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An Anti-Matter Universe, God's Doubleverse

Updated on September 2, 2012

Magical Holes, Floating in Space...

How ridiculous... and then again...

The existence of other realities has long been the dream of many romantics and many science fiction writers. The thought that a 'Black Hole' was some kind of gateway to somewhere else, perhaps even an anti-matter universe, has been prevalent in Hollywood society and yes we must admit in the scientific community as well. Why? Because we all love 'magic'...

I am a newly convinced believer in an anti-matter universe. I however believe that 'Black Holes' as I previously stated aren't gateways to that universe. In fact I am even more convinced that 'Black Holes are planets that have an extraordinary level of gravitational pull, but are merely that, planets. But 'What-if'...

What if black holes are one-way tunnels to an anti-matter universe?

I have often wondered what could possibly fuel the Sun for billions and billions of years and not be consumed. Today I think I have my answer.

When Matter and Anti-Matter collide they annihilate each other releasing massive amounts of energy. If there were a gateway in between a universe of Matter and a universe of Anti-Matter, don't you suppose it would be a fiery gateway of everlasting flame?

...........................................Hello Sunshine....................................

Exactly the Same, Absolutely Different

In my understanding of God and the Universe that God has created. I am continually astounded at the grace and finesse of the tapestry that creation is. The great weaver, God, is truly an amazing being. I believe Einstein says it best:

"The scientists’ religious feeling takes the form of a rapturous amazement at the harmony of natural law, which reveals an intelligence of such superiority that, compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection."

The Doubleverse

Through the gateway of fire goes our God, the creator of our universe and the creator of their Antiverse. God in God's infinite wisdom created both. Knowing that in the vastness of empty cold dark space something beautiful and everlasting was needed. A source of inspiration, of warmth, a symbol of both being the same and being different at the same time. A useful and supportive thing, one that is at the same time absolutely lethal and destructive. God called it forth from the substance of God, and there was light...

Verse and anti-Verse, Universe and Antiverse... Our home and theirs. The Doubleverse...

I can imagine a man sitting at a computer in the antiverse writing about a man sitting in the universe (which this man would most assuredly be calling the antiverse...). A pair of men that know to ever see, touch or meet the other, from the other side of God's creation, would spell doom for them both. Two men coming to terms with a God and a Doubleverse that just got twice as big as it was. Even though it was already endlessly vast.

The two men with absolutely fundamental differences that are the same. Neither man is a man of evil, or of destruction. Both are men that wish for peace and love and understanding. Both are men of similar visage, similar makeup, similar structure... their difference is only in the polarity of their mass. In all other things they are the same, but this one single fundamental difference makes them absolutely lethal one to the other. One touch and they both cease to exist.

To protect them...

God separates them. Somehow God made the two parts of the Doubleverse, isolated from each other, while somehow being in the same place. Knowing neither could ever see the other but not wanting them to think the other didn't exist.

Using some substance to isolate the two polarities, containing them both, and keeping them both eternally apart. Loving them both equally, and wanting to protect them both. God made the separate and equal parts of the Doubleverse, joined them through stable gateways, so that one would feed the other, and the joining would light up both halves.

Using this substance that insulates them from each other, God placed tunnels from universe to anti-verse and created the stars. God somehow maintains the tunnels so that they cannot grow to big and in so doing destroy everything. Big enough to allow an even and steady flow of matter and anti-matter, to mix and Light and Heat both verses, eternally.

A man sitting in one of the verses thinks, maybe someday we will discover how God maintains the tunnels that keep the verses separated and joined. Maybe someday I will get to travel through one of the Stars Gates. Through the flames that are the gatekeepers of the verses. The protector of the gates of God? ...everlasting fire.

Not being a stupid man, the man thinks, "I'll wait until another man figures out a way to make the trip and survive it, a way to be surrounded by, and touching anti-matter without destroying himself and his other."

What a beautiful place it must be...

...this Other-verse, the other half of my Double-verse.

*** Scientists are questioning the lack of anti-matter when compared to the amount of matter in our reality. I believe the nature of reality is one of continuing cycles. I have another hub that goes into this thought in more depth: Science... the discovery of The-Nature-of-Nature. But in a nutshell, Creation goes from big bang to big bang and each time the make-up of that creation is different, this time what we call matter came out on top, next cycle it may be anti-matter that has the upper hand... food for thought ***

The Antiverse


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