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The Lloyd Pye Hypothesis Analyzed

Updated on April 21, 2014
Lloyd Pye did a lecture tour concerning topics such as human origins, big foot, evolution, creation, aliens and on the Star Child, the imitation skull shown here.
Lloyd Pye did a lecture tour concerning topics such as human origins, big foot, evolution, creation, aliens and on the Star Child, the imitation skull shown here. | Source

Do We Need to Rethink Our Origins?

A researcher who recently died from cancer, has offered what is considered by many to be a preposterous hypothesis on the origins of humanity. It flies in the face of both evolutionary and creationist ideas. Yet there are elements in the hypothesis based on hard facts that are not well known but undeniable; hard facts that stand to ruin otherwise good theories. His idea is well founded on many scores and includes a wide variety of ideas, some of which are now well founded and even supported by famous scientists from the recent past. Other ideas lurk in the realm of fanciful speculation as promoted by popular writers in the mid to late 20th century. But there is a core of solid fact that makes one sit up, take notice and scratch their head. It is some of these ideas that we will now examine and they include the following.

  • Chromosome variations between humans, primates and other close match species

  • A history of catastrophism and the idea of crustal displacement

  • The sometimes confusing evidence of archaeology and paleontology.

  • The field of genetically modified organisms (GMO)

  • Stratospheric geoengineering

  • The field of legend and myths

  • Cosmology and cosmogony

The field of genetics is one of great interest but sometimes poor understanding, partial knowledge and ignorance of important facts. Most of us know that the human genome consists of 46 chromosomes with one that varies between the male and the female of the species. Those are the well known 'X' and 'Y' chromosomes of the female and male respectively (1). These different configurations exist in most other mammals than humans, some insects and in the gingko plant (2). These particular chromosomes are known as gonosomes and show up as 'XX' in females and 'XY' in males. This is how we can tell at a cellular level if a cell came from a female or a male in many, but not all instances. But this is not the end of this particular story. Human beings are known very well by now to have 46 chromosomes or 23 pairs, one of which is the 'XX' or 'XY' type. What is much less well known, is that our closest evolutionary cousins; primates such as the gorilla, the chimpanzee, bonobo, orangutan and others, from which almost all of us think we evolved, have 48 chromosomes or 24 pairs including the 'XX' or 'XY' (3, 4). What we are also not told, is that species that have the same count as humans, such as the gazelle and dear mouse, are in no way our possible immediate genetic evolutionary cousins. There is a serious problem here that is difficult for the evolutionist to explain. How does a human being wind up with less chromosomes than a chimpanzee and the human being is more complex in that they can speak and do many other things a chimpanzee is unable to do? One would think that the count in both cases should be at least identical! But, it is not as well documented research and studies indicate. Who are we to believe in a world that runs on lies? Most of us are not in a situation to do the complex experiments required to verify or deny the various allegations. We have to place faith on well grounded, repeated and cooberated research results. The fact that we have mapped the entire human genome (5) and that of many other species (6), as well as doing experiments in genetic modification (7) is at least some indication of our advances in understanding if for no other reason than the popular response against GMOs today. We still have to answer the troubling question of our difference from our primate cousins, or the idea of evolution is at least in need of some very serious and timely revision. To brush off the question is to discredit scientists as being on the same level as mumbo jumbo religious superstition, of which they were alleged to be in advance of. But what we are looking at is lies on both fronts and we are staring face to face with our own shortcomings.

But, all is not lost, because there is a case where chromosome mismatches produce offspring, but these are sterile. The case in point is the mating of horses and donkeys. Horses have 32 pairs of chromosomes and donkeys have 31 pairs. The matting of opposite sexes from the two animals will give birth to two distinct offspring. A male horse mating with a female donkey, causes a mule to be born. The mule will have 31 chromosome pairs and a left over single strand. On the other hand, the mating of a male donkey to a female horse results in a hinny being born. The extra single strand chromosome is what some think causes the mule and hinny to be sterile (7a). The reference provided is an interesting read in itself. It is a wonder that the mating of a human with another primate has not caused the same result. Inasmuch is known, there are no offspring from a human and some other primate. Were that the case, we would possibly expect to see some creature with the traits of both primate and human with an extra single strand chromosome. Such a creature would likely be sterile as a mule or hinny. Was there, or is there a being that is a child of an ape-human conjugal relationship? If so, then we can expect to see two different types depending on whether the male was an ape or human and the female either a human or ape. This kind of thing is speculated upon in the reference 7a, but is also commented on in other speculation and research (7b, 7c). The results are inconclusive and if the horse-donkey mating holds any water, the offspring between ape and human would be sterile, requiring a program of constant mating to keep up a supply of hybrids. Why would hybrids be of interest? The quick answer would be slaves that have a strong body, but a relatively undeveloped mind, but developed enough to learn rudimentary tasks in hard labour. Experiments of all kinds have been conducted, but the results have been suppressed and/ or censored for political, religious and other reasons.

