pressure.

Now here comes the beauty. Is 230 A.D., and Europe is just MOSTLY barbaric and still catching up with Persian and Indian Math, that mysteriously got lost for 400 years. Nazca people were close to harvest men or peasants with limited education. There was no signs of a written language. So what was there, or who did help them to trace trapezoids and awesome stylized motifs? Their God. Can we talk about Aliens? Most likely yeah.

We are unequivocally convinced that the Nazca lines were a far cry of desperate hope from those desert inhabitants from 1,500 years ago. If their God were not aliens, they(their God) did have intelligence that surpassed our own, by that time. Rumor has it, that the Incas were still waiting for those Gods with helmets (1533). Luckily the Spaniards played it all along and said they were immortals.


The Gigantic 'Astronaut' Shaped Line


Astronauts From The Future?

If they were here and found out we needed help; sort of F-16 bombers arriving on time to save people from the RMS Titanic. They would've left some protocol behind and showed up. We believe that Nazca civilization was in contact with certain "friends" that were aware of upcoming draughts. Some of them had to take their space helmets out. Just try to put yourself in those Pre-Incas shoes: You have a heaven's sent God, who wear their special VR helmets with infra red vision. Sooner or later you want to recreate that moment. Same as that passion of Christ and the Crucifixion, or the take of the Bastille. What could've been the quick way out?

Beheading their 'own' as an offering...

Is 539 A.D. and scarcely they just had the lowest precipitations in 80 years. Didn't rain as much as 400 years before. Their Shaman and Curaca started thinking of ways of saving their people from total annihilation due to consequential famine; worst than the Irish famine back in 1847. Their Nazca priest, like our congressman when they have to pass a law, at the last minute, decided to immolate people by beheading and replacing their heads with stylized ceramics. See the resemblance to the Helmet from their so called Gods? Those traditions can come closer to Thanksgiving day... and those innocent turkeys.

The rituals took place for some years. Of course nature gave in at will.Final designs were similar to landing airports and trapezoidal shapes, simulating robotic designs and Energy. Where they heard? One desperate attempt was to carve a trident of hope by the nearest shore, pointing up to their sacred cities.

Around 800 A.D., Nazca was gone like Vineland (A.D 998) or Roanoke Island (1582). Either they moved North and got assimilated by the Incas, or they stayed there until they died... one by one

The Video

The following video represents one of the last discoveries of a Nazca burial. Some Monarchs trying to emulate Pharaohs, mummified their own and placed their dead on lower-level Mausoleums. Some skulls were found next to them like 'war trophies'; sort of Wembley cups, or Nascar's Sprint Cup Series Championship souvenir.

The song is sung in Spanish. The lyrics keep lamenting for the lack of rain and praising their Gods for a change. Some believed in the after life, and were interred with their kitchen utensils and dishes.

Just to get ourselves into the feeling of those days: This was their own Viking Burial according to their tradition. They were accustomed to keep skulls, the same way your kid holds between both hands, for the camera, the bass caught on that day. Or the reindeer on some living rooms as a trophy. Now you get the feeling... right?

Are They Here Among Us? Close Encounter starts at Minute 3:26

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