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Things I Had Learned Working In A Home Care

Updated on November 3, 2012

How many times have you heard that learning doesn't stop in school? Yeah, I had heard it many times, and that we all are learning throughout our lives. True. And along with it, there's always first time with everything, right?!

Well, for me, I was the type who would rather prefer being at home instead of going out. And I say maybe I don't really learn much that way, but when it comes to house chores and cooking, I know it. But there are also things that can be learned socializing with people or being outside.

Anyway, I'm just happy I can say there are things I had learned being in a home care with the new client I'm working with now. It's been 2 months already and whenever I think of it, I'm just glad I'm learning new things too along the way while I do my work. And here they are.

Before, I'm just not used to making calls, but in my two months of working with this client, who was really nice to me, I learned that it is really a smart thing to do to call stores first before going for the grocery shopping in that store. That could be simply asking if they have just stocked up on fresh produce, or if they have plants on sale that you like to buy and make sure they still have some available.

And of course, what could be smarter than calling and asking the store to hold the item until you get there?! With her favorite chocolate, I would call the nearby Rite-aid, ask if it's on sale and there are times they would set aside some of the chocolates for me to pick up.

But, along with it, I also had learned that calling stores sometimes wouldn't work that way. Why is that? That was because twice this week, a call for two different 99 Cents Only store was made asking if they have roses on store and my client was just so happy with the positive answer. And so I went to the store and found not even a single rose. They have other flowering plants but no new stock of roses yet.

Yes, a beautiful roses on the 99 Cents store. I got three roses last week and they are just lovely and who would think I got those for only 99 cents each pot, beautiful and ready to be transplanted.

"Hello! Do you have these items in your store? And do you have roses too? How much are they?"
"Hello! Do you have these items in your store? And do you have roses too? How much are they?" | Source

What I know was stores takes back returns, or items that was unopened, then, another thing I learned that was even surprising for me to know was that stores still takes back items that was already opened or partially consumed.

The first time I returned an item was with the Tiger Balm patch with only 2 patches as the third one was already used. I didn't thought that the store was still going to accept it back, but they did. Of course I was asked by the register what was wrong with it, and I told why. And, she did accepted it back and gave me a full refund. Second experienced was with a hot dog as it was "peppery," and Vons also accepted it back and gave the refund.

With this, I'm seeing that consumer's experienced or review with the product or item is really valued by stores as they would take an item or product back when your not happy with it.

And with the experienced of returning a package ordered online, (with a return label), I went on the nearest USPS and it was busy as I went in the line. And when I said it was a package to be returned, I was pointed to go to another USPS branch. So I guessed, what I learned here was, there was a USPS that was for returning or dropping off packages. Correct me if I'm wrong here.

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But on top of it all, I learned that it is better to be happy and just enjoy each day no matter how haywire things may seem.


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