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The Many Generations of Sex

Updated on January 23, 2014

Talking to Your Teens About Sex

I have written many different articles about copulation. I have written hubs concerning teenage pregnancy, ways to implementing copulation exercises, to "How to" hubs about feeling sexier. Moreover, I have touch on this subject matter before but, not with this sincerity. I am truly concern about America being too conservative, and extremely uptight.

I'll tell you what prompted me to write another article about intercourse. I watched an episode of the Bravo cable series, The Housewives of New Jersey. In that episode, Jacqueline Laurita was talking to her eighteen year old daughter, about her living arrangements. Her daughter had just recently moved out of the home, because she felt her family's rules were too strict. Same story, we all have heard it before.

However, what caught my attention was that, is was quite clear that Jacqueline had never really conversed with her daughter about any sexual topics. The teen giggled and squirmed when Jacqueline asked if she was being safe and using protection. I, being the opposite of Jacqueline's parenting practices, and was appalled that she was just now getting involved, in her daughter's sex life. Seriously, that tells me that there is something terribly wrong with our sexual generation.

As parents, we should be truthful to our kids. We should not tell them to wait. That is simply unrealistic. Did you wait? Well if you did..., you were one out of a million. Our kids today should not be scared to talk to us about sex. We, as parents should not make sex appear to be something "nasty or dirty." I honestly feel that if more families were honest about sex, our kids would be safer, and more open to saving it for marriage. Furthermore, it is crazy in this day and age for parents not to be providing condoms, for their kids or some kind of birth control for their daughters. Especially that is if you don't want another tax credit adjustment on your next year taxes. Unwed mothers and teenage pregnancies are at an all time high, in our illogical society. The burden that fact causes on our individual state's tax system is at the breaking point. I, for one am tired of forking out my hard earn money on pregnant kids, whose mothers and fathers forgot to talk about sex to them. It's the very definition of insanity in my humble opinion!

What really gets my gall brewing is how the modern-day parent, just expects our young lovers to abstain from sex. Just as the Housewife of New Jersey, pretended that her kid was not, or just now having sex. She is a wild 18 year old girl. Newsflash Jackie, you have allowed her to carry on with a 23 year old boyfriend. Get a clue lady- the two of them are having sex! That 1950's ideology is ancient history. To me that thought process is as barbaric as Attila the Hun himself was. Who by the way, had plenty of great sex partners, and it was not the dirty, little, secret of the village either. Americans are way too uptight about sex. Why we lput guilt trips on people who love to have sex, or why we feel the need to have a new scientific approach to sex- is completely beyond me. As for myself, I love sex. Sex is something to be deemed beautiful, and not buried as a cryptic, deep, dark, and mysterious secret. This policy of turning a blind eyed to the reality of love, is more dangerous than any nuclear weapon release upon us. Emptiness leads to destruction. If we can learn anything from our past generations, it should be that sex is sex, and it is where the vitamins that our precious souls need, are kept good for good keeping.

The Study of Sex

Once upon a time, sex was just sex. A caveman's reason to breed. However, throughout many generations of humanity, sex has transpired from being basic need to something almost feared. Though sex has played an important role in the right of passage for men, it has always been a way for men and women to provide one another great pleasure. This form of family activity between a man and his wife, was not the best kept secret in town either. Its enjoyment is the reason why, so many large families were created during the early 1600's to the mid 1900's. It was carried on with the full backing of the Catholic church, practiced, and even encouraged without the worries of prudish neighbors. To be Catholic in 1600 or a present day Mormon, almost certainly meant you were going to be apart of a very large family.

However, America's close mindedness towards sexual activity has led to a new "Scarlet Letter" community lifestyle. A society where sex is everywhere, yet it is nothing more than a cryptic secret, consumed in disillusions and severely lacking in passion. This most basic human need, has now turned into America's worse secrets. Do you realize that it is a known fact that both the Confederate and Union soldiers, were allowed and even encourage to visit brothels and bawdy houses, throughout the span of the war? It has been documented that;

“In 1864 there were 450 brothels in Washington D. C., and over 75 brothels in nearby Alexandria, Virginia. A local newspaper estimated there were 5000 public women registered as working girls in the District of Columbia alone, and another 2500 in Alexandria and Georgetown. By the third year of the Civil War there were more than 7500 women working in the prostitution industry in the Washington D.C. area." -History of Sex, History Channel

This new era of hush-hush conversations between people concerning sex, has only brought about the advancement of a new Anthropology/Sociology, scientific field of study, known as Sexology. Which is of course, the study to helping people understand, why they need to have sex. Seriously people, since when do we need scientist teaching us ways to have sex, and giving us reasons why we should have sex? It seems a little crazy to me but am I the only one in thinking so? Sex is sex! It is one of the most beautiful, intimate, experiences two or more people can share. It relaxes the soul, and enhances the mind.

© 2010 Julie Grimes


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