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The School Conundrum

Updated on April 17, 2011

The first step in the schooling journey is deciding what to take.  I think I have essentially made that decision.  I already have an accounting certificate and I am looking at taking courses in business and marketing.  These go well together as many of the courses are part of both programs and this means less classes that I have to take to get a business certificate.

In investigating this, I have had to determine which classes I already have as well as which classes I need.  Due to the fact that I am taking night classes, this can be a little bit trickier as the school that I want to take them at only offers so many classes each year.  The bad thing is that I still need seven classes in order to finish off the accounting certificate but due to my accounting certificate, there are 6 I already have, which is helpful.

I am also kicking myself for not transferring some of my classes’ years ago.  I went to a technical school where I got a few classes which got me a job.  From there, I went to a different technical school and finished my business certificate.  But I didn’t transfer three of my classes from tech school one to tech school two, and as a result, I have to retake these.  I don’t necessarily mind, but when you don’t want to go to school forever, it is more of a pain.

Due to the way the courses work, there will also be 3 more classes I will have to take that will take my accounting and business certificates to a diploma instead.  It’s a tad silly, but it works out to being two years of a commerce degree which is good. 

But from here, I will have a few different options.  I can then go for a degree either through correspondence at an online university or I could look into going to the university here.  Due to working a day job and having a mortgage, the online university is likely the way to go.  But, I could decide to go for a designation and at the end of that course, I would have a designation and a degree.  Thankfully this decision is a few years away, as I may decide after I get my certificate that I have had enough.

Morale of this story, when you change schools, transfer all your classes over, even if you don’t think you will need them.  You never know when you may change your mind and a transfer credit is a lot cheaper than taking the whole course.


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