Catastrophe Can Come in Many Ways Including By Our Own Hands

Many natural catastrophes will result in something like this depiction of a fire-storm. It can come from war, an Impact, an Earthquake or civil unrest.
Many natural catastrophes will result in something like this depiction of a fire-storm. It can come from war, an Impact, an Earthquake or civil unrest. | Source

The Role of Catastrophism

By now, it is well known that the cosmos and everything in it lurches from catastrophe to catastrophe. Most are small and insignificant, except for the individuals involved, but occasionally, there is a huge one that is a wake up call for the whole world. One such catastrophe in the modern period is the the March 11th, 2011 earthquake and tsunami off the coast of Japan that generated the Fukushima disaster that plagues us to this day (8), let alone the huge problems caused by the tsunami alone. Then there are the disasters of bygone periods, many of which are recorded in history, such as the 1883 and 535 eruptions of Krakatoa that brought weather, tsunami and other ruins that in one instance, changed the course of history (9, 10). Then there are the legends, such as the flood of Noah and the Epic of Gilgamesh (11). The really major catastrophes are though to result from an impact by an asteroid or comet and from crustal displacement. Of the later, a researcher by the name of Charles Hapgood (12), with the backing of none other than Albert Einstein proposed that the crust of the earth shifts in an aperiodic manner with the result that world wide catastrophe strikes. This is though to be the source of the flood legends, the evidence of sudden flash freezing of animals like the wooly mammoth, mass graves, huge carved out canyons, sudden rise in sea level, radical short term temperature change and the like. The last such displacement is considered with ample evidence, to have occurred some 12,660 years ago, plus or minus 20 years. The physical location of the poles moved some 30 degrees with the result that North America drifted southward and the landmasses that make up Antarctica, moved toward the south pole and froze over. But this is just one of many such incidents. There is also the cosmic influences such as from asteroids, comets and even the penetration of the solar system by a rogue planet(s) (13).

From the examination of our own solar system, we can easily see that it is a place of countless impacts and catastrophes of all sizes from the tiny to the stupendous. There is evidence from the orbital dynamics of large, highly elliptical bodies in the Trans Neptunian region, that there are at least three larger bodies causing turbulence in the outer regions of the solar system. All of these have different orbital elements, suggesting the presence of this hidden giants (14, 15). These can be rogue planets not bound to the sun, as the planets we know, but are there nonetheless due to the fact that the count for the number of such bodies in the galaxy at large would put at least 100 within one light year of the sun. An impact could be a force that would serve as a tipping point for a crustal displacement. But, a crustal displacement can occur without an impact as a trigger. The last crustal shift was thought to have been tipped by an impact of a comet. One thing is certain, is that for the depth of recorded history, there has been a dread of comets that is handed down to us in literature and art of all sorts (16).

Given the tumult of the earth's history, just from earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic explosions alone, we can see the immediate devastation in the affected areas. A relatively minor event on earth scale, happened in 1980 with Mt. St, Helens in Washington State (17). Yet, the explosion from this one event caused total damage from blast effects, flooding and ash over hundreds of square miles. Imagine the damage from a volcano like Krakatoa in 535 and 1883. Now consider what would happen with an asteroid strike or a crustal displacement. These two would cause volcanic explosions, huge tsunamis, catastrophic weather and other global changes. Given the upheaval in these varying scenarios, does it not make sense that the geologic record could become scrambled? Thus, archaeology and paleontology can suddenly become much more difficult as the result of such scrambling of the geologic record in an aperiodic fashion, at least locally if not globally (18). Immanuel Velikovsky wrote several works as a commentary and research in global catastrophism, that caused much controversy in his day, but is now more widely accepted (19). In one work, he proposed that great calamity causes universal amnesia and this one fact has since been born out in more localized disasters, such as in the Haitian earthquake of 2010 (20). Some events are so shocking that they cause trauma where people will blot out conscious memory of the event. Velikovsky took this to another level, suggesting that this can be across the human race in really large, world wide catastrophic events. Yet, a few would remain composed enough to recount the events in legends and stories for posterity. Otherwise, the scope of the catastrophe would be great enough, not only to erase most memory, but to overturn the landscape so that sediments are seen lying at an angle or sideways, some folded like paper and others broken up into a confused mess (21). It took some major catastrophe to cause this and it is thought that this happened quickly instead of gradually. For the neophyte who overlooks such things, the geologic record can present unusual out of place findings according to the standard model. This is just one scenario among many. Earthquakes, floods and other huge events can really scramble the record. But there is one line of evidence that indicates that a major world shift has not happened in the last 12,000 years and that is megalithic structures around the world from Stonehenge, all the pyramids and many other major sites that all exhibit a high degree of technological prowess. Older structures do indicate some changes!

