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The Contemporary Republic : Savior HubPages Book

Updated on August 4, 2017
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

The classic history of ancient political wisdom came into existence by the famous work of Plato in the formulation of ideal state and the form of government that advocated the comprehensive understanding about morality, justice, religion, and politics. These ancient political advocacies on the form and substance of intellectual wisdom of men revived in philosophy, politics and literature in the “Age of Enlightenment” that later on change the history of mankind. The Republic was the famous work of Plato that unified the intellectual idealism on the revelation of the social, ethical and moral dimension on the political life of the state. The guiding intellectual principles were carried on by the famous men of our time just like Locke, Rousseau, Bacon and all other men that had change the course of our history into romantic literary struggles on equality, justice and liberty .It was also navigated by the classical literary works on men on how they struggle live in ideal life on the human activities of war, peace and love.

The “Republic” of Plato originated from the Latin word Res publica which means “the state” or “public matters” . While in Greek this title was the Politeia means “the constitution”. It was formulated by the famous dialogue in the ancient Greece by the Sophist under the thought of metaphysics. The dialogue revealed the intriguing idea the search of the true meaning of justice on its moral and ethical implication of life.The ruler needed to search the ideal truth on the human compassions not only education and but also on literary arts, music and gymnastics. The greater harmony of the regeneration of government must be perfectly developed by the wisdom of men and its societal role to create a stable government and state. The wisdom of mind dictated about those who could do more for the regeneration of souls and spirits. This was the perfect world that Plato would like to live on the ideal state men handled philosophers who were equipped by the intellectual dynamism to know more on the regeneration by the political state based on ethics, morality, and justice for all.

The Contemporary Republic : Savior

The “Contemporary Republic” provides the intellectual virtues on the passage on new form of political philosophy and development strategies confined the ideal political state of the 21st century. The ‘Republic” as the famous work of Plato used literary dialogue to describe the life situations in order to synthesize the dialectic form in regeneration the political, moral, ethical and social life in Greece.



The political dimension in the development of contemporary republic deals so much about the ethical and moral ground to regenerate the society on the genuine mission for public service. The ideal state no longer exists in the contemporary time as the politicians embraced by the political clout of power and authority.

There is now the degeneration of society no longer advocating the idea of public servants but the public masters who controlled the societal political activities for the self-interest and fame rather than common interest. Find out the power of 10 in the political ideals of the society to solve the concern on the13 ugly truths about politics.

A. The 13 Ugly Truths About the Politicians

The primary reason why politicians want to run for a public office is to serve the people. These are the interesting facts that you should know when you talk to them. Find out that when you are interested to government elected positions, which you will find out some crazy ideas why they want to serve the people. Once you are like them, you will follow the same or else you go back with the same position again.So what a crazy world we all have when we talk to them. These are the “lucky 13” to know the ugly truths about the politicians:

1.They “disguise” to serve for the people not for themselves.

2.They “never enjoy” power and authority because they are busy serving the people

3.They never tell “negative things” about themselves.

4.They lie for the “ sake of winning”

5.They believe that there is “meager income” in this job.

6.They “pretend” to be honest, humble, compassionate, adorable, and lovable of all people in the world.

7.They never say “no” to gain more votes.

8.They serve “for sake” of the position.

9.They always “smile” and “shake your hand” during election period.

10.They always make a “promises” which are usually broken after election time.

11.They are “very talkative” in public speaking engagement.

12.They “love” to be recognized for the implemented projects

13.They are the “most interesting” people in the world

B. The Ethical Views of Politics

. There are no specific indications as to the goodness of actions by the politicians along the spiritual and moral aspects that clearly negate all the actions he/she is doing in the field of politics. All actions in politics are based on motives and interest. There are no specific actions that are done for the goodness of man but only on his interest to survive the battle ground in politics.

These are the ground works of political achievement that a politician must achieve the genuine thought of public service: Find out the explanation in this website article- The 10 Ethical Views of Politics: Afterlife Judgement on Human Motives and Actions

1. The temporal view of a mankind that perfect happiness of afterlife reflects from the good things people don’t know about the goodness of your acts to those who are in need.
2. The more good things you know about yourself is not a true reflection of your life this is when people learn to recognize of what you have given on favours and material wealth.

3. The limelight of power is always vested from your interest to stay in power as you are addicted by the praise and recognition of people around you.

4. The art of politics is always the art of deception to gain power and authority by which people are deceived by your actions.

5. The rule of the society is simple be good in all your heart and actions.
6. The best way to destroy your enemy is to destroy yourself because your biggest enemy is yourself when motive and power are corrupted by your actions.

7. There are no such things as good politicians only corrupt politicians who cared the welfare or the people in return of their loyalty and love of power.

8. The best way to win the heart of the youth is to care the people and let them know that politics is not the solution to serve the people.

9. The people must not be deceived by the contributions of politicians on churches, demonstration and opposition against the government, godly message to the poor they are just the same as what they thought at the other side.

10. If you hate corrupt politicians then begin hating yourself because someday you will be like them. The best way to be good politician is to think that you are corrupt politician and learn to think that you have to give everything to the poor. You can only find that you succeeded that your good politician when you are already poor.

