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Bipolar, don't let it rule you

Updated on December 3, 2009


Immobility of the mind is paramount with the affliction that is bipolar. There is a loss of esteem, fading of reality and a paralysis of hope. Raw emotions skate across the landscape of your wounded psyche sending chills that scorch the artic, through your very soul. It is an effort that carries the weight of eternity into an oblivion that only you can feel.  Sounds that deafen, light that blinds, loss that is bottomless, you are swirling into an abyss that swallows everything in its path. 


The feelings or lack thereof that one is bombarded with during an episode of bipolar (whether it is mania or depression) is to say the least, excessive.  Coping is a feat that is near impossible, nerves are frayed and reality is skewed. The depression will take you to a place that if you are not careful can destroy you simply because you do not want to be saved.  The mania causes a destruction that comes from recklessness, from feeling too good, to care. 


Normalcy is the desire, yet with this disorder the feeling is that it is unachievable.  Yet with medical care and the proper medication it is possible.  What must be remembered is that once the medication begins to relieve the symptoms is not to stop the medication or the symptoms will return.  It’s a simple price to pay just take the medication and return to a normal life.


Don’t take chances with this illness, it is not in your mind and it is treatable.  You can live a full and happy life without fading into the background or plunging headlong into behavior that is totally destructive.  It’s not your fault it is simply a chemical imbalance that can be corrected.  Take care of it and live a full and fruitful life.


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