The geological record can be confusing owing to the turbulent history of the planet. There have been huge floods, impacts, volcanic explosions, mega-earthquakes, ice ages and crustal displacements, all of which have done much to scramble the geological record. It is not a simple matter of digging down and finding older and older records according to depth. In some parts of the earth, structures that are obvious sediments, lie sideways instead of level and flat (22). How can we say in the face of that, that some are not even upside down. Further, as the Grand Canyon attests, sediment have been laid for a long time and water wear can carve a very deep groove over time, or perhaps in a relatively short time; it is hard to say at a casual glance. There are places where sediments appear rippled and folded (23) as if some giant had squeezed two ends of sediment layers and caused them to fold and undulate. As sediments can't do this when dry, this must have resulted from some violent incident in a sub-oceanic environment when they were still wet and muddy. Later the sea departed and they dried and hardened in the folded condition. In other regions, rocks, trees, clay, sand and animal bones are gathered together in one mangled and confused mass (24). The interesting oddity is that the tree stumps are usually in a vertical position in relation to the rest of the mass. In fact, it is relatively rare to find sediments that are what they appear, with young material on top and progressively older material according to depth from the surface.

By Merely Digging into the Ground, You Might be in for Some Unusual Surprises

These machine parts were found in Russia, allegedly fused in granite and dated to 400 million years old. This type of find is far from alone.
These machine parts were found in Russia, allegedly fused in granite and dated to 400 million years old. This type of find is far from alone. | Source

The Geologic Record Contains Many Unusual Surprises

Added to this somewhat confusing jumble, are Ooparts (Out Of Place Artifacts) that seem to be in layers that are old, but contain elements that are very contemporary (25). Stories abound about high tech objects found entombed in ancient rocks, such as machine gears imbedded in 300 million year old rock in Russia (26). There are other finds, such as alloys in ancient structures that we have only recently learn how to fabricate. Many people have heard of the fetishes that look much like modern jets that have been retrieved in digs where they should not have been found. This can paint a confusing palaeontological picture. There are an increasing number of finds like this all around the world that are challenging the ways we think about everything. It appears for most areas of the planet, the record of history can be rather confusing. Radiological and carbon dating are often used as a guide, but in the case of carbon 14 dating, the content of that isotope varies over time in the atmosphere, so we can at best, get a rough estimate of age (27). We have to cross check the amount of carbon in the atmosphere by comparing with ice-core samples that are themselves now under question owing to the evidence of crustal displacement and the changing positions of the earth's physical, rotational poles on the shifting crust. Except in rare circumstances according to this fact, there should be very little ice over 13,000 years old anywhere on earth! The best places to look, would therefore be in the high glaciers of the Himalayan Mountains, the Andes and other such high locations as there has been ice for far longer than the 13,000 year limit. Yet, even the very mountain glacial age can be called to task given the possibility that most mountains today are very young geologically. That would mean that the ice is also young geologically.

Consider for a moment, what would happen in a rapid realignment of the crust due to some external impulse and/or imbalance (28). Where the crust was crushed into a smaller space, you would get underwater folds and surface upthrusts creating uneven terrain and mountains. In regions where it was stretched, you would find fresh basins, canyons and escarpments, some of which would fill with water. New volcanoes would spring to life in regions formerly free of them. A sudden lurch would slosh the oceans out of their basins, forming mega-tsunamis that would completely scramble anything that was washed over by them. We can get a small taste of that with the Japanese tsunami of March 11, 2011. This displacement can answer a lot of questions that otherwise would remain a mystery. A lot of changes can happen very quickly and as in other areas, we would not have much in the way of a reliable yardstick with which to measure anything through time. At best, we can form an educated guess in a lot of circumstances. We are thus forced to be very careful in our analysis.

