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3 Things You Should Learn To Improve Your Mind

Updated on January 29, 2011

Do You Want To Have Powerful Mind?

Would you like to have perfect memory, and being able to learn everything you want from each and every field of human life? It’s quite possible - your memory know no limits, as long as you keep working with it. See, the problem with decreasing capabilities of our minds is related not with the fact that we’re getting older, but with the fact we’re getting lazy. 

Think about it - research shows that after passing 24 years old, our memory is starting to degrade. But usually, reaching 24 years old means that you’re just graduated from University and you stop learning new things. Hah, that’s the secret - when you stop learning, your memory is getting weaker. So if you want to keep your memory at high level, you need to work with it, and you need to keep learning new things. 

Below I’ve described few important things that you should learn, if you want to improve your memory, and thus - your whole mind.

Memory Techniques

Memory techniques can be described in simple ways - they utilizes the natural capabilities of your mind in order to remember things you wouldn’t be able to remember normally. And what’s cool - they’re fun, entertaining and exciting to use! Otherwise, they wouldn’t really work. 

Some of my favourite techniques are called “Memory Palace” and “Memory Bookmarks” - in first case, you visualize a well known room (well known to you), for example your bedroom, with all the equipment that is there. And then, using basic memory techniques, you associate the objects in the room with things you need to remember. 

Basic memory techniques, or should I say - rules - are quite simple. When you visualize something to remember, and/or you associate it with a bookmark, you need to make it funny, extraordinary, erotic, wicked, impossible etc. For example - your mind will remember better that you need to purchase a bottle of milk if you will visualize yourself a naked girl advertising this bottle, than if you would try to visualize the bottle yourself. Or if you would visualize a bottle filling the entire room - yep, the size does matter.

What’s pretty cool is that with memory techniques you can remember everything - terms, names of people, their faces, events, dates, bank accounts numbers, telephone numbers and much, much more!

For learning memory techniques, I recommend books by Tony Buzan which I’ve posted below.

Mind Maps

Mind maps are graphicall representations of your brain. They work by the same principles as your memory and brain does - they associate one thing with another, implementing not only words, but also images - thus, both left and right hemisphere of your brain is working towards memorizing the important stuff. I use mind maps for every single subject that I need to learn, and I have to admit - there is no better learning technique in the entire world. You can learn everything, from complex quantum physics, to DIY guides - there are no limits in case of mind maps.

Mind maps successfully replace linear notes that are ineffective and boring. Mind maps are entertaining! Again, if you want to learn how to create good mind maps, read over some of Tony Buzan books linked below.

Fast Reading

Finally, a great way of improving your mind is to learn fast reading - normally, people read from about 250 to 350 signs per minute. Would you like to read, let’s say, a 1000 signs per minute? It’s quite possible and it really speeds up your learning process. You can either sign up for offline workshops, or you can get another book by Tony Buzan :). But in this case, I really recommend signing up for some course, as book might not be enough. 

The problem with learning memory techniques, fast reading and mind maps is that it takes time - basic stuff can be learned within few minutes, but mastering these skills might take few weeks. But trust me - the skills I’ve mentioned in this article are worth learning, as they will change your entire life. It changed mine!


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