Good politician never survives the political maneuvers in a deeply rooted competition for power and influence. If you start crusading that you want to destroy the corrupt politician you will never succeed. The death of a corrupt politician is the beginning of a new corrupt politician which you never thought that you are that one. There is only one Christian virtue that may apply to all which give your wealth to the poor. If you did that in this civilized society you are a living fool like the idiot, the imbecile and the insane. These are the people who would surely go to heaven. Do not expect yourself to be there.

There is always the rise and fall of political power because of the cycle of corruption that existed from the complex activity on those who are in power. The political motive of good intention to mankind is always impossible to do as social being is complex entity that interest and motive is grounded by this societal endeavor. The perfect art of politics is construed by intervening forces that the good ones cannot control them. Given by the human weakness of the good one would fall apart from idea of power and authority. The power to govern is corrupted by what we do not know but decide of what we never know. The good one decides by what others thought to be good yet deceptive in nature. In the end, the one would never govern what it is expected to govern for the good of humanity.

We can find perfect politician to work for common good without you using influence and power that it has a multiplier effect that destroys those who are innocent. Those we thought are good politicians have their secret corruptible motive to pursue for the common good. How can we then achieve such goodness to purify the heart of a good prospective politician? Read carefully the ground work to achieve genuine public service. There you can find your own political ground work for good governance.

C. The 10 Commandments of International Politics

This portrays the intellectual wisdom for genuine virtues and values of humility, compassion, love, forgiveness and fear of god. The relevance of these 10 commandments may help us understand the political view of good governance in the international community. The advocacy of political power and from the sovereign people directs the spiritual intentions of the Lord God. The sovereign people symbolizes the will of god .It is the rule of God not the rule of political leaders that we follow in bringing peace and love in this world. The political leaders are cloth by their self –interest to rule the world. This is purely the political deception of the sovereign people as they constantly destroying the world.

Let us know these commandments for the international leaders to spread the wisdom of the lord on all dimensions of politics. Find out the explanation in this website article : 10 Commandments in International Politics

1. You shall worship not yourself as an absolute or representative god with all the absolute power and authority vested by the sovereign state.

2. You shall not make yourself as political idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.

3. You shall not misuse the name of the lord your God forsake of your selfish interest and in the name of the sovereign people.

4.Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy finding time to redemption of your soul.

5. Honor your father and your mother.

6. You shall not commit murder.

7. You shall not commit adultery.

8.You shall not steal .

9. You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

10. You shall not covet your neighbors’ house.

D. The Genuine Heart and Soul of International Politics

This chapter refocuses the global issues and concerns about the political corruption and the idea of innovative idea of good governance. The ethical introspection considers the moral and spiritual dimensions of the human souls in the global contemporary history. This is based from the goodness of the heart and soul of a politician as it is being said that the personal characteristics are the opening doors to foresee the true attitude of a person The political leader has the core power to change the tide of the society to conform temporal view on the belief of afterlife as it explained from the 10 golden rules to sustain a genuine heart and soul in politics .

The point of inquiry along the political philosophy of good governance is the degree of the ethical acts in the arena of international politics.Can you determine a person with good heart and soul? Primarily, the personal characteristics are the opening doors to foresee the true heart of person. The manner, action and behavior of person are always reflected by the goodness of his heart and soul. Yet it will not complete such understanding of his inner soul unless the unconscious action and deeds are little by little will come out to give the preliminary judgment of which he/she is.

Most of the treacherous behavior of person conspired through a masquerade show which is reflected by a peaceful deed and action. You can never tell when there is a true act by simply knowing and judging when he /she had done this action. The evil thoughts of person are the common battle of deception that none of us could possibly predict that action. The art of deception is so powerful that even in politics has subjected to many treacherous innovations to fulfill such motive and interest to advance its personal goal.

How can we succeed from this act of deception? The recipe for evil act is a lamb to sacrifice for the consumed interest and motive of such actor. No one would like to be the lamb that could totally destroy the whole life of person. Supposing you are a lamb for them to succeed their evil acts? What action would you do? Of course the idea that comes from the bible is "an eye for an eye." In politics the usual game is power, authority and influence. Those are the combined forces that could create money, wealth, elite status, and social respect. In the goodness of heart and soul, therefore you are a lamb that politicians are feasting you out of your foolish peaceful and loving actions. If this is the case then you are possibly out of politics.

The goodness of your heart would not worry any kind of political scenario that might happen to you even you thought it might happen to you. Let the forces of social nature decide your fate and destiny. They have been doing that even the rise of the civilization of the past. But men failed to sustain the goodness of their heart and soul through a good deed and action. That's the reason, we have heroes yet no one in the human history put their true heart to serve mankind.

The innate social forces are so strong but potential political leader always forget the covenant made when he received the political power and authority. The goodness of their heart and spirit are dampened by the protocol of social power and the constant recognition on all social endeavors of man. Most of the success stories are only in the book of fairies and fables including the parables of the bible. We end up the rise of the good emperors and kings including the contemporary leader such as prime minister and presidents. When time comes to serve the reality of governance is totally different from the ideals of their thoughts.

In the history of our time, there were infamous political and religious acts that made them famous in history. These were Pope John Paul II, Saint Theresa, Princes Diana, Carter, Gorbachev, Mandela, Blaire and Al Gore. You may ask why? Well find out their contribution in our contemporary history. They are not perfect being yet they have than so much in our history that might change the world or simply themselves. You may find others as good as they are in their actions and deeds.

