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The Inner Child and God

Updated on June 13, 2010

As we grow up we lose the innocence of the child, some consider it a blessing. I however feel that we have lost a big part of ourselves. The ability to be creative, as a child our imaginations had no boundaries. In our minds we could fly if you wanted to. Imagine what the world would be like if we had taken even a quarter of our childhood imaginations with us when we grew up. If we had we could change the world. As a child we were bold, and willing to take on anything. What a wonderful trait, and such a tragedy to have lost it. It is time that we remember that innocence and that BOLDNESS. The ideas are there still and the ability to work through the tough problems, it hasn't gone anywhere, let your inner child out more often. He/She is dying to help you out.

The knowledge of the inner child is immense and you are the only one that can harness it, the answers reside in side you the answers to all your problems to all the beauty that you are waiting to create. The engineering problems that lie before you can be mastered by the mind of your child.

Take a steep back in time, take the time to play, take the time to remember. Man or Woman, Don’t wait till senility takes you back and you can’t return. Do it now when you can look for answers and find then in the simplest solutions.

The mind of a child is sublime, sit down and close you eyes and remember how simple life was and how easy the answers came to you. Dream those childhood dreams and make them come true. Put your trust in God and find the inner child’s reality.

You will be a better person for it and the answers you find will astound you. Your mind is brilliant because God made it that way. Learn to access the brilliance, check with the Child, he knows more that you think.


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