Lloyd Pye makes the claim that human beings are genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that were created for the purpose of doing the grunt work for their creators. They were specifically made for the earth environment and were knock offs with plenty of defects, because after all, it was a rush job done fast, cheap and dirty as ready slaves were needed for some massive job and slaves don't have to be perfect; just good enough. They were made with backs that are strong and minds that are weak, just as in the song “Sixteen Tons”. This supposedly happened some 200,000 years ago and was achieved by an advanced alien civilization that found the earth unsuited for their own immediate needs. Finding life already here and requiring resources, they abducted animals, with the matching number of chromosomes to humans which they subsequently re-engineered for their purposes. That purpose wast to extract resources and reshape the earth (29). There are plenty of sci-fi movies that play with such themes. Nevertheless, the task was to immediately extract needed resources and in the long term, alter the very environment of the planet. As a species we have been very good at both to our own detriment. But it might be an improvement for an invading species. That of course, is hypothetical.

To the record supporting this claim, we have been involved ourselves in genetic modification. This has been going on for several decades and it has produced some successes and plenty of controversy. Some would even suggest that there has been some human genetic modification going on, but this would be in the area of super secret military experimentation (30). Lately, we have also been very busy at geo-engineering, specifically in the stratosphere to block sunlight and effect weather patterns (31). Artificial environments are also a type of geo-engineering, especially on a large scale, such as the Three Gorges Dam in China. There are ancient structures all around the planet that are baffling in a large number of ways, such as stones carved to high precision and weighing anywhere from a hundred to 3,000 tonnes. We have difficulty moving the smaller ones and the largest are out of our technological grasp to move and place one on top of another. Yet we are to believe that ancients moved such obelisks and blocks using nothing but crude ropes and levers of wood. Further, many of these are made of granite and we are to believe that they were shaped and smoothed with stone and copper tools. Preposterous! Sometime in our deep past, we were able to do such things, but a major cataclysm eliminated those with the skill to do it, leaving only the most primitive to survive, as Plato mentions in his discourses (32). There is plenty of underwater evidence to suggest to us that a global empire called Atlantis did exist. This is by no means scanty of speculative (33).

This is the Basic Lloyd Pye Lecture

What Do Modern Findings Say?

To the contrary, we do not know of any species with the same number of chromosomes as human other than the gazelle and the dear mouse. Neither of these would appear to be the foundation of the human race as we know it. There must be some other species that so far, that is unknown to us, at least in any detail. We are left with several options. We don't know everything and have been lied to on all sides. Our true ancestor is kept secret. We are not of this earth. We are genetic experiments. We have been created. These are what emerges from the revelation that we are not related to any known species on earth. Lloyd Pye suggests that that species is the likes of Big Foot, Sasquatch, Yeti and other like creatures. Proof of these is based on casts of footprints, hearsay evidence and poor quality and dated film footage (34). There is plenty of confusing resources about genetic records or no genetic records, none of which appear to be rigorously scientific or controlled and many that are as speculative as the appearances of Christ or the Virgin Mary by various witnesses as seen in mouldy bread, in clouds and the like. The one case where it is cited that a creature like Big Foot aka neanderthal was captured and bred with in Russia, turned out to be related to a tribe in Africa genetically, suggesting that this Big Foot at least was more likely an escaped slave than another species (35). It is why the inhabitant males could successfully mate with her and produce viable offspring. This is what we are looking at! Are we perhaps the product of an alien-primate mix where our apparent closest cousins were reworked genetically using primate stem cells with alien nucleotides? This is even more speculative with no concrete proof at all! Then there is the so called “star child” where a copy of a scull is produced as evidence. The story suggests that it was found in a cave, but the rest of the skeleton was left behind. There is some recent evidence to suggest that this is the skull of another species that may now be extinct (36). Otherwise, this in part, if not in whole, has the appearance of a fraud and a money maker at that. There are stories and myths that go back to ancient Assyria, but these can be worked to say anything, just as the Bible can be worked and reworked to say anything. People then determine the fate of others based on reworked propaganda. Once again, we run smack dab into fabrications and the potential for lies to the end of propaganda and crowd control. We are not suggesting that there are no species out there that we are more related too as explorers constantly find new ones all the time. What we do acknowledge is the fact that the missing link is still at large and missing! All that is being stated is that the jury is still out and that we have been lied to from at least two quarters, that is, established science and organized religion.

