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Street Call: Alms for the Poor

Updated on February 6, 2012

The United Nations

Rating System

Years ago, Alms for the poor, could be heard on many streets in many cities. When did you last hear it?

It has become a thing of the past. Charities are now big business or at least some of them.

Every Newspaper, magazine and Television channel will display adverts requesting we give to this or that charity. We are bombarded, we get saddened and confused. We would like to give, but to who?

Many charities do good work and most of the money given is used to help whichever cause it states. However there are those that are only in the business to get rich off of our kindness, giving an absolute minimum to the cause they claim to champion.

I believe that all International Charities should register with the United Nations. The UN should then give them a rating from 1 – 100. This rating would signify how many dollars out of every 100 donated, actually reaches its target. An example would be that a charity with a rating of 40 would mean that for every $100 given, $60 is spent on expenses and $40 goes to the needy recipient.

Governments should award National charities a similar rating.

I know that in many cases transportation is one of the most costly expenses but at least one charity could be compared to others favoring a like cause.

The United Nations itself and Governments should also include their own charities in the rating system.

Which to Choose?

Grand Charity Event
Grand Charity Event
Mnarani School
Mnarani School

Think First

There are several different types of charities. Some have been going for years and are almost a household name. Yet new ones seem to spring up nearly every day.

Some sponsor big gala events, where, if you buy a ticket, you could get your picture taken with a Mayor or even a President.

I would not question why you give the money but do you know how much is actually used for the cause?

At the other end of the scale is something like Mnarani Aid

Children, many orphaned, most suffering from malnutrition walk miles to attend a school that is sparsely equipped in order to try and get a basic education. They need help.

Why this school when there are thousands like it around the world? Why not? We cannot wave a wand and make them all decent overnight, all building is done one brick at a time.

This charity is not involved with grand balls and photo opportunities; it gets all the donations directly to the school.

Many people willingly give time and money to charity. Millions of dollars are given annually and if these charities use it in the correct manner they can uplift mankind and as individuals as we give minutes or dollars, we lift our souls.

We should all try to give generously of our time or money but to make any impact we should also give wisely.


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    • PETER LUMETTA profile image


      7 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      Good advice. We need more names and locations like Mnarami Aid, are there any websites we can go to? It seems so much better to give directly to those in need. At this time in this country we are all in need as well, so sharing a little would do us all some good. Peter


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