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The Introductory Analysis of the "Republic by Plato"

Updated on August 4, 2017
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

      The introductory part of the Republic provides very interesting analysis as to the metaphysical development on the dialogue of Plato. What might interest us is the form of government and institutions that reflected to the thinking of Plato . The Republic provides the comprehensive dialectics on the abstraction of the intellect that may connect the politics on human struggles and those best maintained in the interest of the state. In the modern times, the work of Bacon has provided the intellectual reference along the substance of the truth of knowledge from the metaphysical point of view that later on integrated in the sciences of logic and psychology.

      In contemporary time the philosophical dialectics emerges in many form as in may be found in logic, ethics , metaphysics ,philosophy and politics by the intellectual achievements by the “age of enlightenment”. However, the drastic change of the political thought became the destructive force of guillotine as the new revolutionary world order that blood swept entirely from the totalitarian regime of absolute monarchy, which began in Europe.

      Although the political thought of Plato was written in literary approach through the dialogue, there has been the inspirations of many literary writers, poets, and philosophers to synchronize the ideal history of mankind into the limelight of heroes. The literary works of the ancient time just like the had explored the modern mythical tale of the " tale of Troy","poems of Homer"," Atlantis",and "King Arthur". The world-famous fictions depicted so much as about "heroes" and "human struggles" on the freedom, liberty, justice and equality of all men in the society.The famous imaginary state of "Utopia" and the political enlightenment that made the greatest influence about the social and political contracts of the people. This was thesis on the treatise of education in the Republic that was integrated by the renaissance writers. The impressive political and theological theories were later on revealed from the famous works of Locke, Rousseau, Milton, Bacon, Dante, and Goethe.

      The literary work of Plato on “ Republic” provided the idealistic thought in the areas of philosophy, politics and literature. The modern thinkers used this as theoretical tool to define the new world order on ideal unified knowledge, the reign of law and order and the social mechanisms of social justice.There were many ideal philosophical thoughts as I found in the great history of mankind particularly on the forms of government including the ideas of liberty, justice, peace and equality for the common welfare that I could not find the genuine connection on the world order of ideal and perfect society.

      There were many modern thinkers and statesmen yet they never resolve the true social and political issues by instead used to benefit by their on societal life. We found to praise so many heroes in the past but we fail to address those who really need to transform the social class of the society. We are proud to tell the world that we have great world order into the limelight of governance by the Marxist View to transform the society for the better life of all but until now the society is striving to find the true solution to end human misery and sufferings to all.

       The philosophical view of the “Republic” may find useful for the modern dialectics on all political and economic dimensions of the society. The creation of the “Contemporary Republics” provides the new innovative technology of knowledge based on the ethical and moral philosophy.

      In the search of justice,the Republic must search the nature and principles of justice for the appearance of the ideal state.The Republic thought about how the rulers provides the proper care in the education of the society.This had been drawn from the old Hellenic way of educating the people. The scope of educational care provided only in the improvement of religion and morality, including the liberal education on music, gymnastics and poetry.These were important in educating the society for the greater harmony of the individual and the state.

      The modern time provides the general support of the sovereign state on the proper education of the people. The liberal arts have the intellectual purity just like the ancient Hellenic time on the harmony of the state. The multi-dimension educational goals develop the individual on social and civic responsibility, vocational and professional efficiency, the development of patriotism and nationalism,and good citizenship. This has been the primary responsibility of the ruler as the foremost concern of the society is the education for all.

       The conception of higher State may come by those whose wisdom and intellectual provides the proper guidance in the social,economic and political development of the State. The idea of Plato may lead us to conclusion that those who work in government has the proper intellect and wisdom from the highly complicated society. It is not simply on popularity vote that defines the power and authority to rule the State. It must have unusual intellect to grasp the establishment of the perfect state for all. Therefore, the conception of higher State must be the " Kings are Philosophers" and " Philosophers are Kings". The exemplary view about the abstract knowledge and human thought provides the multi-dimensional vision about the existence of perfect state. The philosopher are the lovers of wisdom and high level of intelligence to decipher the social dilemma and concerns in more extensive thought of philosophical and dialectical analysis that may bring the genuine solution on the problem of the society.