The heart and soul of person can also define by race and culture that the natural goodness may come through their spirit of patriotism and nationalism. The Chinese, Japanese and Koreans have the cultural characteristics that have strongly supported the kind of government system that they have. The spirit for cultural enterprise is vested by hard work and industriousness. They are willing to sacrifice their personal life in exchange of love of country and for the common good to preserve their culture and social life. The extent of love is vested by absolute obedience from the represented power of the state. They can isolate the cultural, political and economic system on collective effort. However, in public service just like other political processes in the world in focus of power and authority is still the existing standard of governmental practice wherein corruption is still rampant. The existence of ethical view has still similarities to the advocacy personal integrity, dignity and worth.

The East Asian contemporary culture has the most glaring example of perfect collective development in a given society. It can easily wipe out any kind of corruption or evil collective actions because of the core decision system. The absolute rule of the government has manifested the mirror of political and cultural development. Whatever decision made by the central government are worthy to follow obediently. This is the problem of the existence of government when it is highly political in nature the transcendence in spiritual temporal value is guided by political rule that is being conveyed and transformed in cultural and economic ideology. There are no distinct attributes by systemic governance. Enforcement of political process and system is the main attributes to identify a given individual role. Thus, the heart and soul of politics are strongly dangerous when political manipulation and vested interest and motive will come in to control the minds of the society. The existence of their religion is strongly attached by the ethical belief of uprightness, simplicity, obedience, loyalty, respect and love.

The political leader has the core power to change the tide of the society to conform temporal view on the belief of afterlife .These are the expounded political discussions to know more about the genuine heart and soul of international politics from the point of view of collective society.

1. The collective society must sustain the patriotic and nationalistic act on issues of uprightness, dignity, freedom, liberty, respect and support of ethical leader.

2. The collective society must think that the world is no longer divided in the service of humanity.

3. The collective society must maneuver a political leader or member of the central government to take into account the "Gorbachev Syndrome" in the sense to separate the political process and belief of supernatural order as ordained by the ethical clothe of religion.

4. The collective society must gradually reflect the societal change with strong intact of patriotism and nationalism.

5. The collective society must still enforce authoritative rule in sex and violence in media.

6. The collective society must learn the innovative idea of human rights and respect of culture.

7. The collective society must now learn to train their children the new opportunities to discover the ethical temporal process to fight the goodness on the heart and mind of the society.

8. The collective society must reflect a perfect culture of possible genuine societal change to conform the ideal actions of the international community.

9. The collective society must know birth of new society that possibly leads to a perfect world more refined than the western world.

10. The collective society must now know their power to finally change the structure of central government wherein individual has the full power and authority to give societal respect, rights and freedom.

The concept of "people power" is the secret to finally change evil political structures of government. Let people know that changing the government must take the necessary precautions from the masquerade of people whom you think best suited to the position. This is usually happen when there is a change of political administration wherein the same political greed , vanity and interest from what they think as better government for all.

The nature of freedom and liberty has been identified by western culture that characterized by the idea of imperialistic and arrogant power to influence by the culture of the east. The manifestation of freedom and liberty is usually deeply rooted by mercantilism, colonialism, imperialism and capitalism.The historical product of social evolution is usually a cycle of greed and vanity. The human culture is constantly evolving from the biological desires of power and authority to control the world from domination.The closed system of the collective society has been on full force to manipulate their minds and souls by a creative leader in the central government. It you think that this is the collective society for East Asian, you are mistaken because regardless you are politicians of Europe or America you will find the same case on the hearts and souls of the society

E. World Domination : The Moral Ground on Entertainment and Media

Military aggression and intervention are not answers when you want to conquer the world…

We go back to the basic of war. Once you accomplished your mission you have to rehabilitate then establish a government that would conform to the policy of the international community. In all part of our history of war then civilians must enjoy their basic rights from education, shelter, health and other forms of social services that is the reason why American forces invested so much on infrastructure development and other forms of social services to educate the people as friendly people of the state.

Basically, you want them to enjoy life through the civilian affairs including the international community would provide assistance in all dimensions of social services. Given by the alternative conditions people would naturally live in peaceful life and enjoy the amenities such as food, clothing and other basic needs. In order to have a modest life you must each 3 times a day, live in a comfortable life with the modern appliances such as TV, refrigerator, air condition unit, cassette and other forms to relax themselves. The children and youth formed part of the enjoyment of societal life.

The societal life of all the nations of the world is now attributed to the modern use of technologies such as computers and internet . The basic technologies that attributed to better life such as appliances which include refrigerator, television, DVD, cassettes, and other affordable technologies. The clothing and accessories provided the fashionable development of culture in the urban areas and later on spread through out the far-flung areas in the community. The shelter has been totally changed that may adopt certain conditions in the place. The education has been striving to fulfill the cognitive, affective and psycho-motor development from the enormous material resources such as books, journals, and the internet. The health, sanitation and environment have also societal impact as to the incidence of the morbidity and morality of the state.

In short , existence of government is construed to the development of quality of life among the people of the state. The lower degree of quality of life that affected on education, health, sanitation and other critical basic needs may lead to social problems of the state. So to reduce this problem government funds and subsidies are provided to finally respond the national development thrust on employment, education, health and investment. So whether this is less developed countries or developed countries they tend to follow the same path of governmental existence. Take note that political ideologies and religion go side by side in this societal interpretation.