Stratospheric geo-engineering was an idea conceived to help us modify the weather and to lessen the impacts of our other atmospheric alteration through the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. What this idea encompasses is to mimic the influence of a massive volcanic eruption to block out some incoming sunlight to cool the earth. As the ice fields of the earth are in an accelerated meltdown, we are aware that our activities are responsible and that counter measures are required. So, by the use of aluminium and barium along with other sun blockers, we are attempting to do what volcanoes do naturally, but with materials that are not as harmful as sulphuric acid or carbon dioxide, which are part of our problem (37). There is controversy over the long term toxic effects of aluminium and barium, but they are in common use today and can be spotted being laid out overhead anywhere in the world. They differ from contrails as these tend to disappear from view within a minute of being produced, whereas, chemtrails as they are popularly known, persist for hours, sometimes days.

When we examine the stories of myth and legend, we can run into a lot of trouble, especially if we cannot accurately translate an idea or if the ideas are unfamiliar to us. There is also the problem of superimposing our own concepts onto the past which often are not a valid method of understanding what really occurred. The single most important idea of any myth or legend is that almost all of them have to do with cosmogony. that is, the understanding that the various writers of the myths and legends had for the cosmos and how it related to humanity. They are sky related stories that are matched on the ground by stellar oriented architecture. With that one single idea, we can immediately make more sense out of seeming impossible stories. Others may actually be historical accounts that became embellished for reasons of propaganda.

Cosmology and research into the universe is turning up new and surprising information almost every day. Some of the more interesting finds is that it is now thought that planets outnumber stars by 100,000 to 1 and that most of these are not associated with stars (38). Given the quantity, we can calculate that there are 100 of these within one light year of the sun and one or two may be fairly massive. Another interesting find of late is that most red dwarf stars are found to have planets, unlike larger stars that often do not (39). Red dwarfs by their nature are harder to see due to the background glow of all the brighter stars and dust. Again, it is thought that most stars are of the red dwarf category, suggesting that there may be a few in close vicinity to us; closer perhaps than Alpha Centari. Given the high eccentricity orbits of some Trans Neptunian Objects and the forgoing, the Nibiru aka Nemesis idea has at least some plausibility (40). The cosmos that we see has inspired a host of stories that are contained in the myths and religions of the world. They differ in detail but are consistent world wide in the main, suggesting that at one time, there was a universal, single source for the ideas. Most of the ideas are sky lore and we can appreciate that in works such as Seiss' or Bullinger's “Gospel in the Stars” (41) that relates the story of Jesus' life as the progress of the sun through the zodiac. Jesus as we see in myth is recapitulated in similar figures through time and locale around the planet. The same works detail cataclysms of a global and frightening scale and warn that they will happen again. For the lower castes, this is stated as a punishment for sin, corruption, violence and the like. For the upper castes, they see the periods between the great destruction periods as an opportunity to get ready and escape the inevitable, They put the lower castes to work to build the escape plan and then leave them behind when catastrophe strikes. This happens repeatedly and hints are found in Blavatsky's “Secret Doctrine” (42), in the works of Velikovsky (43), the Bible, the Mahabharata, Mayan cosmogony and cosmology and so on. According to Blavatsky, there have been four great cycles and this concurs with Mayan cosmogony, between which, there is a clear separation, that is, between the Secret Doctrine and the Calendar cycles of the Maya.

Something decisive happened 12,660 years ago, plus or minus 20 years that altered the course of life on the planet and shattered a once mighty civilization, that has been called Atlantis since the time of Plato, and onward (44). The event was huge and altered everything. Some say that some of the Atlanteans escaped and ideas abound as to where. This event scrambled much of the record, making sleuthing out the truth a monumental task. There is a lot that we know and we learn more each day; but; there is far more we don't know and we know that there are forces out there that would prefer that most of us remain ignorant. Do we need to rethink pour origins? The somewhat qualified answer is yes; we do. But what that precisely is, remains very much to be objectively determined.





  4. Young WJ, Merz T, Ferguson-Smith MA, Johnston AW (June 1960). "Chromosome number of the chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes". Science 131(3414): 1672–3. Bibcode:1960Sci...131.1672Y. doi:10.1126/science.131.3414.1672. PMID 13846659.













































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