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This day in WW2 October 8th

Updated on October 8, 2012


Britain refuses a Japanese request to close the Burma Road which is being used to supply the armies of Chiang Kai-Shek.


Eastern Front - In the Southern sector the Germans surround seven soviet divisions at Mariupol on the sea of Azov. In the Central sector mechanised units are seriously hampered by rain and mud.


Guadalcanal - Torrential rain forces the marines to break off attacks beyond the Matanikau. Some units reduce the Japanese bridgehead on the East bank of the river. Intelligence reports that the Japanese are preparing a large counter-attack. The marines are ordered to probe the Cruz point area and pull back to the Lunga perimeter. Casualties for the Americans are 190 dead and wounded against approximately 700 Japanese casualties.


Germany - The American 8th airforce launch 357 bombers on large scale raids of Bremen and Vegesack. They incur heavy losses.

Panzer Grenadier
Panzer Grenadier | Source


Western Europe - The Canadian II Corps attempts to advance from Hoogerheide to Korteven along the road from Antwerp to Bergen-op-Zoom. The German 15th Army drives the Canadians back to their starting positions in a furious counter-attack.

The US XIX Corps advances south along the valley of the Wurm capturing Herzogenrath. German counter-attacks near Mariandorf bring the Americans to a halt. The 90th Division is engaged in house to house fighting in Maizeres-les-Metz. The American XII Corps advance along the river Seille after a short but intense barrage. They capture Moivron, Arraye-et-Han, Lixieres and Fossieux

Greece - The Germans evacuate Corinth as the British arrive from Araxos. Elements of the british 9th Commando reach Nauplia, South of Corinth.

This day in WW2 October 7th

Herzogenrath, Germany

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Maizières-lès-Metz, France

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Moivrons, France

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4631 Hoogerheide, The Netherlands

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