So life is dictated from enormous material dimensions that molded the mind of the citizens of the world. If the Japanese have dominated the world on technology… following these are the best strategies of political and power dominance in the 21st century. How the American Conquered the World in the 21st Century

  1. Entertainment .
  2. Broadcast Media:
  3. Consumer Products:
  4. Fashion
  5. Music
  6. Sports


The development strategy of the poor for the social equity mechanism must have a new economic approach to prevent the cycle of natural death as implemented by the international funding agency and the national government. There are full proof and indications of the high rate of success but the sustaining effect of the development program is catastrophic. The economic theory of dynamic strategic on social equity mechanism relies on the development sustainability to ensure the 100 percent rate of geometrical successions of benefits.

“The poor people are inherently creative to produce agricultural crops, handicrafts, souvenir items, food products, conned goods and other native products that could compete in the corporate world. Someone should assist them to market their product then no one will become poor once they have income and employment out of their product initiative.”


International Development Goals

The development goal is to sustain the employment generation program to attain the modest economic and social impact on the pro-poor program by initiating a social responsibility team to provide technical, management, financial and marketing support in the social equity program.

The development mission to provide sustained technical, management, financial and marketing support through the complementary process by linkages and partnership with the public and private sector in the development of social equity programs of the stakeholder.

Development Objectives

1. Continue the International Standard Management Program of the International Funding Agencies on the implementation of their development strategies of the social equity program for employment generation and creation of development enterprise such as micro-enterprise and medium scale enterprise to the stakeholders.

2. Create manage team for the social equity program by the sovereign state for the sustained technical, management,financial and economic support on the development enterprise implemented by the International Funding Agencies .

3. Provide development policy guidelines in the implementation of the social equity programs as employment generation program and micro-enterprise development for the stakeholders.

4. Create an Operational Management Team for the Social Equity Programs for coordinating centers,field support,institutional linkages, ME strategies , financial and management support.

5. Provide the partnership and linkages with the national government agencies such as trade and investment, commercial banks, export and import bureaus,and business centers.

6. Create employment agency for the job generation program for the micro-enterprise or medium scale enterprise.

7. Implement in sustained way the production,distribution and marketing of social equity good and services

8. Develop the marketing mix and segmentation of Social Equity Goods and Services

Development Strategy

1. International Standard Management Program

There are no international changes as to the development policy of the international funding agency on the strategic planning to the implementation of the social equity program.It is usually the prerogative of the international funding agency to implement program that may best their strategic interest of the social equity program. The policy guidelines are in place on the identification of the pro-poor programs such as sustainable development, gender and development, job generation and micro-enterprise development.

2. Management of Social Equity Mechanism

a) Development Policy Guidelines on Sustained Support by the National Government and Local Government Units.

b) Operational Management Team of Social Equity Mechanism

1) Management Team Coordinating Support

2) Management Team Field Support and Institutional Linkages

3) Financial and Marketing Team Support

4) Evaluation and Monitoring Management Team Support

c) Complementary Partnership and Linkages with the national government agencies such as trade and investment, commercial banks, export and import bureaus, business centers.

1) National and Local Government Support Team on Social Equity

2) Local and National Trade and Investment Support Team for the Marketing Program

3) Business Centers Coordinating Centers ( Malls,Supermarket and Local Grocery Stores)

4) International Marketing Support and Quality Management

5) Commercial Banks Support

d) The employment agency job generation program for the micro-enterprise or medium scale enterprise.

e) Production, Distribution and Marketing of Social Equity Goods and Services.

f) Marketing Mix and Segmentation of Social Equity Goods and Services


The implementation on the Economic Theory of Dynamic Strategy for Social Equity Mechanism may provide an effective and efficient way to implement the pro-poor programs that generate jobs or employment by the creation of the institutional enterprise. There are no problems of the International Funding Agencies about the implementation the pro-programs including the job generation in the Sustainable Development, Gender and Development, Micro-Enterprise Development and other development programs with ROI or NPV.

By this social equity program, the CBA,NPV and ROI have tremendous impact as to the job generation and multiplier effect on investments. These are the positive economic impact of the designed social equity program.

1. The CBA, NPV and ROI have a 3 to 4 times multiplier effect as to the economic analysis and the potential sustainability of the program. Assuming that the range monthly income of the stakeholder is $100-$300, the multiplier effect on sustainabilty at minimun rate of $500 on the five year period. The potential market value for consumer goods may reflect to almost 150% from the same range.

2. The sustainability of the program of the stakeholders may have beneficial reward for almost $200 once the enterprise sustained its peak in the market. The creation of products and services may rise on depending the capacity of the geo-political areas based on its productiveness to create a market from the micro-enterprise being developed.

3. The vibrance of the job generation program is addressed to the communities were potential product market has existed. The cash exchange on micro-enterprise product including the raw material sells may provide cash liquidity in the domestic market. On the other hand , the maturing enterprise that may be strategically invested for the international trade may provide the expansion of corporate enterprise.

The industrialized or developed countries have one formula in economic growth and development that is the " product marketing",as simple as that in steering the economic enterprise of the corporate world. This economic theory is based on the mass based-enterprise with the support of the private-public sector to market the product being produced. The problem of development assistance may left the stakeholders hanging once completed the project cycle of development. Let the sovereign state do the rest of the work....Well.. Catastrophic Governance may come in...Why? Let us put the issue of corruption,red tape,bloated bureaucracy and forms of mismanagement. Whether we like it or not that's the case. We cannot do otherwise because the poor people mostly existed from the countries that we are giving grants and assistance to provide job generation program.

