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The Season to be Charitable

Updated on December 29, 2011


United Charities Building, Manhatten
United Charities Building, Manhatten | Source
Starving Girl
Starving Girl | Source
Pollution | Source

Charity is one thing that we can all give. If we do not have spare available money to give, then we can at least give our time.

There are many charitable organizations, some of which would always appreciate a spare pair of hands, especially at Christmas. Charity is the gift of giving freely, something that is possibly often linked to Christmas and the giving of gifts to children but the true essence of the season is to give to those who may be less fortunate than you.

What and who we are, with all our abilities are a gift from God. How we use those gifts is our gift to God. Collectively, we have the ability to feed all of humanity, the power to help other species and the knowledge to provide good husbandry to our planet. Yet we choose not to pay our debt in full. Instead we use our gifts to further our own comforts, luxuriating in splendor whilst others starve. Is this really why we received our God given gifts? We permit cruelty and mass murder to other species. Is this really why we were given our power? We contribute to the pollution of our air and seas. Is this why we were given our knowledge?

So in reality, charity should not be an act of choice, rather it is the payback of a debt. If we are in good health and not living in poverty, then we should be thankful for this and realize that, in the big picture, we are the recipients of a gift that was given to share throughout the planet. Charities exist to distribute this gift, yet they can only distribute what they have access to, which is all too often too little.

Many already give generously but not enough to make the big difference that is needed. Wealthy can give financial support, professionals such as doctors can give their skills but the rest of us, at the very least can give of our time. It all begins with thought. Think before you throw out those old clothes or toys. Could someone else be thankful for them, if so look in the phone book for the charity that could distribute them instead of discarding them to the trash. Do not throw away that tin of food, you mistakenly bought at the store. Although it may not be to your taste, someone somewhere may be thankful for some food regardless of how it tastes. Animal shelters are always in need of hands to help tend to or homes for otherwise unwanted animals. Lastly think about our environment. By thinking of less polluting methods of light, heating or cooking, we may even be able to save ourselves some needless costs.

We were put on this planet to live together, not sit and watch as others die. We have the ability to feed the planet, we just lack the resolve. Our planet does not have to choke to death, we already possess the technology to help it breath easily but we lack the confidence to oppose the huge multi national corporations that like things the way they are.

Regardless of what nationality, religion or race you are, it is the duty of all of us to pay back our part of humanities debt to the giver of life. Whenever possible, give at least time or thought to those who may be less fortunate and try and urge our governments to make decisions that favorably help the planet and all those things that live on it. Together we both own it and are part of it and so we are inseparably entwined to its fate. The help we give today may one day help our children’s children.


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    • profile image

      R. J. Lefebvre 5 years ago


      We all can benifit by following your hub suggestions. However, we also need to consider the evolution of disparity without any consciousness of behavior or care, the root of the problem. How we treat each other despite wealth and knowledge is the golden key.