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The Us Constitution

Updated on January 29, 2011

The Us Constitution

The United States Constitution. Every public official, military personnel, and every new citizen is sworn to defend and uphold this sacred document. What about the rest of us? We place our hands on a bible that many have not read or believe in, and swear to defend a document that many have not read or do not quite understand. We rant about our rights as if we really know what they are. Everyday, we Americans lose our jobs, our homes, our freedom, and even our lives, because we do not know what our rights are. For those who do not know, it is about us. All of us. It is not just for those who are well versed in the rules or who have the means and the influence to afford the best legal minds that can manipulate the rules and intimidate those who do not know the rules!

When we are schoolchildren, we pledge allegiance to our flag with the words, “with liberty and justice for al!l” We learn American history in the classroom. We learn about the American Revolution, our founding fathers, and the signing of The Declaration of Independence. We become familiar with important historical documents like the US Constitution and The Bill of Rights. Those students who can memorize the Gettysburg Address will receive a gold star! We are exposed to basic concepts like the 10 Commandments in church and in Sunday school. We impress our parents and peers with new additions to our vocabularies like the Magna Carta. We are taught to respect, and obey without question, everyone from mom to God, who is in authority. What we are not taught as children is what our rights are! What we truly lack is a sound education in liberty and sovereignty.

The president says…Congress says…the governor, the mayor, and the Pope all say…what! What are they saying? We are hearing and obeying. We are not researching, learning, and exercising our rights to anything. We just accept that they are right; that they are there to guide us and to help us. Well guess what folks; they are in positions of power and authority by our power and authority! We do not live under a monarchy or under tyranny.

Our founding fathers knew tyranny all too well. They were very familiar with taxation without representation, debtor’s prisons, property seizures, and imprisonment and execution without due process. Yes, there was a time in the not too distant past when the simple command, “Off with his head!” was the Rule of Law. The US Constitution is The Us Constitution. It is for all of us! Without knowledge and a clear understanding of our basic human and constitutional rights, our heads will surely roll!


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