The national government advocated international funding assistance and grants through the social and economic services particularly on education, health, infrastructure and job generation. The root cause of poverty is unemployment and low income that could not support basic needs of life. In the global community, it has been addressing the employment problem for centuries now. The political advocacy of communism, socialism and capitalism has been able to focus the problem of poverty. On recent time, only the capitalistic structure has succeeded in solving the problems of unemployment and low income because the proactive corporate enterprises that provided enough jobs and incomes for the poor.

The international community constantly providing all the necessary technical, management, infrastructure support for the sustainable development programs, cooperatives, gender and development, livelihood programs for agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, vocational training and other enormous international projects but it cannot sustain to become corporate enterprise.

The national government has supported the strict standard of the international funding agency but in the long run failed to sustain the programs. It must be noted that these programs where properly identified by the national development economic councils for the priority investment and infrastructure plans by even providing concrete master plan and development plan with all the support of the National Government Agencies (NGAs) and Local Government Units(LGUs). There is also strict protocol or procedure in the development and management cycle from the identification of the projects, proposing feasibility studies, granting the required financial assistance, the implementation of the project until the monitoring and evaluation of the project.

Why can a community livelihood programs, micro-enterprises, cooperatives and local enterprises cannot last long for even10 years? For almost 50 years of the existence of international funding institutions of developed countries failed swiftly to address the success social enterprise for the social equity programs? Is international model of development fail to suit the needs of the third world and developing countries? Is the sovereign state has inefficient and ineffective government to address this issue? What then should be the right remedy to issue this cycle of failures of the sovereign state and international funding agency?

There seems to be a problem in the final stretch of the social and economic development for the employment generation program that failed to address by the sovereign state and international funding agencies. They have the belief that “dole out” may not be the case to put solution to the problem. Or let them stand alone once the whole cycle of development has been placed with a grade of “excellent” in the technical, management, infrastructure and financial support as all provided by the international funding agencies. I believe the sentiments of the international funding agencies about the “equity or share” of the sovereign state for any development projects. However, once the development project has been given to the sovereign state there are now complications on its sustainability. Why?

1. The incompetence, inefficiency, and ineffectiveness of national and local government officials to coordinate and manage the development projects not to mention the problem of graft and corruption, business interest, and other political strife the complicated the situation once the development project is implemented.

2. The organizational process of the development project for social enterprise have all the ideal action to grow the enterprise but seemingly in the long run the financial resources cannot support the market and personnel staff.

3. The development cycle teaches the marketing and promotional plan, from marketing mix to segmentation. Only to find out the product could not support the competitive corporate nature of the business system.

4. The social enterprise has no enough cash to buy the input materials and divested to the local producers. There is no enough economic impact in the production of the product for this social enterprise.

5. The local products on this development projects failed to penetrate in the supermarket, stores, and malls as the primary demand of this product.

In order to address these issues and concerns in the development program for social enterprise such as cooperatives, micro and medium scale enterprises, local trade and industries, there is a need to shift an innovative approach to economic development to address these problems through the “Social Equity Model for Employment and Income” which generate high employment and income.


International Situation

In Asia and Africa, the agricultural areas characterize by subsistence farming with $ 100-150 on average monthly income of poor farmers. The source of income may take in form of the agricultural crops produced, which the farmers including peasants are hired for agricultural work during the planting and harvesting seasons. Although they can used the agricultural crops as the food sources of the family they still experience poverty (including famine and malnutrition) because of the low average income that cannot afford to buy the necessities of life.

The poverty threshold line remained at 80 percent in the impoverished rural areas in Asia and Africa. The growing concerns in poverty in the identified regions resulted to malnutrition, poor sanitation, high mortality and morbidity rate, low standard of living, economic and political exploitations in the society. The national government in Asia and Africa including the international funding agencies provided all the necessary support in the anti-poverty alleviation and pro-poor programs that might end the cycle of poverty in the rural areas.

For almost four (4) decades, the international agencies and national government agencies remained the same development strategies as to the gradual transition of the livelihood and social enterprise (cooperatives) programs, sustainable development programs and etc. into a graphic presentation on the downward cycle with the following characteristics of economic growth:

1) The financial assistance and grants for the development programs have high level of economic and business response to create cash fluidity in the domestic market such as temporary labor employment, infrastructure led enterprise for lumber stores and other businesses. Likewise, the sustainable development programs for the livelihood programs including micro-enterprise programs produce the temporary employment and worthy development projects for the Local Government Units and National Government Agencies.

2) The benchmarking and documentation for this high profile development projects have provided the worthy development programs. After the end of the Memorandum of Agreement, the development programs may in effect find way to local development for the span of two years depending upon the following situation :

a) The organization and management have enough training of capacity building programs from the consultants of the national government and funding agency.

b) There are development facilities and equipment to support the livelihood programs .The project designed for development has been completed on its management cycle.

c) The active participation on its full implementation at the early years of development. There are constant readjustments by the members for the logistics of the enterprise.

Given by exemplary organizational operations on its 1st phase operation for 1-2 years the management of the project development may now foreseeing strategic threats on all spheres :

1) The organizational mismanagement because of the underpinning nature of contextual social scenario of the development project. The main players for the people and women empowerment crystallize the economic reality on an impoverished community.

2) The gradual mismanagement from the recurring financial concerns including credit problems. Management quarrels including organizational positioning and conflicting interest.

