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Hub Pages that Secret Society

Updated on December 1, 2008

The day was planned and mapped out

Then, upon opening an email, all was altered, and that which had been planned from the day before was moved to simmer on the back burner.

The email had a link to Bonnie Ramsey's latest hub on the History of the Cherokee, this sent me back on a walk back to the folk era of late 60's and early 70's that was dominant in South Africa at that time, this was about 5 years after the rest of the world had started to culturally move on.

For non South Africans it must be hard to realize that was only in the last five or so years that we were finally more or less on the same playing fields as the rest of the world.

Any way back to the change from what was to be to what is. The article sent me thinking and a song from the folk era came to mind, it is a haunting song about the plight, then, late 60's, of the North American Indians, so I posted a a comment on Bonnie's great article.

I then read one of Funride's Hub, while going down to place a comment on this hub, I was side tracked by Ripplemakers comment and moved through her Interesting profile

In so doing I was tempted in taking a test on, returned from it and continued in the viewing and catching up my fans latest writings doings, and from Singpec476', I went through to IĆ°unn's Hub. Which deserves a visit.

So I started writing this quick Hub, so that I could share this thought and invite any comments.


And we can always have a quick trip to the Supemarket

Are we becoming a Secret Society?

I dont know about the everyone one else within Hubtivity, but doe we or do we not saviour this type of environment in which we pick up, thoughts, ideas, experiences, and insights with our fellow hubbers.

One is reminded of the way when Radio Amatuers, bonded together and initially through morse code opened up there horisons and views. Later this was extended when voice communication was added.

The Citizen Band or CB, that kept the truckers in communucation with each other and there side contacts as they passed through various States. Later as the need for Neighbourhood Watches sprang up, this to was used and created a bonding of peoples.

Along came Internet and the mtyriad of chat rooms, with especially on Yahoo, every topic under the sun was covered and the chatrooms created mixed reaction from the outside general population.

Now with Blogging, I feel that there are a more mature type of individual on the web or net.

We have developed and evolved and have become intellectually more stimulated than what we were!

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