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The Wise Woman

Updated on May 30, 2011
How wise are you? Can you see & hear the message from your Creator?
How wise are you? Can you see & hear the message from your Creator?

This is certainly something for those with a mind to contemplate - something to ponder for those of understanding!

A very wise woman who was travelling in the mountains came across a precious stone in a stream. The following day she met another traveller who was hungry, and the wise woman opened her bag to share her food with this person. The hungry traveller saw the precious stone and asked the woman to give it to him.

She did so as requested without any hesitation (as she knew that the power that had allowed her to find the stone in the first place, would always be there for her). The traveller left rejoicing in his good fortune. He knew the stone was worth enough to give him security for a lifetime. But, after a few days, he came back to return the stone to the wise woman.

"I've been thinking," he said.

"I know how valuable this stone is, but I give it back in the hope that you can give me something even more precious. Give me what you have within you that enabled you to give me this stone."

Don't dismiss a book by its cover, the treasure is within!
Don't dismiss a book by its cover, the treasure is within!

Quran is amazing

The Quran is amazing, it is so fascinating that when you read The Quran it addresses you in a way that no other book can do. not only do Muslims, who have an appreciation for the book; it has been labelled amazing by non-Muslims as well. When you listen to someone who recites the Quran it touches your soul. In fact, even people who hate Islam very much have still called it amazing and admire and like listening to the recitation of the Quran.

The thing which surprises non-Muslims who are examining the book very closely is that the Quran does not appear to them to be what they expected. As many people especially non-Muslims learn about the Quran from the media on biased coverage of Muslims and how the are out-dated. What they assume is that they have an old book which came fourteen centuries ago from the sandy tracks of the Arabian desert; and they expect that the book should look something like that - an old book from the desert. And then they find out that it does not resemble what they expected at all.  This magnificent book talks to you at a level that you can understand, so if you are a mathematician you will find subjects in there that will resonate with your understanding of numbers, if you happen to be a man or woman of science no doubt you will find topics in there that will amaze you.  No one person 1400 years ago could have known the scientific facts that are mentioned in the Quran if it was written by a man and not revealed t man by his Creator.

Get Your Copy of the Quran...

Some people assume that because it is an old book which comes from the desert, it should talk about the desert. The Quran does talk about the desert, but it also talks about the sea, the mountains, metals, plants and many many more fascinating topics. 

“Some years ago, the story came to us in Toronto about a man who was in the merchant marine and made his living on the sea. A Muslim gave him a translation of the Quran to read. The merchant marine knew nothing about the history of Islam but was interested in reading the Quran. When he finished reading it, he brought it back to the Muslim and asked, "This

Muhammad (S.A.W), was he a sailor?" He was impressed at how accurately the Qur'an describes a storm on a sea. When he was told, "No as a matter of fact, Muhammad lived in the desert." that was enough for him. He embraced Islam on the spot. He was so impressed with the Quran's description because he had been in a storm on the sea, and he knew that whoever had written that description had also been in a storm on the sea.

The description of "a wave, over it a wave, over it clouds" was not what someone imagining a storm on a sea to be like would have written.”

Why not take this opportunity and download Quran, READ the best Art of Living Guide sent to YOU from your Creator...go to the download section below to get YOUR FREE Copy of The Holy Quran in English with translation and commentary.

Perception of The Quran

Certain people, web sites, encyclopaedias and various books claim that the Quran was the

product of hallucinations that Muhammad (S.A.W) underwent or that it was conjecture put together. If these claims are true then evidence of this would be apparent in the Quran.

Is there such evidence? In order to determine whether or not there is, one must first identify what things would have been going on in his mind at that time and then search for these thoughts and reflections in the Quran.

“It is common knowledge that Muhammad (S.A.W) had a very difficult life. The Qur'an does not mention any of these things - not the death of his children, not the death of his beloved companion and wife, not his fear of the initial revelations, which he so beautifully shared with his wife - nothing; yet, these topics must have hurt him, bothered him, and caused him pain and grief during periods of his psychological reflections, then these subjects, as well as others, would be prevalent or at least mentioned throughout.”

I think we owe it to ourselves that we should take some time to at least read The Quran and try to understand what message it is trying to convey to us...go to the download section below to get YOUR FREE Copy of The Quran and modern science compatible or incompatible by Dr Zakir Naik eBook.

This book will cover in detail some of the scientific topics covered in the Quran and how they have been researched and proven by modern Muslim and Non-Muslim scientists.

The Quran does not only talk about the desert and sea, it also talks about many other topics, I will cover two of them briefly here, but to fully understand and appreciate the splendour of the message contained in the Quran one really needs to pick up a copy with its English translation and read, only then can you truly experience the essence of this glorious message from non-other than our Creator (Allah).

