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The Second Atlantis

Updated on March 2, 2013

The Search

Shrouded in Mist
Shrouded in Mist
The Search for the Lost Island
The Search for the Lost Island
Is It?
Is It?

The Island

Often referred to as the second Atlantis, Hy Brasil is supposed to be located west of Ireland.

It is said that this island is surrounded in mist and is only visible once every seven years.

Having heard of the island referred to as The Promised Land of the Saints by Saint Barrind, Saint Brendan set sail from Ireland, accompanied by more than a dozen monks, in search of it.

Their voyage lasted for seven years and they claim to have seen many things including a Griffin and a Devil Whale. They also claimed that they found the island, which truly was a paradise on earth. They bought back precious stones and fruit they claim to have found on the island. This was around 500 A.D.

Although during their voyage they made maps, which included the Azores and Canary Islands that have otherwise been proven accurate, the location of the PromisedIsland could never be verified.

In 1130 a book on geography, written by Honorius of Atun, claims that the Island of St. Brendan, now referred to as the Lost Isle did exist and that it really was a place “fertile above all others”, but placed it north of where the Saint had reported it.

Since 1325 it has continuously appeared on maps.

The last recorded sighting was in 1674 by Captain John Nisbet of Ireland, who had seen it twice before but on this occasion taken others with him especially to verify his sightings. 

The Legend

Irish Myths speak of an island surrounded in mist, except for one day every seven years, when even though the mist lifts, the island is still unreachable.

The island is said to of been inhabited by a superior race of people who intentionally, kept themselves isolated from other races.

The island and its people were said to be very rich in food, gold and intellect.

Brazil Flag
Brazil Flag


The island, according to both the myths and the sightings, is circular with a river running across it.

Some say that the country of Brazil was named after this island.

Is it co incidence that in the center of the Brazil Flag, is a circle with a line across it? 


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