3) The “smoke turns to fire” the strategic management concerns the beginning to feel the “organization crunch”. There are two scenarios on the downturn of the development projects; (a ) abrupt management crisis as a result of internal and external conflict arising from the strategic interest and scenario of the organization; and (b) the gradual management decline as a result of the local design of the project.

4) The “signs” degeneration and collapse from the simple to complex strategic problem of sustaining the organization and the gradual drain of financial resources.

II. Subsistence Farming and Contract Growers

The farming areas have all the surplus of agricultural crops. The traders, merchants and businessmen are the commercial traders of the agricultural enterprise. They provided the cash on the payment of the agricultural crops at a low price that are sols in the supermarket and commercial crops.

III. Marketing Product of Surplus Agricultural Crops : Supermarkets, Commercial Centers, Malls and Other Commercial Establishments

The commercialization of the surplus agricultural crops shall have market target in commercial centers, supermarkets, mall and other corporate enterprises. The technical support team shall also review the establishment of social equity section on those aforementioned centers for the sales of all quality products.

The towns or municipalities are core center for the marketing and commercialization on all surplus agricultural crops including the commercial products of the multi-national corporations.

1. Vegetable Section- Eggplants, tomatoes, unions,

2. Poultry Product Section- dressed chicken and eggs

3. Fish Product Section- native fish and dried fish

4. Livelihood and Micro-Enterprise Distribution

a) Furniture Section- handicraft and furniture products.

b) Local Products-tomatoes, dried fish, local wine products, milk products, rice, corn,and local basic commodities.

IV. Product Mix, Segmentation and Marketing System

The Social Equity Management Team shall provide the corporate strategies just like the multi-national corporations on the strategic market position which include the packaging, promotion and pricing mechanism.

The distribution of the agricultural crops is within the technical support by “giving cash or check” on commercial crops.

1. Rice - The commercial translation on the rice packaging .

2. Corn – The commercial provisions of the feeds, aqua-culture and poultry products.

3. Vegetables – The commercialization of vegetables in the supermarket.

4. Root Crops – The commercialization of the root crops in the supermarket.

5. Fruit Products – The commercialization of the fruit products

6. Other Potential Crops – The commercialization of other potential crops.

V. Technical Support Mechanism

The social equity program is the marketing and distribution of the agricultural crops, agri-business, poultry products, animal products and local industries.

1. Vicinity Product Marketing at the Supermarket and Commercial Centers- The clustering of input materials and packaging of the products within the radius of the territorial products. These shall be the distribution and sale of the products.

2. Trading Centers – Poultry Products, Swine, Goats, Cows and other Animal Products. There is pricing mechanism ( kilogram price system)

3. Single Proprietorship Local Industries – The finished products are sold through the Social Equity Enterprise. The local industries shall receive the payment through “Cash on Delivery” (C.O.D.) for the finished products received by the enterprise.

4. Social Equity Center for Quality Control Packaging – The field marketing support team shall for the packaging of the agricultural products and other forest products. After which, the product shall be distributed to the point of destination.

VI. Credit Line Facility Scheme and Contract Grower Support System

The Social Equity Management Team has to provide “contract grower support system.” There is a “credit line facility” to purchase the needed agricultural inputs and materials in the entire process of agricultural production.

These are the common problems of farmers in the production of agricultural crops as they are going to buy the agricultural inputs at a high price. The cost of production is quite high yet the harvest agricultural products are sold to a much lower price.

1. At a minimum 20 percent share of profits on the purchase of agricultural crops from the commercial dealers in agriculture and forest products.

2. At a minimum 20 percent share of profits in buying the agricultural and products to the farmers by traders, middlemen, and commercial dealers.

3. At a minimum 5 percent interest rate per month in the purchase of agricultural inputs.

As a solution o this problem, the Social Equity Management Team provide financial assistance which shall translate to the needed agricultural inputs, including the rent of tractors and other equipment.It shall provide the necessary input agricultural materials such as insecticides or pesticide , fertilizers and etc. These are the common problems of farmers in the production of agricultural crops as they are going to buy the agricultural inputs at a high price. The cost of production is quite high yet the harvest agricultural products are sold to a much lower price.


I. Situation: The Evolutionary Creation of Gender Bias

The natural life of species has instinctively dictated by the biological genes and habitat. The main activity for the biological existence is the proactive natural development that provided specific role of gender orientations on procreation, security and physiological needs adaptation. The gender orientation development of species evolves from by the natural gift of the male species to play the important role on the security and procreation to preserve the natural destruction of the familial origin on complementary process. The female species have the natural role to the procreation and nurturing the existence of race in natural physiological way. The life support in the nurturing and rearing process is so important to sustain the life cycle. There is no life existence without the complementary process of the male and female species as the evolution of its species as dictated by the natural way of the gender to the adaptation of habitat. This holds true to the mammalian kingdom and all other life forms including fishes, insects, animals and plants. There is a natural way for the procreation for the continuous evolution of the species whatever miserable consequences might happen to the female specie. The security has its own habitat protection and configured weapons to protect in the nurturing and rearing activities and the protection of life support. The male species have always instinctively protect the female species and its offspring from the danger of extermination by its own physiological strengthened with adjustable adaptation to the habitat.

