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The problems of evolution, Darwin and the Giraffe

Updated on February 3, 2018

Charles Darwin As He Is Usually Imagined

A well known face
A well known face
Erasmus Darwin, grandfather to Charles.
Erasmus Darwin, grandfather to Charles.

The fathers of the evolution theory.

Mention evolution to most people and the first person they will think of is Charles Darwin.

True enough he is the best known evolutionist, and his theories are those most taught in schools etc. Many others had already had thoughts about where life came from and how.

Although not an evolutionist himself, Pierre Maupertuis was writng his thoughts on heredity and how animals may change over time as early as 1745.

Erasmus Darwin was Charles grandfather and wrote about his thoughts on how all life could have come from one common source.

But Charles theory has now become the accepted idea, here I am not trying to prove him wrong or right, just to point out some problems that won't lie down and die!

The chicken and the egg.

Hoorah!! This year British scientists solved the riddle of which came fiirst, Or did they?

They found a protein called ovocledidin-17 in the eggshell and then found the same thing in the chickens ovaries. It seems to be used to speed up the formation of a hard eggshell.

Hence, obviously the chicken came first, except where did the chicken come from then?

Ah ha, previous birds you may say, but where did they come from? Egg laying reptiles? True a lot off reptiles lay soft shelled eggs, but which came first the reptile or the egg.

Sorry the question just rolls right on

Lanarks giraffes

The giraffes get longer necks the more they stretch them
The giraffes get longer necks the more they stretch them

The giraffes neck

A less well known question mark hangs around the giraffes neck.

According to natural selection it grew over time so the animals could reach f urther. This makes perfectly good sense, or so it seems.

Yet again there are problems, one of which is that no fossils of giraffes with shorter necks have ever been found, only full sized giraffes!

Another point is that the giraffe has a special way of controlling its blood pressure to its head. Without this as it lifts it head the pressure drops and the animal passes out.

As it reaches down to drink the exact opposite happens too much blood to the brain.

Without this ability the giraffe couldn't have a long neck. With a short neck it didn't need it. It's almost the chicken and egg again!

Darwins giraffes

Note the animals with shorter necks die out
Note the animals with shorter necks die out

The problem of the horse

 The horse has for years been taught as coming from a small three toed creature.

This is wrong. The name of the dawn horse Eohippus had previously been Hyracothrium, so named in 1841.

The fossil record shows that these three toed "horses" actually lived alongside the one toed Equus in America.


From an apelike ancestor or something else?

It is often said that we come from apes and our apelike movements and looks are used to try to prove this.
But one of our most common "extras" turns out to be a nipple, now these extra nipples run in lines down the body like in dogs and cats. So are we descended from them instead?

After all apes have two!

Alfred Russel Wallace

Ever heard of this man? probably not he has become the lost face of evolution theory.

He was doing in depth field studies while Darwin sat in comfort at home.

Poor Alfred actually sent Darwin his theories to look at before Darwin had published his own, which he then did pretty soon after.

There is a Really good BBC programme about Wallace that has just been made, please see the link below


I do not believe that the argument Creation or Evolution will ever end, and that Intelligent Design, is just another way of arguing the same old points.

Scientists will always be trying to prove each other wrong.

But I do believe that Darwin was far from any answer, and his theories should not be treated as fact!

What do you believe?

Vote for what you believe

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