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The Universe and Us in a Nutshell!

Updated on March 2, 2015

Did you know the Universe is constantly expanding and will never stop.

The Universe

In the beginning it was cold dark and there was nothing. All of a sudden a big explosion occurred that we call the big bang. After the big bang occurred clouds of gas and dust were forming all around in the cold universe. Under the-immense pressure and darkness, all the gases began to spiral because of gravity. The big bang created an expansion of the universe that continually expands today. Somehow gravity now plays a role in creating spiraling clouds of gas and dust which in turn creates stars. Stars like our sun exploded themselves into existence through all the different gases and different debris in the universe. Due to the temperature, the density and pressure of all the different elements in the gas clouds compacting to form stars. Stars became the light we see today like our own sun. As the universe continues to expand with space being so far in between all the stars, eventually they exhaust there gas and collapse on them self's and explode. Once a star explodes it creates just about all the elements we know today in the periodic table. Most of these elements can only be formed under immense temperatures and pressures. Everything inside a human body including the calcium in our bones was formed inside of an exploding star. In conclusion, the Big Bang created stars which then created life.

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    • profile image

      iloveyou 4 years ago

      Great this let me learn about the and help me with my homework.

    • profile image

      alansprayvitamins 4 years ago

      Interesting! Thank you for sharing.