On the other hand, the biological and physiological responses of the human species have the same natural adaptation on its role orientation for the procreation, security and physiological support. The pre-historic time has the same process as explained above, however, the change in time and growing experiences in the adaptation, protection and procreation had evolved to a more complicated life . It had still the same process on its instinctively designed physiological and biological for the adaptation of the habitat through the “survival of the fittest”. However, the growing concern of security and physiological support had evolved to little more complex by the used of flint stones and fires . The Paleolithic and Neolithic Periods had transformed the beginning of the new era for human species for the control for the habitat no longer part of the mammalian evolution as they discovered and invented the new way for the security , physiological and biological support to sustain the growing familial activities. The physiological support were being strengthen by the ancient technology not only hunting but the domestication of animals, cultivating the farm (agriculture), fishing in the river and coastal areas, and the creation of industries.

The female species had been the forefront of family development on its procreation support exemplified by the emotional dimension of the complementary love and compassion. The nurturing of the offspring were focused on their role in the family on the physiological and biological support for food, clothing, and shelter. The male species provided the physiological support and security to sustain the bloodline of the family. The physiological support was in the ancient activities on agriculture, fishing and hunting. While the security support followed by the physical strength and used of advanced weapons such as bow and arrow, flint stones, and sharp metals which protected them by the living predators in the forest .

What made the life complicated in the pre-historic time was the growing understanding of the human species on emotional attachments, social adaptation ,and mental development. It was no longer simply the proactive natural development by means of procreation, security and physiological needs adaptation but the adjustments of complex lifestyles.

The genesis of familial life of human species may follow this life cycle:

1.The procreation support on nurturing the offspring from the infancy period. It followed the physiological adaptation of the offspring with gender role on the specific work in the family and fieldwork. While, the security of the family which was assigned to the physical strength of the men.

2.The growing complexities of social life provided the guiding actions and attitudes for any member of the family, clan and tribe to follow certain norms, folkways, tradition, and culture. The elderly provided the keystones in turning the tide on the social obligations of the family members.

3.The tribal leader ( just like any animal groups) to provide the strategy on life sustenance, security protection , and physiological support in collective manner by the growing family into clan and tribe. The men with physical strengths secured the tribe by any other tribal groups that wanted to expand their territory.

4.Just like in the jungle that secured certain territorial jurisdiction of the animal kingdom, the human society had beginning to enforce the insatiable interest for territorial expansion. The men were fighting the polarity human interest on the influence for power and authority to control the life sustenance, security protection and physiological support. As a result there was the creation of slaves by the defeated tribes, respect of the king and queen, the elderly had the obligation to give advice and consolidate the political power.

5.The history of warring clans and tribes had been dominated by men as the front line for the security and protection the territory. The other men worked in the farm ,civil works , trade and commerce.

6.The women had provided the procreation, emotional attachment of the family , conduct house holds work and nurture the children. The defeat of the territory means the rape of women, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, maid and servants.

The deploring human conditions for women are deeply rooted by the physiological response of species. All livings things have an evolutionary pattern for procreation that made them response to sexual instinct. The animal kingdom response to the sexual instinct based on the reproductive response on certain biological time for mating. Therefore, the sexual drive of the animal may defend so much during the fertility period of the female and find someone fitted to the procreation on the physical strength and leadership, and of course the female qualification desire that may is adaptable to the habitat. Interestingly, animal kingdom has no sexual abuse or slaves that may happen; the procreation process for the female side may become a subject of instinctive fight on the male side. The victorious male has the opportunity to procreate based on the sexual instinct they have. In the end, of the procreation process the family sustenance and security begins the life cycle of the preservation of species.

The pre-historic period had the same physiological response on the procreation, sustenance and security of the family. It changed this physiological concept of procreation, when men became so engrossed in the cycle of political war on territorial expansion that produced from the tribe then state to kingdom. The life became complex in the social adoption for the conformity of human behavior in order to prevent societal chaos. The evolution of family created new order of social phenomena such as norms, folkways, mores, and laws. The women played an important role in the family responsibility on substance, nurturing and educating the offspring and compassionate love to their partner. There was family harmony and balance in the society .

The broke down of this family cycle of harmony and balance was within the religious and supernatural beliefs, the social laws , and the destructive consequences of war and the psychological response of the human species.

1.The religious and supernatural beliefs wherein women were buried beside the coffin of her husband. The women were forced to marry the brother for her deceased husband. The sacrifice of women for bountiful harvest any other violence that affected their life.

2.The social laws from the rigid gender societal structure on the physical dominance of men . The security and protection of the family members were at the hand of men and elders. The women were not given the political and social dominance in the protection and security of the family members.

3.The destructive war on territorial expansion created human slaves. The women were considered as a social commodity such as sexual slaves and servants of the aggressors.

4.The most destructive reason of the sexual violation of women even the peaceful time of the past and contemporary time is the physiological response of men. The sexual instincts of men define the insatiable sexual violence of women until now.

The contemporary time no longer holds the social dilemma of religious beliefs, social laws, and war. This social dilemma is still byproduct of the physiological response of men about their sexual drive. This is now a social cancer from the mutation of physiologic response of men.

The social advocacy on gender equality from the feminist movements and GAD programs remained far from reality to reduce gender bias. It holds that there is now the liberation of women as their human rights and freedom that is now equal to all men. In the contemporary time, the gender equality is at the pinnacle of success in the human liberation of women. I believe they have done so much to change the gender culture awareness in Europe .These have been the result of the gender success in developed countries:

1. The high incidence of divorce and single mother because of the “fucking shit” father whose main interest is on masculinity, dominance and most of all the sexual drive for beautiful women.