       The modern state may not simply wants this kind of the qualification and experience for the existence of the rulers to become a philosopher. Although, in the ancient time they needed the philosophers as political advisers, technocrats and bureaucrats for they had given the genuine solution to the societal problems. In Asia, even the famous philosopher just like Plato and Aristotle was Confucius who was constantly declining government post as political adviser of the King knew the problems of "politics" for he was a good teacher but not politician. They have known concrete answers of the societal problems of the State, however, there were political conditions that may betrayed the genuine political rule in the human actions and interest. As Plato thought that in the formation of perfect and ideal state must be in the advocacy of democratic ideals that regenerates the whole societal dimensions.

       There are no questions when we thought the traditional way to govern the people as the community of nations provide social service and economic services for the general welfare of the society. Not a single state that we know in the modern world that education including health, environment and other basic services are in the national priority agenda of the state. The political philosophers may form part into to the advisers, consultants , technocrats and bureaucrats of the state. They have brains of the political leaders to implement the national development thrust to achieve political and economic stability. Their educational qualifications and experiences may considered the best intellectuals of the society that may form the ideal state.

       I believe the “Republic” of Plato could be found in any state wherein intellectuals are like philosophers whose wisdom may transform good societal order in the world. They are the experts of governance to find the solution to social justice. Based on the discussion of Book I in Republic, the dialogue of justice may find interesting precepts of ethical and moral ground for what may be good to mankind. The existence of the stronger may point out the common good for all. The form of government must transform in the democratic order to achieve the common justice for all. In short, the social class may form part in the precept of ‘Justice”.

       The Republic was formulated into different division of books to discuss the idea on the philosophy of justice; state; education; social and political virtues; nature of pleasure and tyranny; and the happiness of the citizens. There were the identified natural divisions of “Republic”:(1) Book I contains the dialogue about notion of justice;(2) the Book II, Book III and Book IV provide the dialogue about the construction of the State and education of the society;(3) Book V, Book VI, Book VII contains the contemplation about the social and political dimensions of the State including the inquiry of justice, and the second State that ruled by the philosophers and the idea of the principles of communism; (4) Book VIII and Book IX provides an interesting dialogue about the analysis of individual man in the creation on the principle of tyranny and nature of pleasure; (5) Book X contains the synthesis about absolute happiness, relations of philosophy to poetry and the concluding statements about the "Republic"

The Contemporary Republic : Savior

     The “Contemporary Republic” provides the intellectual virtues on the passage on new form of political philosophy and development strategies confined the ideal political state of the 21st century. The ‘Republic” as the famous work of Plato used literary dialogue to describe the life situations in order to synthesize the dialectic form in regeneration the political, moral, ethical and social life in Greece.

     The political dimension in the development of contemporary republic deals so much about the ethical and moral ground to regenerate the society on the genuine mission for public service. The ideal state no longer exists in the contemporary time as the politicians embraced by the political clout of power and authority.

      There is now the degeneration of society no longer advocating the idea of public servants but the public masters who controlled the societal political activities for the self-interest and fame rather than common interest. Find out the power of 10 in the political ideals of the society to solve the concern on the13 ugly truths about politics.

       The development strategy of the poor for the social equity mechanism must have a new economic approach to prevent the cycle of natural death as implemented by the international funding agency and the national government. There are full proof and indications of the high rate of success but the sustaining effect of the development program is catastrophic. The economic theory of dynamic strategic on social equity mechanism relies on the development sustainability to ensure the 100 percent rate of geometrical successions of benefits.

“The poor people are inherently creative to produce agricultural crops, handicrafts, souvenir items, food products, conned goods and other native products that could compete in the corporate world. Someone should assist them to market their product then no one will become poor once they have income and employment out of their product initiative.”

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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I thought that this blog was absolutely amazing and it helped me tremendously especially with the republic, which we have to read in class. Thanks

    • thevoice profile image


      11 years ago from carthage ill

      terrific hub read thanks


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