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Science... The Discovery of the Nature of Nature.

Updated on September 2, 2012

The Big Bang...

...or A big bang? The begining or A begining... one of many?

The cycle of life, the circle of existence... the process of living and dying, of creation and destruction. The progression of birth, evolution, growth and then decay and death, of change. The nature of our existence and that of all things in our circumstance. The very matter of our make-up, our structure, our form, our universe, our reality is one of beginings and endings of death and re-birth.

Our reality, the realm of matter, is a continuing cycle of explosion, expansion... of slowing, calming and contraction, consolidation and joining until once again the cycle repeats and all matter in existence explodes into a new creation, a new mixture, a new begining.

The birth of what scientists call a black hole is the death of a star. A star goes super nova once it's matter combines and becomes at it's core... iron. The massive gravitational force of the newly created iron core is so great that it pulls even the matter of light to it. Realigning the gravitational forces of the universe. Changing the rotations of galaxies and all the smaller parts of all the universes in creation. Over time pulling all the matter in existence together to form a single, all inclusive, massive ball of matter of an unimaginable size. Until one day the only things left in the matter realm are it and empty space. Once all matter becomes a part of this massive structure a new element is formed, the gravity element or the final element. This element's life cycle is the briefest one in existence, because it is the catalyst that instantly explodes and recreates A big bang... The cycles of our matter reality.

In the words of Robert Jordan, “The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.”

Everything we are experiencing has happened before and will happen again. Each time is slightly different or massively different. The only thing that remains constant is the flow from begining to end. The process, the time, from Big Bang to Big Bang.

Now I imagine there are brilliant scientists out there who will one day be able to calculate the exact time it takes for the cycle to run it's course. How long it takes for life to form within each cycle. How long before intelligent life is born. How long until the contraction phase starts. I believe the first stage of the cycle is the expansion phase, the stage we are now experiencing. I believe the expansion is the direct result of the explosion and that the contraction phase is the direct result of the explosions opposite, the pull of gravity.

As time passes more and more black holes are born, with every new black hole the level of gravitational pull is increased. The black holes swallow more and more in a never ending feast of matter. As the size of black holes and their numbers increase so does the range of thier gravitational pull. They will eventually all become one single black hole...

Somewhere at the center of the matter realm (our reality) there is already a massive ball of matter pulling all the smaller pieces of itself back. When that process is complete the universe will again reset, restart, much like the breathing process we humans experience all the time. So it isn't an ever expanding universe, but an ever "breathing" universe.

The nature of the supernatural...

God loves Diversity, God loves change... God loves Growth.

The ever-changing-sameness of the existence of matter, of DNA, makes perfect sense to me and is what I would create if I were a being outside of the constraints of our matter reality and the constraints of time.

The Nature of nature is ever-changing, organized-chaos, unique-sameness... Singular-Duality.

The more clearly we can see the nature of nature the better we can understand the supernatural, the duality, the essence, of God.

Mass Attraction... what Gravity is.

I postulate the existence of a new element.

An element much like a magnet. I believe this "gravity element" is a substance intrinsic to every "body" that has mass and exhibits gravitational attraction, effectively anything subject to gravitational pull.

This new element, like a magnet, has an invisible pull. However unlike a magnet the "gravity element" does not only attract iron ore, it attracts anything with any kind of mass at all.

I further believe that the 'Gravity Element' has a measurable range of influence, again like a magnet.

This "Gravity Element" is an element that we see and use the effects of everyday, but have not the technical expertise to lay our hands on, yet.

I believe large concentrations of this element cause black holes.

Which aren't holes at all, but planets with an extraordinary amount of gravitational pull.

I also believe one day we will be able to mine the planets we now call black holes, and extract this element to supply our space ships with real gravity.

Perhaps this element has a positive and a negative pull, again like a magnet. The push and pull of this element on other elements and on other pieces of itself may cause movement and the friction resulting may cause the heat we find at the core of some planets.

Perhaps the friction caused by the constant re-aligning of this element is what heats lava.

If the similarities between a magnet and the "Gravity Element" continue perhaps we can, by way of electricity, increase and/or decrease the pull of gravity. Which theoretically would be the enabler of the mining of 'Black Holes'...

By electrifying the "Gravity Element" we may find a new form of propulsion.

I think some elements have either a greater amount of this element in it, or some elements have a greater attraction to the "Gravity Element".

Which is why some substances are heavier than others. Perhaps Gold, and Lead have something in them particularly attractive to/of the "Gravity Element".

I know that having 'holes' in space that lead to magical kingdoms is much more romantic. That the imagining of a hole in the fabric of reality inspires the thoughts of mystical travel including traveling through time. But I find it hard to believe that something as well thought out and as well planned as our universe is... could have magical holes floating around in it.

...But...What If... An Anti-Matter Universe


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