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The Metaphysical, Physical, Science and Faith

Updated on October 23, 2012

Quantum reality

A sub-atomic particle spray pattern resulting from a high speed collision in an accelerator. The eye of the quantum.
A sub-atomic particle spray pattern resulting from a high speed collision in an accelerator. The eye of the quantum. | Source

If we take the position that existence is in itself miraculous, then indeed, there is a metaphysical relationship between nature, faith and science. Neither science nor religion have ever completely answered the question, "Why is there something rather than nothing?" Science has theories and hypotheses and religion has faith. Between the two exists nature. When we analyze the cosmos using equations, we end up with mind boggling entities that are unsolvable. Einstein agreed that no one had the capacity to solve his quadrapole equation, but one could intuit the answer, which is bordering on the area covered by faith.

Today, science is becoming more metaphysical in approach when dealing with questions such as the mind boggling quantum double slit experiment and concepts dealing with quantum entanglement. Of course, all of this is based on the natural world and how it functions. In the end, there is an emerging union between religion and science as each without the other in balance results in the failure of each in isolation. Religion without science devolves to mere superstition and science without religion becomes callous, sterile and cold.

Any new hypothesis comes into being based on the faith of the investigator and some new insight into nature, making this as close as it gets to metaphysics. The challenge is to back it up with observation and experiment in order to find the facts to upgrade it to a theory, which is in itself proven or disproved with more facts. To some, metaphysics is a bane to science as this is seen as mysticism and obscurantism, the stuff of bad religion. And yet, science is now delving into fields once taboo such as investigating the nature of consciousness, such as we see in the pioneering work of Francis Crick.

In our mundane world of cell phones, Ipods, Ipads, self directing robots and cloud computing, we are entering an era of seemingly miraculous technology that can do things impossible a mere few years ago. Man and machine are beginning to meld in something called a cyborg. Science in this way is about making the impossible possible and faith becomes physical reality via science. Science fiction of yesterday is science fact today and today's science fiction will likely become tomorrow's science fact. The visionaries had faith when no one else did and today we are living the vision based on original faith.

In the end, there is an increasing relationship, naturally based, between faith and science and this is what can be described as the metaphysical relationship. Metaphysical has to do with the extra physical or "beyond physical" and when we delve into the quantum world in particular, this becomes the basis of our manifest reality. We now face the questions, just what is stuff? What is the nature of the material, of science itself and of faith?

What science is debating today


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