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Mysteries of the Universe

Updated on July 19, 2015

We're a tiny dot on a very humongous piece of paper.

The universe has many galaxies, much like ours.
The universe has many galaxies, much like ours.

Looking at troubling problems the universe gives scientists.

When you look at how many galaxies are in the universe, it becomes apparent that we aren't the only form of intelligent life forms in the universe. The universe is very expansive and is host to numerous galaxies much like our own. Famous scientists believe that our solar system is on one of the spirals of our galaxy. This means that we only have a very, very limited field of view within the entire universe. There are many things that scientists are baffled by, such as the sheer size of the universe.

Another subject that baffles scientists is the phenomena of black holes. Black holes are formed when a star (like our sun only much larger in terms of mass) dies and it explodes on itself causing a massive hole with a gravitational force so powerful that it causes light particles to actually bend and get trapped within the black hole. Black holes would be impossible to travel to, because you'd simply be crushed by the gravitational forces. In fact the only reason scientists think they exist is due to radiation waves because no light may exist from the dead star.

The universe also poses many other questions that are left unanswered. The fact that we still don't know for sure how the universe began, the most popular theory for this is the big bang theory. This theory states that the universe was very small and filled with gasses and out of nowhere it just exploded. This caused that tiny dot to expand. Even with the smartest minds in the world trying to prove it, no one can indefinitely prove that this really happened. In conclusivity, The problems that I have listed are only the tip of the ice burg. There are many more problems that I could have listed, but for simplicity purposes I'm going leave it there, till next time.

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