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This day in WW2 September 20th

Updated on September 25, 2012


Eastern Front - Bitter house to house fighting continues in Stalingrad. Army Group A captures the town of Terek on the South bank of the Terek River.

Stalin presses Anthony Eden and Wendell Wilkie to open a second front

Mediteranean - Operational plans for operation Torch are issued with the landings in North Africa planned for November 8th


German decree imposes a curfew in Paris from 9pm until 5am.


Eastern Front - Russian troops of the Kalinin Front recapture Velizh, north west of Smolensk. Other towns are also captured including Kholm.

Italian Front General Lucas takes over command of the US VI Corps

Yugoslavia Germans make repeated attacks on Mihailovitch's patriot army. Waves of divebombers support the assault.

Solomon Islands Units on Sagekarasa, near Arundel, find that the Japanese have abandoned their positions during the night

show route and directions
A markervelizh -
Velizh, Smolensk Oblast, Russia
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B markerkholm -
Kholm, Smolensk Oblast, Russia
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A combined attack by the US 82nd Airborne and British XXX Corps results in the capture of the Nijmegen Bridge.

A Bridge to Far

I have included a youtube clip of the Nijmegen Bridge scene of the classic movie "A Bridge Too Far". The scene features Ryan O'neill and Robert Redford. John Ratzenbereger aka Cliff Claven from "Cheers" also features.

On a more serious note. Anyone with an interest in WW2 history should read the Cornelius Ryan novel "A Bridge Too Far"

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