The Quran & Science - Open your mind to the Message!
The Quran & Science - Open your mind to the Message!

Science in Quran

dharrah- The Smallest Thing

Many centuries before the revelations to Prophet Muhammad, there was a theory of atomism advanced by the Greek philosopher, Democritus. He and the people who came after him assumed that matter consists of tiny, durable, inseparable particles called atoms. The Arabic word dharrah commonly referred to the smallest particle known to man at that time as the atom. Now, modern science has discovered that this smallest unit of matter (i.e. the atom, which has all of the same properties as its element) can be split into its component parts. This is a new concept, a recent development of the last century; yet; interestingly enough, this information had already been documented in the Quran (Sûrah Saba', 34:3) which states:

"He [Allah] is aware of an atom's weight in the heavens and on the earth and even anything smaller than that..."

Undoubtedly, fourteen centuries ago that statement would have looked unusual, even to an Arab. For him, the dharrah was the smallest thing there was. Indeed, this is proof, that the Quran is not outdated.

This is what amazes everyone that reads the Quran it has a relationship and connotation with each and every individual the message in the Quran resonates with each and every sole. Whoever you are, whatever position you hold in life whether you be a farmer, a neuroscientist, a poor man or a rich man, a white man or a black man the Quran will convey the Creators message to in a way that you will understand.

In the two videos below you can see Professor Keith Moore presenting his findings from reviewing the verses of the Quran...

Embryology - as mentioned in the Quran

A group of men in Saudi Arabia collected the verses from the Quran which detail embryology - the growth of the human being in the womb. They took the verses to a world renowned expert on embryology a non-Muslim who is a professor of embryology at the University of Toronto. His name is Keith Moore, and he is the author of textbooks on embryology - an expert on the subject. They asked Professor Keith Moore to review the verses and try validating the detail provided in the Quran on the stages of embryological development more than 1400 years earlier.

Dr. Keith Moore mentioned that some of the things that the Quran states about the growth of the human being were not known until some thirty years ago as a result of advances in medical science.

In fact, he said that one item in particular - the Quran's description of the human being as a "leech-like clot" ('alaqah) at one stage (Sûrahs al-Hajj 22:5; al-Mu'minun 23:14; and Ghafir 40:67) - was new to him; but when he checked on it, he found that it was true, and so he added it to his book.

He said, "I never thought of that before," and he went to the zoology department and asked for a picture of a leech. When he found that it looked just like the human embryo, he decided to include both pictures in one of his textbooks. Although the aforementioned example of man researching information contained in the Quran deals with a non-Muslim, it is still valid because he is one of those who is knowledgeable in the subject being researched. Had some layman claimed that what the Quran says about embryology is true, then one would not necessarily have to accept his word. Because of the respect and esteem we give to scholars, one naturally assumes that if they research a subject and arrive at a conclusion, then the conclusion is valid.

Many other facts are mentioned in the Quran that when you read it you will certainly be amazed as to how an illiterate man living in the Arabian desert 1400 years ago could invent such informative expositions on very complex natural phenomena that science has only begun to validate and identify.

Lectures on Science in Quran & Bible

Listen to the following lectures by prominent Scholars who will eloquently describe the scientific miracles in the Quran...

Science in Quran (Dr Zakir Naik proves existence of GOD using Scientific facts from Quran)

Dr Zakir Naik Vs Dr William Cambell Science in Quran & Bible

What the New Catholic Encyclopaedia says about the Quran

If you are confronting people with facts - that have pre-occupied many non-Muslims for centuries. In fact, there exists a very interesting reference concerning this subject in the New Catholic Encyclopaedia. In an article under the subject of the Quran, the Catholic Church states: "Over the centuries, many theories have been offered as to the origin of the Quran ... Today no sensible man accepts any of these theories!!" Now here is the age-old Catholic Church, which has been around for so many centuries, denying these futile attempts to explain away the Quran .

The Quran is a problem for the Church. It states that it is a revelation. The Church would love to find proof that it is not, but that so far has not been done and cannot be achieved. But at least they are honest in their research and do not accept the first biased interpretation which comes along. The Church authorities state that in fourteen centuries they have not yet been presented a sensible explanation. At least the Church admits that the Quran cannot be dismissed so easily. Other people are much less honest. They are quick to say, "Te Quran is this or that, The Quran came from here. The Quran came from there." And they do not even examine the credibility of what they are stating most of the time. Given the current islamophobic media coverage of Muslims and Islam, it is time that you as an individual do not get caught up into accepting those half baked truths, dismissing what can potentially change your life or at least your viewpoint towards Islam.

So, in essence, if the Catholic Church as a whole is saying, "Do not listen to these unconfirmed reports about the Quran".  If even non-Muslims are admitting that there is something to the Quran - something that has to be acknowledged then this is certainly the time for those with a mind to contemplate and attempt to understand - something to ponder for those of understanding - The Quran!

