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This Day in WW2 September 19th

Updated on October 5, 2012


Poland - The Red Army joins up with German units at Brest-Litovsk. Hitler enters Danzig and makes a foreign policy speech that seems to offer conciliation with France and England.

Western Front - The first British army corps arrives in France


Eastern Front - The Germans capture Kiev, Russias third largest city. The Germans claim to have captured 600,000 prisoners and destroyed or captured 2500 guns and 1000 tanks in the Kiev sector. The Germans also declare Wehrmacht losses on the Eastern Front from the start of Barbarossa until August 31st are 86,000 dead, 20,000 missing and 292,000 wounded.

Mediterranean - An Italian raiding party landed from the submarine "Scire" sinks 30,000 tons of allied shipping in Gibraltar Harbour.


Guadalcanal - General Vandergrift divides his bridgehead into ten independant sectors with a continuous defensive line.

Sicily - England resumes air raids on the island resume with Catania and Licata hit.

General Andrey Eremenko
General Andrey Eremenko


Eastern Front - The Kalinan Front (General Eremenko) and the West Front (General Sokolovsky) continue attacks on Von Kluge's Army Group Centre. The Russians liberate Yartsevo and Dukhovschina. In the Southern Sector the Germans withdraw to the Dniepr, leaving Priluki, Piryatin, Lubny, Khorol and Krasnograd to the Russians.

Italian Front - The British XXIII corps rach the Auletta-Potenza Line.

The Germans burn down Boves in Cuneo province, killing 32 civilians. Italian partisans commence operations as a result.

New Guinea - Australian troops take Kaiapit and fend off numerous Japanese counter-attacks.


The British XXX Corps links with the US 82nd Airborne Division at Grave. British attacks on the Rhine bridge at Arnhem fail.

This day in WW2 September 20th


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