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The Universal Spiritual Evolution of Man. Endless beginnings. Endless progression.

Updated on May 10, 2014

Is the Universe a Giant Brain??

The Cosmic Web - fantastic

No beginning and no ending

The Universal Evolution as seen through the Revelations of a 'Seer'.

There was no definitive beginning and there will be no definitive ending.

"infinity" is forever.

Man must first learn to do no harm to others; then set the soul free to soar the universe with God.

And finally to grasp the concept that "love" is all there is.

Man will neither be able to pinpoint a beginning, nor predict an ending for something we will never begin to understand as human beings.

Before the beginning there was nothingness.

Then came the development of one awareness - the true beginning. This was a process of "evolution" not creation. We cannot justify creation without first acknowledging original evolution of something from nothing.

This is common sense arrived at by intellectual reasoning and logical deduction.

The 'oneness' developed and grew in exponential proportions over eons of time as we understand it. A Oneness (awareness) from the nothingness.

The spark of awareness heralded the beginning of the essence of spirit.

That awareness grew exponentially to the awakening of an intangible animated sentience without physical body. The consciousness of the oneness was all there was.

Many 'thoughts' came into existence, all part of the oneness; all originating, and emanating, from that oneness.

Once the sentience reached the maturity of saturation (full knowledge of all that is), the ability to create externally followed rapidly.

The beginnings of the beginning

Mixing and combining elements produced tangible results.

Like an amoeba, this 'awareness' could double itself, and split into two complete sentient entities, and so they split and reproduced throughout the universe.

Each of the newborn sentinels (sentience) were independent of each other. They were the self contained entities we know as "black holes" "pure white light", "energy", (etc. - in an attempt to describe the phenomenon in terms that man can grasp and understand); that magnetically drew dust particles around themselves that were used as the building blocks of their material worlds, spinning and swirling around themselves and became what we know today as galaxies (created from magnetic and gravitational pull).

Each galaxy has a living sentient entity at its center (what man erroneously considers to be their "God"). There is no shame in re-defining God.

Since they were all created from the original oneness, their abilities were equal, and linked by telepathic ties, magnetic, and gravitational attraction.

So all (galaxies) grew as one (but separate) and bound together by an unseen matter like a combination of air, electricity, and gravity, holding them all together in an elaborate web-like network. Like the neuronal electrical networks of our material brains.

These, making of the galaxies, all linked together within our universe was spectacular and each galaxy being a separate sentience capable of creating anything they desired within their own (realms), or galactic 'bodies', for lack of a better word.

The suns that litter each galaxy are extensions of the intelligence of the oneness within each living galactic body. Much like mankind creating mechanical robots, these living entities created worlds capable of housing carbon (or other elements) based robots (but certainly more complicated than what man is presently capable of) on each planet around each sun in each galaxy.

She Is Alive, Beautiful, Finite and Hurting from Man's Abuse

Diversity abounding

The diversity of life forms on each world in each galaxy is reminiscent of the, albeit limited, diverse life of planet earth - including flora, fauna and higher primates.

All working in synchronicity with each other.

The life forms that developed on every planet is adaptive to the environment of their own individual worlds.

Trial and error, extermination and re-creation by evolution, was introduced; and progressed until a creation that was suitable to house a part of the spirit, essence, or what we know as "the soul" within these materialistic living creations.

The early 'man like' creations were merely 'animated robots' made of organic matters.

Similarities Between the Brain and the Universe - Coincidence?


Breathing ''life" in the 'man' creations

When 'pieces' of the oneness were channeled into these materialistic creations they became temporarily disconnected from the oneness. So it appeared that each living entity was separate unto itself. And in essence they temporarily are.

Once the human 'hosts' become intelligent enough to allow the essence within it to be able to connect telepathically with each other, then the entire living human race will be as one, and as one, connected to the creator again.

We will evolve to that point at sometime in our human future.

Errors in the making

In the conception of what is our reality today, It was not anticipated that each sentience within each host body would experience this separation in different ways.

And as a result some stronger minds saw themselves as separate and above others, and quickly learned to be self serving, and often cruel to their counterparts.

Because of this unforeseen phenomenon by the oneness, there must be another realignment of individual parts of itself, to bring them back into synchronicity with the whole, in order to effectively carry out the prime objectives set in the beginning of this plan to conquer and control the material world.

To summarize this first phase thus far:

the awareness of the oneness produced the spiritual 'children' of the universe, who in turn created their separate galaxies. Then these galactic creators channeled thoughts to solids and each galaxy became a canvass for physical expressions. Expansion of the selves of each entity was to stimulate the creation of life forms, through trial and error, via DNA/RNA, genetic coding, from the seas, to land, and back to space itself. All for exploration, knowledge; and appreciation of what was created

The perfecting of a host

The second phase of man (on this planet earth), through trial and error, took us from dinosaurs to bipeds, via the seas. This was the creative process on this planet to find suitable hosts for spiritual awakening.