Get your copy today!
Get your copy today!
Get your copy today!
Get your copy today!
Get your copy today!
Get your copy today!


Click here to get your copy of the document which provides you with the links to download your own FREE copy of the following eBooks

(1) The Holy Quran with English Translation and Commentary.

(2) Quran and Modern Science by Dr Zakir Naik.

(3) The Amazing Quran by Garry Miller.

These books are a must read for everyone...

Going back to the wise women story...

To cut the long story is not the tangible assets that we acquire or hold that matter in this temporal life and in the life hereafter but it is the intangible inspiring soul that one posses which is well synchronised to the message of its Creator that will make a better self and society, it will no doubt bring peace to this world and make us all successful in the eternal life to come.

We should not dismiss something as being untrue, retrospective or I can’t read it, as it’s not my religion. This Quran belongs to us all and must be read by everyone, whether you choose to follow its message is entirely optional, but at least you would be making an informed decision and be more sympathetic to what some 1.57 Billion Muslims and the religion of Islam truly stand for.

May Allah give us all the ability to see beyond the hype and fake glamour of this transitory journey that begins with our birth and will end one day.

Related video:

Reason And revelation by Garry Miller –

We can establish true faith by setting standards of truth. He illustrates a simple but effective method of finding out the right direction in our search for truth. G.R.. Miller is a mathematician and a theologian. He was active in Christian missionary work at a particular point of his life but he soon began to discover many inconsistencies in the Bible. After reading the Qur'an expecting that it, too, would contain a mixture of truth and falsehood. He discovered to his amazement that the message of the Qur'an was precisely the same as the essence of truth that he had distilled from the Bible. He became a Muslim and since then has been active in giving public presentations on Islam including radio and television appearances. He is also the author of several articles and publications about Islam.


The Qur’an (English pronunciation: /kɒˈrɑːn/ korr-AHN; Arabic: القرآنal-qur’ān, IPA: [qurˈʔaːn], literally “the recitation”) is the religious text of Islam,[1] also sometimestransliterated as Quran, Kuran, Koran, Qur’ān, Coran or al-Qur’ān. It is widely regarded as the finest piece of literature in the Arabic language.[2][3][4] Muslimshold that the Qur’an is the verbal divine guidance and moral direction for mankind. Muslims also consider the original Arabic verbal text to be the final revelation of God.



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    • Zubair Ahmed profile imageAUTHOR

      Zubair Ahmed 

      5 years ago

      Hi Rajan,

      As always pleasure to have you read my hubs and comment.

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 

      5 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Interesting information, Zubair. Voted up.

    • Zubair Ahmed profile imageAUTHOR

      Zubair Ahmed 

      6 years ago

      Hi Sweetguide,

      Thank you for reading and leaving this nice comment.


    • sweetguide profile image


      6 years ago from River side

      Very informative piece and well written too. Excellent.

    • Zubair Ahmed profile imageAUTHOR

      Zubair Ahmed 

      7 years ago

      Assalammu Alaykum, Sister Freya.

      Very nice of you to leave a comment. I am glad that you enjoyed reading my work.

      All the best


    • Freya Cesare profile image

      Freya Cesare 

      7 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

      Assalammu alaykum, Brother. This is beautiful presentation of Al Qur'an. Hopefully I can see more article as beautiful as this in presentating our religion. Great applaud to you! ^^ Insha Allah, it will be really useful.

    • Zubair Ahmed profile imageAUTHOR

      Zubair Ahmed 

      7 years ago

      ASA Shakeel,

      Thank you for your comment.

    • Shakeel Shavab CK profile image

      Shakeel Shavab CK 

      7 years ago from kerala

      Nice hub Zubair.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I found this article very inspiring. Well written and presented. I will be reading more of your writing. Do you have a blog?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      non Muslims are getting knowledge about Islam nice activity

    • Neverletitgo profile image

      Abdinasir Aden 

      7 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

      Zubair, this is very informative hub and very useful. It is good for Muslims to know more about their religion also Non-Muslims to get the information directly from the Quran and from very knowledgeable scholars. May Allah protect our soul from the hell of fire the day there would be nothing useful except our good deeds. Now, I would say your hub useful, voted up and followed. Thanks for sharing.


    • Zubair Ahmed profile imageAUTHOR

      Zubair Ahmed 

      7 years ago

      Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for reading my hub The Wise Woman. I hope you also enjoy reading (a) The Holy Quran with English Translation and Commentary (b) Quran and Modern Science by Dr Zakir Naik (c) The Amazing Quran by Garry Miller.

      All the best

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Interesting to read, I don't know much about Islam. After reading your hub and watching the videos I will be downloading the PDF files to learn more.

      Thank you


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