2. The women kept on dating compassionate and good men as future partner. These are the genuine partners you can find as family now in developed countries.

3. The rise of feminist movement to sustain the fight against the gender discrimination including the responsibility of UN in the advocacy of “Gender and Development”

However, the sexual drive of men in developed countries remains active based on this “age of commercialism” as the object of demand in economics:

1. The commercial products on whisky, scotch, beer, and red wine with theme of highly desirable for the physiologic response may find advertiser to use the sexy and beautiful women .

2. The commercial bar provides women in action as GRO and prostitutes. It also includes the use of magazines and pornographic materials where in the women are exposed in degrading sexual object just to meet the sexual drive men.

3. Women rights are fighting all the social dimension of gender bias, gay rights , lesbian rights, rights of abortion, and all other rights just to break the gender bias. The breakdown of family is culturally imminent once violated the rights of women from the highly societal structure

II. Alternative Solution : The Family-Oriented Approach to Human Development

There seems to be social dilemma as to the continuous gender struggle on “gender’s right”, “sexual exploitation”, “physical abuse”, and other moral turpitude implicated by the dominance of men of the highly structured society. The “feminism movement” has been always correct on whatever women rights on all social dimensions in the past centuries. As an artificial cloth to relieve on “gender equality” from the feminine struggle in the past, it resulted to the international government advocacy on “Gender and Development (GAD). There have been development success on this endeavor no doubt the women find their employment in the community. They have given all the national government support on all front line services. They have given full cloth of power and authority to finally justify the “ gender equality” from the naïve wisdom for “gender or women empowerment” than men could no longer physically, morally and mentally abused the women. The international community provides all the necessary development program in the “ Gender and Development” particularly in providing employment and income to them. The national government development thrust at all regions in the world finally provided all the financial support through the international government agencies for the “micro-enterprise programs”, “sustainable developments”, “cooperative enterprises”, and other livelihood programs to support them.

As a result of this development initiatives of the international community and the national government agencies, the banner of success finds its way from the websites of the International Government Funding Agencies on this “Gender and Development Program” on an illustrative faces of happy women in the community . From this illustration of the gender and development program the sense of appreciation from women “ All faces are smiling for native women in Asia and Africa as they carry their offspring’ working in the livelihood program,

The Gender and Development Advocacy for women is to provide priority work for them, however, it means more responsibility of women of the over burden work at home. The women should not be given employment priority even on the micro-enterprise rather than their husbands who shall have the GAD employment priority. The deplorable conditions of women in Asia and Africa have the root cause of the underemployment and unemployment of their husbands. There are no productive enterprise and employment generation program

Once the provisions of social needs are met, the social dilemma may reduce at reasonable level. The employment and income shall be the responsibility of the husband to provide the needed financial resources of the family. It can still complement that for the additional income of the family by the help of the wife. However, this creates another problem in the family as who will take care the children.

The viability of the GAD projects may of course come in their own home as they make any livelihood programs that may add their income as the condition may warrant: “The women shall have the job at home with flexible time to work for the items to be sold in the market.”

A. Adoption of the Social Equity Model for Employment and Income for Gender Equality

The direction of the social equity model for employment and income provides the sustained employment support of the poor people. The fusion of the GAD program is done by the gender strategy through the participation of men from the capacity building program on the different levels. Before giving the stable job of the poor people particularly men may first give the capacity building training for family-oriented approach to human development.

B. Family Support Orientation Training

This is the social integration on the sole responsibility of the husband to provide the needed support of the family. It provides information about their responsibility to complementary nurture the children and their wife. The training also enhances their understanding about compassionate love, and values/ethical fusion in the family.

1. Social Equity Capacity Building for Family Support

2. Civil and Family Rights Advocacy for Children and Women

3. Values and Ethical Responsibility Training for the Family

4. Gender Commitment for Family Support

5. Gender and Development Strategy on Family-Oriented Approach to Human Development

6. Social Equity Employment and Income Share

7. Monitoring and Evaluation of the Family Support Program

C. Marriage Counseling and Sharing of Responsibility for the Family Support

The continuation of the family support orientation training for a more responsive GAD program. The husband and wife come up with marriage commitment plan for the family support. Since the Social Equity Model gives them employment they may now find ways to solve the inherent family problems. The children are provided family orientation on the real condition of their family.

1. Marriage Counseling for the Parents

2. Family Support Sharing for the Children

3. Marriage Commitment Plan

4. Family Oriented Approach to Human Development

5. Monitoring and Evaluation of the Family Support Mechanism

D. Family Social Service Development Support

The social equity model for employment and income gives the opportunity to monitor the family. They are given varied Monitoring and Evaluation report to find out whether there are no grave abuses by the parents particularly the husband such as the problem of the physical abuse of the wife. This is an extended social services support just like what is provided in social welfare and women’s desk.

  1. Family Support on Employment and Income
  2. Family Education and Career Development
  3. Family Health Card for Social Equity Program
  4. Family Marriage Counseling Center and Social Development.
  5. Monitoring and Evaluation on the Family Social Service Development Support


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    • profile image

      china man 

      8 years ago

      Pretty comprehensive round-up of the situation - I like it. When I have a little more time I will come back and pick an argument with a point or two maybe, but till then it looks about right to me!


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