Enter apes/gorillas - morphed into man as we know us today. Like human children, being born, learning to walk upright, use fingers and toes, and acquire the ability to think and reason (primitive brains with basic instincts for survival).

When these living animated 'robots' were sophisticated enough to acquire and maintain knowledge, bits of the oneness (self awareness) was directed to the humanoids (on earth). The same process occurred simultaneously with multiple other functional types of living animated robots on other worlds throughout the galaxy.

The 'spirit', 'essence of man', or what we call the 'soul' enters the body during the gestation period, just before, or just after birth. That choice is made by that particular essence that will take possession of the newly born physical host.

This process involved the sending of thought projections from the oneness at the center of each galaxy to connect to those ready hosts (animated element based 'robots') throughout each galaxy to every planet throughout their respective galaxy. And they were allowed to evolve from single units to ultimately be spiritually reconnected as a planetary whole, and ultimately connecting as a galactic whole to each galaxy to become a universal whole. Until there is but one universal oneness/awareness.

Humanity fights the process of evolution because they do not wish to give up what they perceive as autonomy, and self serving power.

Those who resist when the time of enlightenment arrives will be given the choice to accept the unity or being cast aside and left to themselves on an abandoned planet earth. This process will be akin to a cleansing of the mind in humans - casting off negative thoughts and retaining positive "love" based thoughts. One could equate that which will be left on planet earth as a place of negativity, or hades, or hell, to use a more colloquial expression.

No inherent perfection

Like current mankind itself, there is no inherent perfection.

Individuality is counter to progression unless individual units learn not to fight (resist) each other for autonomy to merely rule over others without purpose.

This is the one major flaw in the plan for man on planet earth. But, then again, is it really a flaw? We do not like to view ourselves (as humans) as being outside the mainstream, and yet defy that premise by turning on other people to the point of their physical destruction, for foolishly thinking they can maintain control over others indefinitely.

Like a child going through its growing process who tries to rebel and needs to learn self discipline, self restraint, respect for others, and harmonious coexistence with others of its kind (all other humanoids in spite of their physical differences).

Basic religion may have been an attempt to cause cohesion, but has failed; and needs to be discarded as detrimental to universal progression. It has become corrupted and offers nothing of value to human evolution any more.

The Spiritual evolution of man


Adjusting for Spiritual Growth

Spiritual cohesion is necessary for unity, but cannot be attained without discarding the old, stale, obsolete and archaic versions, that may have been useful to man at a time long ago.

Everything in the universe is in a state of flux - flowing forward and changing to adapt, and grow (mature). This change must be adopted by humanity (planetary wide) in order to compete and survive in the universal arena.

When man builds a machine and parts of that machine fails, then it must be replaced to make a better machine in lieu of simply discarding the entire unit.

Planet earth, (as the sum of its inhabitants) is one mechanical (material) unit that must be cohesive to progress for the benefit of all of mankind, and ultimately be part of the universal machine; not for the selfish pleasures of a few wanna-be-rulers (dictators) on this isolated island in the universal seas.

Planetary mass rebellion is the only way to "correct" this clog in the machinery of humanity. We are in that 'cleansing' process now. These are exciting times for man, spiritually and progressively as we move into the future.

Enter the monitors

Some of us were sent to this planet as observers to witness and monitor; not participate in life here.

Decisions will be made based on feasibility of future progress of the whole - not on individual self serving; and the out come will be rendered accordingly.

Man does have a "free will", so the outcome will depend on the collective majority. Individual self serving is not a viable option.

Collectively, the middle east region and Europe, is moving in the right direction. Despots are toppling by the will of the people.

The U.S. is moving in the wrong direction with evil despots taking control while the people gawk in disbelief.

These ARE truly exciting times for the evolution of our beautiful planet earth. Earth is a living entity in itself, and will take care of itself, as it has done many times in the past. The inhabitants may be extricated if necessary, but the planet will survive.

As one of the observers, it was known that the transition of earth would happen in this lifetime, and opted to be part of it, whatever that outcome might be.

It was also known that there would be massive and wide spread destruction across this planet that would be caused directly by the negativeness of man, as the only way to rid this planet of the few who have taken possession of the masses out of greed and lust for power and control.

I weep daily for the pain inflicted on others, by the few, and on this beautiful planet by thoughtless, selfish, and loveless humans in this world.

I weep every time i view the video: "She's Alive".

Oh, how we abhor the callous indifference of mankind.

This adverse phenomenon could never have been predicted from the beginning. So, now is the time for miracles.

by: d.william 06/30/2012

A Time for Miracles


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    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for reading and your comments. I do believe you are the only one who actually understood it all.

