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The Mind and the World Around Us Reality

Updated on July 29, 2015

The Mind and the World around Us REALITY

The Mind and the World around Us REALITY

The Mind and the World around Us REALITY
What is it that you desire?
Could it be a reflection of what LIES in your HEART.
The Heart could be the soul.
Thoughts the Spirit.
The world the playground of Adversity.
Religion and Politics
Gods and politicians
Kings and Nobles
Where is the righteousness in not being able
To materialise your dreams ‎ and support
Your Family.
Philosophers and Poets.
The Meaning of Life.
What is the essence and value of exsistance?
What are the symbols In your dreams?
Once innocence is lost,
Your first negative thought?
Or violent observation?
Could it be the symbols of hatred
Objects which can harm Another
A shambok isagila a gun a knife,
Where placed in reality and society by the powers that be.
To blind and corrupt society.
If life has little or no value of coarse we
Rape kill murder and keep the masses
Enslaved in debt.
When YOU Regret, when you realize how foolish you were?
In the past and there is no turning back the hands
Of coarse you have burned your bridges.
And suicide seems like the only dignified
Redemption to the mess you have made out of

Pray as Hard as you WORK......
We do not have a choice to who our parents
Will BE.....
Before our first thought we are either
Born out of Love our parents have for each other.
We could also be born out of LUST....
We are born in to wealth or rags....
Yet we all have a choice to uplift our self's.
Are opportunities a blessing or should we seek

I worship and pray to TIME........
As life unfolds may I grow to love and understand
Self. Provide for my immediate loved ONES!!!
And with the grace of God to watch them grow
Healthier and OLD
True WEALTH......

Should you receive this POEM
I wish you well
In all You do....

And dream of..

May the Gods continue to watch over US..

Crafted by Nkosinathi Ncala
Jabu J JNR Nkosi
‎Dad my life and exsistance.
Is a mirror image of You.
I Pray I continue to make you Proud........
You are my REALITY!!!!‎


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