    • pennyofheaven profile image


      6 years ago from New Zealand

      The eternal womb you describe well. Thanks

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for your supportive comments. Yes, i DO believe in the one God premise, but not in the conventional sense. I do believe that there was one creator for what is alive in our personal Milky Way galaxy, but each galaxy has its own single creator. So the premise of one god is valid for us, but not inclusive of the rest of the universe.

      Believing in religions that exploit people, manipulate behaviors, and control nations of gullible people is certainly NOT the work of any GOD.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

      My intent is never to convert anyone's beliefs to mine; but rather offer an alternative point of view.

      In pondering another perspective of an accepted belief that is not factually based, but rather based on an unknown allegory ( or allegation) gives the mind some exercise that can ward off mental stagnation or deterioration.

      The subtle differences between evolution and adaptation can be argued, but the basic meaning of each cannot be challenged to prove one's beliefs.

      Evolution implies a changing, or morphing, of a species to become a better, more efficient entity (like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly; or modern man from primates).

      Adaptation is the changing of behavior to adjust to the environment that one lives in.

      Both are true in their own right, but cannot replace one another.

      When man messes with nature nothing good can come of it. Causing genetic mutations of the foods we eat can cause genetic shifting in future human evolution. Genetically altering foods to resist insect infestation, or enhance a particular aspect of a species can lead to future generations of humans that take on the characteristics of that which is spliced into the genetic coding by man, without any knowledge or concern about the outcome, as long as it produces greater net profits. (ex. modern day man morphing into insect like creatures like the "grays" that some people believe visit us from time to time).

      If the future brings dramatic changes in technology as quickly as the past 100 years has done, perhaps time travel will one day be possible....

      The foolhardiness of man today could conceivably result in futuristic mutants returning to the past to see how, and why they exist as they are, when their own history portrays man as we are today.

      One cannot believe in a single God that has created an entire universe and then discount the possibilities of the foolhardy destructive forces of man and their impact on our future development.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I was fascinated from the first line to the last, including the video (Alive )It was an adventure to read. You mentioned Jesus and God, so i know you are a believer in one God, as i am. As i read your words, I could visualize the destruction of mankind through greed and lust for power. I do believe many are becoming more enlightened, thus, helping the needy instead of supporting the multimillion dollar churches. The money spent on spectacular buildings would feed the hungry in the world. Thank you for sharing your scientific knowledge..

    • MobyWho profile image


      6 years ago from Burlington VT

      Thank you for the first possibility of my understanding this life - although it will take a lot of meditation for me to fully grasp it. One sentence of John Davison's sticks in my mind, "We are all victims; we have no free will." (or something to that effect). There is much confusion between evolution and adaptation, the latter accounting for much of it. When was the last new true species developed, and what was it, other than an adaptation to environment?

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for being the first to read and comment. Creating my own religion certainly is better than joining any of those available today. I do not believe in joining any cult, or subscribe to the authenticity of any religion with followers that have been brainwashed since birth, and are too frightened to look beyond their own fears of a vengeful god to explore other possibilities.

      Jesus was a gnostic who believed that individuals had the ability to connect with the oneness through meditation and did not need to join any cult in the hope of gaining eternal salvation.

      Gnosticism was banished by the Roman Government and their creation, the Roman Catholic Church, because it promoted individuality when control was the main objective of the church and the government.

      I do not believe that belonging to any cult will give one free access to a heaven that is questionable in the first place.

      I do believe in spirituality and a re-joining of souls with the oneness after death of the body on this planet.

      My insights are given to me thru meditation, dreams, and my personal spirit guide. It is not magic. And it is not beyond the realm of possibility that what we were taught during our indoctrinations into any of the religious cults just is not factual, but rather a means of controlling individuals to conform to someone else's ideas.

      We cannot fear, or worship, that which we are all part of, as if it is a separate entity from each of us. We are all part of the whole, therefor worshiping an external god is only worshiping ones self.

      We are all individual parts of the whole from whence we came and to which we will return. And as your name implies so aptly: There is no turning back.

    • noturningback profile image


      6 years ago from Edgewater, MD. USA

      Congratulations, you have produced your own religion. It appears to be a variation of Carl Sagan's "Cosmos"

      The Light came into the world, but the darkness could not overcome it. Feeling that we are without 'freewill' leaves an open hole, more like a black hole in lives. What is truth? Perceptions, beliefs, observation; there are many parts of this universe, but the 'Oneness' you speak of, and for my own hope, is one God, the Creator, not the created.

      Evolution has been observed by Mendel and theories added by Darwin and others in between and outside of the nomal parameters of scientific thought. But if continuance of evolution is to be expected, one must consider that man and beast will continue to evolve, but considering Darwin's theory abot man coming from apes, what will come from man, The oneness?


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